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Ekta Kapoor is known for producing many hit television shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, and many more shows on the list. She is also known for releasing films like Love, Sex Aur Dhoka, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, and Shor In The City. DNA Exclusive - Ekta Kapoor: Content differs across domains, it is audience that decides its success - As per the Q1 FY21 results, ALTBalaji continues to dominate the Hindi language OTT market with direct subscription revenue that has grown by ~90% year on year. Ekta Kapoor resides in Mumbai and is the daughter of veteran superstar Jitendra Kapoor. She completed her schooling at Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai and attended Mithibai College. The horror thriller shows “Mano Ya Na Mano” which was aird in zee tv in the year 1995 was the first show of Ekta Kapoor as a producer. And Kyuki mai juth nai ... Joint Managing Director and Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms, Ekta Kapoor is 43 and single. She is a powerhouse of talent, and has numerous TV shows and hit Bollywood films in her basket. She comes from a family of film people, having been born to yesteryear popular actor Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor, and is the sister to the actor, Tusshar ... Ekta Kapoor is one of the renowned television producers. She has produced popular shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Naagin, Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and many more.Ekta Kapoor is also quite active on social media and is seen spending some quality time with her son during this period of self-quarantine. Shortly after the Supreme Court transferred Sushant Singh Rajput’s case to the CBI, producer Ekta Kapoor took to social media to announce her disassociation from the ‘Pavitra Rishta Fund’. The fund was started by the streaming platform ZEE5 to raise awareness about mental health issues. It was said to be backed by a microsite which had a live panel of doctors, helpline numbers as well as ... Finally 42 years old director, producer and TV queen, Ekta Kapoor finally finds a life partner. We are not saying this but her Instagram account. She posted a photo of a couple on her Instagram account and wrote like even though somethings take time to happen but it is always worth to wait for them. Ekta Kapoor Shares Her 'Mental Mom' Moment With Her 'Partner In Quarantine', Ravie Kapoor Ekta Kapoor dotes on her son, Ravie Kapoor. On March 20, 2020, Ekta shared a sketch of herself with Ravie and gave us a glimpse of how she is spending time with him amidst COVID-19 lockdown. Ekta Kapoor was born to Jeetendra and Sobha Kapoor in Mumbai. Ekta Kapoor in her childhood. She began her internship with the ad and feature filmmaker, Kailash Surendranath at the age of 15. Ekta stated producing TV serial at the age of 19, after her father’s suggestion. Indian Web Series Ekta Kapoor: 2019 seem to be a good year as there are many good Indian web series on the internet. The following list is about the series which are produced or even directed by Ekta Kapoor under the banner ALT Digital Media Entertainment.

Ankita - Sushant breakup news articles

2020.09.13 20:43 CopyPastePoster Ankita - Sushant breakup news articles

A six-year relationship that was expected to end with a big fat Indian wedding this year, the groom leading the baraat on an elephant, has ended. And they are both devastated," a close friend of Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande informed Mirror, insisting that even though the estranged couple has fought bitterly and reconciled many times, this time they are determined to go their separate ways.
The 30-year-old actor takes off with Kriti Sanon for a two-month schedule of Dinesh Vijan's directorial debut, Raabta, to Bucharest and Croatia today. Ankita will continue living in their Pali Hill penthouse, the Rs 20 crore love nest they'd moved into last year, till she figures out what she wants to do now that Sushant is out of her life.
"He has been urging her since last year to get back to work. She's a natural actress and dancer and he wasn't happy that she'd quit on her passion to make him the focal point of her existence. It wasn't to earn money, he was capable of supporting both of them in style, but because he knew that her self-worth two years from now would be moulded by what she was doing today,"reasons the friend. After the break-up Ankita has been talking about picking up the reins of her career.
Buzz is, the long shoot away from home was the reason for the split. But the friend insists that's not true. He reveals that even without her asking, Sushant had given her the details of his schedule, inviting her to visit him on location, whenever and wherever.
