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AN ILLUSTRATED ANNOTATION ON THE WORKING AND DATING OF CHINESE JADES and CHINESE JADE IN THE STANLEY CHARLES NOTT COLLECTION NOTT, STANLEY CHARLES Both: ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA: THE RECORD COMPANY, 1942 The first: numerous plates. The second: numerous photographic plates. LIMITED EDITION, number 747 of 1000 copies, signed by the author. (2) Michael Lait. We have 3 records for Michael Lait ranging in age from 30 years old to 60 years old. Michael has been found in 2 states including Florida, Alabama. Possible related people for Michael Lait include Brittany Phay Grier, Jack Martin Lait, Michael Harris Lait, Michael James Lait, Ray N Lait, and many others. The State Of Florida VS. Egreis Gjergjani (TheStilettoMeUp) Part III. And I wish I would help move into a new office after my boss bought a multimillion dollar home. She found the most pathetic group of girls in all of Kansas smh, where are... Etruehollywood, Aug 1, 2020 at 3:54 PM Almost famous . . . Update October 14 2018: Tentatively 'done'!!! Subreddits in bold have been voted positively by subscribers of /r/ListOfSubreddits. Oh no! OkCupid requires you enable Javascript in your browser. Learn more Summary: Lalit Pandey is 77 years old and was born on 08/21/1942. Before moving to Lalit's current city of Orlando, FL, Lalit lived in Windsor CT and Simsbury CT. Lalit also answers to Lalit Pandrey, Lalit K Pandey and Lait Pandey, and perhaps a couple of other names. Best of Naples: Find must-see tourist attractions and things to do in Naples, Florida. From 791 Naples attractions, Yelp helps you discover popular restaurants, hotels, tours, shopping, and nightlife for your vacation. This on-line document contains the same information as the printed version of the Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance 2015 Revision. Note, there may be some minor formatting differences to ... Summary: Florence Mooney's birthday is 03/22/1949 and is 71 years old. Before moving to Florence's current city of Clermont, FL, Florence lived in Beaver Dam Lake NY and New Windsor NY. Other names that Florence uses includes Florence Laux, Florence J Mooney, Florence J Laux and Florwence J Mooney. We have 6 records for Jack Lait ranging in age from 52 years old to 123 years old. Jack has been found in 6 states including Florida, New York, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and 1 others. Possible related people for Jack Lait include Jack Martin Lait, Suzanne Denise White, Elizabeth Ann Lait, John Michael Lait, Marilyn J Lait, and many others.

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news Protest banner disrupts Vikings-Bears game at U.S. Bank Stadium U.S. Bank
news Banned from Starbucks after asking teen barista on date Starbucks
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell trash looks like the Western Hemisphere! Bell
funny I got a new poster from IKEA but my parents didn't like it IKEA
Music DJ Pepsi - Ultimate cover Rap/Hip Hop Pepsi
pics Someone at Target got the right idea. Target
television You can watch the latest episode of Sherlock season 4 on BBC iPlayer BBC
worldnews Migrants storm border fence in Spanish enclave of Ceuta - BBC News BBC
AskReddit People who have found yourself on Google Maps street view, what were you doing? Google
videos "Taboo" Trailer - new BBC TV series with Tom Hardy and other great actors BBC
LifeProTips LPT: Before you buy something online put the item in your cart, click checkout, then leave the page. Check Facebook for a discount code. Facebook
news 2 arrested after dangling alongside #NoDAPL banner at Vikings game. The Vikings' home stadium in Minneapolis is named U.S. Bank Stadium, and the Minneapolis-based financial institution is reportedly a major investor in the controversial project. U.S. Bank
pics Harrison Ford and Emilio Estevez at St Andrews back in the day Ford
AskReddit Does Walmart expect you at work even when you are sick? Walmart