He also dismisses rumours that a selfie with Parineeti Chopra which the actor shared on Instagram was the bone of contention. The Shuddh Desi Romance co-stars had run into each other after two years of silence at Vijan's office. And this had not gone down well with his 31-year-old live-in partner who had not cared for them locking lips ever so often in the film and is believed to have slapped Sushant in full view in a studio canteen. The friend rubbishes this story saying Ankita was not affected or threatened by Parineeti or any other woman.
"She knew he was not cheating on her. In fact, a few days ago, when Sushant went to Cape Town for three days for a shoot with two girls, he surprised her by asking her to accompany him. She was the only woman in his life for six years, He was happy if she was happy and vice versa," he asserts.
But the couple who met on the sets of Ekta Kapoor's tele drama, Pavitra Rishta, and moved from heated arguments and cold silences to a melting of hearts, with Cupid striking Sushant first and then Ankita, had not been happy for some time. The reason was that no matter how hard he tried, she was plainly insecure in the relationship, afraid that it wouldn't work out.
The friend points out that Sushant did his best to reassure her. He even went down on his knees and proposed on national TV when they were competing in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa in 2011. In 2014, he whisked her off to Dubai to bring in the New Year and last year, got them their dream house.
"He was always transparent about his feelings and Ankita knew that he loved her. But she had been through some bad experiences and that made her fidgety," says the friend, adding that 2015 was a good year for the couple because he wasn't working, only prepping up for the Dhoni biopic and the Shekhar Kapur's Paani. "But the minute he wasn't around, she would start calling or texting."
Initially, Sushant was patient with her. He'd sit her down and talk it out, pointing out that he couldn't be around her all the time. Ankita would make an attempt to understand but eventually, the familiar fears would be back.
"She admitted that she couldn't control them and after a while, he started reacting differently, not wanting to justify and repeat himself every day. He even told her that while he'd never flirt or date another woman, theirs was an open relationship and he would never question her on her whereabouts. But even that couldn't cement a bond that was slowly breaking. He couldn't convince her that nothing would go wrong," sighs the friend.
Eventually, Sushant who in his early days had had his share of heartbreaks and consoled himself with the simple reasoning that if a girl was dating another she did not want to be with him, had to admit defeat as far as his lady love was concerned. The growing distance between them was apparent when after turning up hand-in-hand at the Filmfare pre-Award gala, Sushant started making solo appearances and Ankita didn't show up at his birthday bash.
"For him she was his girl and he liked holding her hand on the red carpet knowing it made her feel special. But despite his attention and her best intentions, Ankita admitted she wasn't happy. It broke her heart, and his too, but there's little they could do about it. If you are claustrophobic, you will always feel uneasy in an aircraft no matter how much you pep yourself up," the friend reasons.
Would things have been different if Sushant had not been in show business? Maybe become the engineer he had been studying to be before the acting bug bit him? "Even if he was doing a 9-5 job, he would have had to go out to make a living and that was where it all disintegrated, The marriages and relationships breaking around them made her even more insecure," says the friend.
So, how is he taking the break-up? "He is as heartbroken as he was when his mother died 10 years ago. But he tells himself that if he could be happy after his mother left, there's hope for him. For now it's going to be only work," signs off the friend.
2016 has claimed another Bollywood couple. Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande are not a couple anymore. They have gone separate ways and although the two have maintained silence on the reason behind their fallout, there have been a lot of speculations doing the rounds.
After it was rumoured that Sushant's closeness to Parineeti Chopra was a major concern, it turns out that it was Ankita's 'insecurities' that cost them their relationship. Not just that, fresh reports also claim that Ankita's chronic alcohol addiction too added to the couple's problems.
Sushant lost his patience after repeatedly asking Ankita to stop boozing. But the TV actress likes her glass of alcohol a lot and has not been able to stay away from it. Sushant too quit smoking sometime back but Ankita could not give up on her addiction and now that seems to have strained their affair. So much that the two have now decided to stay apart from each other.
Ankita Lokhande insists that rumours of their break-up are completely baseless
I don't know why every one's speculating about our six-year relationship has ended and that we are no longer together. It's unnecessary and uncalled for. I am there with him as always, I love Sushant Singh Rajput unconditionally.These rumours are completely baseless and in bad taste," Ankita Lokhande told Mirror, pointing out that she's been accompanying the actor to most social galas, with the exception of a recent Holi party, and that is because she has fractured her foot. This puts a completely new spin to what has been reported about the couple's personal life over the last few days.
The 31-year-old actress informed that she spoke to Sushant, who is filming Dinesh Vijan's directorial Raabta in Bucharest, yesterday and her beau was as shocked as her by all that is being written about them in the media. One of the things that has really baffled her is talk about how she was insecure in the relationship and would get upset every time he stepped out of home.
Ankita admits that she is "thoda possessive" about her partner but reasons that this is understandable about anyone you love dearly. But, she insists, that she was never threatened by his reported closeness to his Shuddh Desi Romance co-star Parineeti Chopra or Kriti Sanon, with whom he will be shooting for Raabta over the next two months. Refuting rumours of her slapping him in public over him frequently locking lips with Parineeti on screen, she retorts, "Such rumours hurt since I have always admired and respected Sushant for his loyalty and commitment. He has never played games with me. He has always been a one-woman man and I love my man."
She agrees that like any other relationship they have had their fights, but as far as she is concerned, till Sushant tells her himself, there never will be a 'split'. She has even left it to him to clarify all the reasons being attributed to their 'break-up'. It's only on the subject of her career that Ankita maintains that she never quit on it but was only on a break from TV so she could make a comeback with a completely new look in a film.
"I've been in talks for some projects for the last sixseven months and there could be something coming up soon," she promises, adding that this could be one reason she may not take Sushant up on his invitation to visit him on location. "I have never visited him on his sets; I only went with him to Cape Town because I hadn't been to South Africa before.But this time I will be really busy over the next couple of months with my own professional projects to drop in on him."
Does this mean that the big fat Indian wedding that he has been prepping up for is still scheduled for the year end? She laughs, "You'll definitely get invited to my wedding. As of now, all I can say is that anything that happens between us is our business alone. I can only assert that I love Sushant unconditionally and he, more than anyone else, knows it."
The much-talked about breakup between Sushant Singh and Ankita Lokhande takes a curious turn with Ankita claiming she still loves him and the marriage could still be on. Meanwhile, last week people were bumping into Sushant at the JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu where he was staying. Why was he living out of a hotel if all is hunky dory between the couple? Our khabru reveals the actor moved out of the house because it's registered in her name, "The Bandra apartment that Sushant and Ankita lived in, belongs to her. She asked him to move out. Sushant had no choice, but to do so. Hence he moved far away from Ankita's radius to Juhu."

"Ankita Was Constantly Fighting With Sushant," Reveals A Friend

Mar 28, 2016 Subhash K Jha
t now comes to light that the trouble in Sushant Singh Rajput's relationship with his girlfriend of seven years Ankita Lokhande had been building up for some time now.
The problem, says a source in the know, was Ankita's domineering ways.
"She was constantly bullying him, trying to keep tabs on him. Earlier before he became a film star, Sushant was all right with her domineering ways. He allowed Ankita to rule his life because he comes from a family of women. He was the only son among many sisters. So he was used to being bossed around by women. When Sushant moved in the Ankita the domineering attitude got worse. She was constantly reprimanding scolding and correcting him," says a source.
Sushant was still at peace with Ankita's ways. But then it got worse,much worse.
"She began to have showdowns with him in public, causing a great deal of embarrassment for Sushant.There would be constant questioning, counter-questioning, suspicion, distrust and negativity, some of it in public," says a source.
Common friends of the couple were witness to these public showdowns of the couple when after a few drinks down, Ankita would loudly confront Sushant.
"The public showdowns became louder and much more frequent in recent times. Parting is the best thing Sushant and Ankita could do for one another," says a source.
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2020.01.20 12:27 morningdew20 How did Parth Samthan manage not just to stay afloat but to thrive after a major fallout by TV industry doyen Vikas Gupta?

I remember it was explosive when it broke -- a few years ago, TV 's blue eyed boy nearly dragged Vikas to court over allegations of sexual molestation.
Iirc, Ekta Kapoor and a few other TV potentates rallied around Gupta, claiming Samthan was involved with him romantically and suggested the plaintiff was lashing out after a relationship gone sour.
Not that this information negates Samthan's grievance because ex romantic partners can indulge in abhorrent behaviour too.
Plus, if they did indeed share a romantic equation, it was fundamentally imbalanced due to the asymmetric authority/power dynamic between them. At the time, Samthan was an up and comer while Gupta was a well established influential producer.
I would've thought taking on someone far more powerful than oneself would usually be a career wrecking move but surprisingly, it wasn't so in Samthan's case.
He landed coup after coup, even in Ekta Kapoor shows, perhaps most notably with Kasautii Zindagi Ke.
My questions are:
How did Samthan keep his career from being derailed by a grudge bearing Gupta? Why would Ekta support Samthan after trying to discredit him previously? How did a bisexual TV actor find widespread public acceptance as a traditional leading man in Hindi soaps, given that North Indian society is conservative on these matters? *not sure if he's openly bisexual but past romantic alliance with Gupta, corroborated by pictures that strongly suggest the nature of that relationship, would appear to be evidence of bi or even pan sexual orientation
Tia all.
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2019.05.13 09:43 obviothrowamisafe Okay [r]/india, I need some help and advice to handle a situation

So this is going to be long, but please bear with me.
Tldr: Mom and SO had showdown last night over difference of opinion/eating habits and verbally removed each other from the house
Background: I have always been what might be considered a good child of my parents. I have had a pretty normal childhood with parental support and beatings both (the usual Indian scenario). Consider them to be semi narcissist. I don't connect with people well. With some I really do, but I generally don't. I am not very interested in keeping/bearing the weight of/carrying forward all the relations my parents have constructed. I think I am best defined as aloof. I doesn't mean I am an introvert. I can talk and converse with just about everyone. I am an accepting/non judgemental person, I am like to keep company of people who are non judgemental too. I also try to stay away from limelight, or more so - I ain't an attention seeker.
I believe in simple things - everyone has a right to opinion, and you should never impose your opinions on others. Respect everyone's opinions, and JUST LET PEOPLE BE.
Since I was a kid, I have done things according to my parents desires/rules/frameworks. I have no complaints and qualms regarding that. Fast forward to college, I develop opinions of my own. I raise questions, just be told this is how it is and I should look up proofs/reasons on internet myself. I would do that too, but only to be refuted if my report wasn't supporting their beliefs/thoughts. By college I was already distant. Had left my school friends behind, and had a new set now. (this is how I am. I leave college, no college friends any more. I leave office, no old office friends anymore. My reason - i don't want something to end up affecting those sweet memories I have of them. Overdoing things ruins them). This is the time I also understand the need for independence. And you are never independent unless you are financially firm too. Education and house rent aside I haven't taken money from my dad. I don't wish to, and I want to keep it like that.
Meanwhile, during college, I fall in love with a great girl (calling her L), very opinionated and a different background/upbringing than me. This background is a huge cause of her personality overall and I like that. Most families have this issue where people say yes/okay/good stuff in front of you, but have this huge emotional baggage filled with things they have problems with. Heck, even my family does. Dad has issues with mom he does not speak about to her, mom has issues with dad she doesn't speak up and a vicious cycle of this extended far beyond in many other relationships. L's family doesn't have this to the level my family has. Her family is more like put your opinions. talk/discuss/quarrel and get over with it. So you always know the picture as it is always open.
When I informed my parents of my relation, they were shocked, but ended up supporting me in the long run. Few dialogues were thrown here and there, but they were on board eventually. Today - and pretty much more than 10 times in past two months, they pride themselves with the idea that they accepted my relation and did not say no. It would have been one thing if they had said no and there would have been a chaos and mentioned it, but it's altogether a different thing when they 'accept' and keep on saying it every other day. They were also all over the place when they found out officially that L and I was in a live-in and they also keep saying that we accepted that too because we trust you (meaning we trust you to no sleep with each other)
In all this time, I create a life of my own. My ways, rules, habits, clothing styles, sleeping times, etc. L has her own ways and we don't interfere in each others ways and opinions unless absolutely needed. L's parents don't know about her being in live-in officially though they have an idea it might be the case. The reason she doesn't tell them is because they would marry her off to me, something we were not ready for until now.
To summarise out journey - we have been together since 2011 and living together since 2014. We have bought furniture together, redecorated homes and all that other stuff.
Fast forward to this year. Dues to some unforeseen circumstances, I am looking for a new flat on rent. Due to some other, my parents suggest we live together. I get a 3 bedroom on rent and move in. Parents join 2 weeks later. The house now has 4 adults living together. Me and L each get a bedroom (haha), my parents get 1. It's nice experiment according to me to let L learn and adjust to her future in-laws. Keeping my parents at our hometown is a bad idea obviously because of their ailing health and (by Indian standards - 58+) old age.
Things start to change. my 6 see through tins that store spices become one flat box with mini bowls. Kitchen gets revampled My habits are not the one's they put in me so I am not a good child any more. I eat at random times, I sleep and wake up late, I don't go to office early, I don't leave office after 9 hours, I take too much time to get ready etc. etc.
I have been wearing boxers at home since 4 years or so. But now it's indecent and I asked (read forced) to wear full pants or thick 3/4ths only. If I step out of the room/found in my room in boxers I am questioned about why am I not wearing any pants. I man can't you see the climate's shit and its too hot for pants?
Cuisine is a big issue. Right from amount of salt in the food to the habit of asafoetida in each and everything that leaves a burning feeling in the tummy, just to be reasoned that no, it's important and is not an issue. Red Lentils are evidently the father of chicken and must not be eaten on Mondays and Thursdays. Did I mention about non-veg? Absolutely none on Mondays, Thursdays and only outside home on Saturday. Stale non-veg item from Sunday must be kept till Tuesday but must not be consumed on Monday, however high might be your desire to do so. Frankly, these things are not part of L's background. Her family has never known veg/non-veg days and she isn't used to it. Personally, I am also not fond of these restrictions. I don't even identify as a theist. Probably agnostic. But beyond this all, I do believe that a person's wish to eat something surpassed any damn God around.
There are other minor things too, like playing bhajans on the speaker every morning in bedroom, while sitting themselves in hall busy on Facebook on their phones. Don't even get me started on the amount of misinformation that seeps via TV and phones, which they tend to believe for any reason possible.
Add to this that I was told (by parents) few weeks ago parents are my responsibility now and they are free from their duties - with a consistent reminder that sister >>>> wife/partner.
Now: Dinner scene. L, Mom and me were having food that had rice, dal, left over butter chicken and rotis. L was done with butter chicken and roti and took some rice to go with the dal in her plate. She cleaned the spatula with her 'food hand' and was about to dip it in the rice container again when Mom asked her to stop. L was like why? Mom went on with no its Monday tomorrow and no one will be able to eat the rice (was more in quantity). L was like I'll finish it tomorrow. Mom was like no, no 'stained' food on Monday. This went on for a minute or two when L dropped (read banged) the spatula and went away.
This now became a food disrespect issue and Mom went on about it when L came back to eat and said something like you guys do everything and then come up with rules like these. Mom went on for some time. In all this, I finished my food and washed my hands when she again started with L should tell me what she means by we do everything. At this moment L lost it and what followed was as world war. L was like you can't impose your restrictions on me. I was trying to convince mom that let her have her own opinions, etc. L added she had never followed Mondays and wasn't going to. Mom went on with you'll have to, no option - and you have to do it after marriage too. L was like if you are going to put so many restrictions before marriage, I don't want to get married anymore. Mom was like if you don't want to marry, then you can't stay here like this. Then L said it's not your home, it's obviothrowamisafe's home. well, you can probably guess next how it went from audacity of L before marriage to how can she say like that and etc.
I lost my cool here and just asked everyone to keep quiet. I called up dad who was out of town and relayed it to him. Mom gave her version, dad said to me afterwards we'll talk when I return and I'll decide whether or not to stay together anymore.
Tears everywhere, L was out of home cooling (read crying) in the garden. We talked a lot of stuff, and she even suggested moving out of home to a PG or some place. We returned, L went on later to say sorry and that she had lost her temper, but Mom was going on about how hurt she is and she can never forget and how she has always been good to L and accepted her in the family. This even got compounded with another sister >>>> wife/partner reminder as now she is scared about what would happen to her in her future. And more lines about how she is sad that her relations with her brothers aren't good/don't exist anymore (due to various reasons).
Today morning was silent treatment day. L has been crying in her office's bathroom stall. I am unable to concentrate on work.
Randians, I am dead here.
I love my parents, They love me. I love L, She loves me. I can't decide one over the another. One is my life partner, one is my mother. More so, I am not emotionally, psychologically in a position to even decide something like this. My goals, aspirations, life everything will take a hit. I don't even see a simpler solution here. I/We can play along with the desires of my parents, but to what ends? Some or the other day this is going to end up in a showdown.
I want to be independent, but I don't want my parents to leave this house with bitterness. I want them to feel welcomed here. I don't want to loose L, and moving out from a 4 year live in for 6-7 months till we get married seems stupid.
To top it all, I was asked a yes-no question today - are you happy living with them? and I couldn’t answer it.
It's complicated beyond my comprehensive abilities. What shall I do next?
EDIT Thanks for all the replies everyone. I see most of you giving the 2 houses solution (which i do agree), but in reality shifting parents to new home seems a herculean task filled with Ekta Kapoor level drama. If we move out, it could still be the same scene.
Things have cooled now, though L and mom aren't exactly interacting, but at least acknowledging each other. Time will tell what happens next.
Thank you again. wish you all good health and happiness.
I kinda concur with most opinions here. but the act or mere discussion of such a solution is bound to feel blasphemous. add to it some Devil Vagina Magic kind of allegation and threat that L would pull me away/destroy the family.


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Click To Subscribe My Channel : https://goo.gl/V5QSLe. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Ekta Kapoor finally finds a life partner. We are not saying this but her Instagram account. She posted a photo of a couple on her Instagram account and wrote like even though somethings take time ... 8 Beautiful Reel Life Couples Made By Ekta Kapoor Who Fell In Love In Real Life Too! 1. Gauri Pradhan And Hiten Tejwani This cute couple met on the popular T.V. show, Kutumb, which was directed by ... Watch : Ekta Kapoor Workout and Diet Plan - Health Sutra - Best Health Tips Visit our infotainment partner : http://Wirally.com Subscribe For More Health Tip... #askreekha #extramaritalaffair #edutok #healthyrelationship email I'd [email protected] Insta I'd Reekha Desai Counseling on healthy relationships How to stay committed to your partner How ... Ekta Kapoor Finally FINDS A Life Partner Bollywood Latest Today News Movies Songs Updates 2018 #EktaKapoor #Bollywood #BollywoodNews Bollywood Records Stay Updated for Latest Serials Episode, Full ...