Music Animals As Leaders - The Woven Web Instrumental Progressive Metal Progressive
AskReddit What are your top 3 favorite games on Xbox One right now? Xbox
food Southern New Year's Tradition: Black Eyed Peas, Kale Greens, Cheesy Grits, Cafe au Lait, and real Coca Cola HomemadeI Ate au
Showerthoughts It is profoundly sad that FedEx hasn't hired DMX to be their spokesman FedEx
AskReddit What does Lexus still running Christmas commercials in January, during PrimeTime football, say about their attention to detail; and how is this poor leadership reflected in their cars? Lexus
personalfinance Just a heads up, Chase might have a glitch or has been hacked. Chase
todayilearned TIL The record for the lowest grossing film in the USA is United Passions 2014 it earned just $918 and cost $30 million to make. United
funny This gentleman tried to scam me on Facebook so I decided to have a little fun Facebook
funny Happy New Year from Second Avenue Subway Dog Subway
mildlyinteresting New Years Eve mystery: invisible purple waves caught on camera leaving Xbox One Kinect Xbox
AskReddit Elders of Reddit, how did you remember everyone's birthday before Facebook existed? Facebook
gaming Arrow to emphasize that No Man's Sky is one of Steam's top 100 sellers in 2016. Sky
nottheonion Spokane man claims ageism after being banned from Starbucks for hitting on teen barista Starbucks
tifu TIFU by asking for an "ice cream in a cup" in a McDonald's drive thru McDonald's
AskReddit What are some interesting things you can see in Google Street view? Google
AskReddit What only happens in the United Kingdom? United
Showerthoughts "find Friends" on Apple devices is like having my very own Marauders Map! Apple
gaming I was on Steven Ogg's, aka GTA V's Trevor Philips imdb page, and I noticed this under the filmography. Anyone else heard of it? Philips
Music The Presidents of the United States of America - Lump Rock United
WritingPrompts WP You always knew those free Costco samples were fishy. Costco
news Man alleges ageism after getting banned from Starbucks for asking teen barista on date Starbucks
news Dakota Access Pipeline protesters climb rafters of U.S. Bank Stadium during Vikings vs. Bears U.S. Bank
mildlyinteresting This water fountain at IKEA has Wi-Fi IKEA
AskReddit Reddit, what Youtube channels are you subscribed to? Youtube
listentothis Zeale ft. AWOLNATION -- Black Mr. Rogers hip hop 2012 Rogers
todayilearned TIL that Sony patented Smart Contact Lenses that can record what you see Sony
mildlyinteresting This IKEA lamp looks like an exploding Death Star IKEA
Showerthoughts In a few years, Subway will have commercials for $10 footlongs. Subway
mildlyinteresting Only at Walmart on January 1st 2017 Walmart
worldnews Indonesia: Ferry blaze off Jakarta kills 23 - BBC News BBC
gaming The game i'm trying to subscribe to allows me to pay with a Subway gift card, but not my mastercard... Subway
listentothis Aaron Cartier & 16yrold - Rita Ora hip-hop Cartier
gaming Can you recommend titles to get used to Xbox controls to someone who hasn't played a game since the SNES? Xbox
space Full Sky Aurora Over Norway Sky
news South Korea scandal: Daughter of Choi Soon-sil arrested - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Lionel Richie is a phenomenon in the Arab States, with ABC news stating "Grown Iraqi men get misty-eyed by the mere mention of his name" ABC
Documentaries The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel's Public Relations War in the United States FULL Documentary 2016 United
LifeProTips LPT: Ask 7-Eleven employees to toast your soft pretzel 7-Eleven
todayilearned TIL That Workers Digging a Hole For an Ornamental Citrus Tree For A Walmart in Mesa, Arizona, Found the Fossils of Two Animals Thought to Be Camels Estimated to Be 10,00 Years Old - They Were Dubbed the "Walmart Camels" Walmart
mildlyinteresting These two unrelated people in my People You May Know on Facebook have photos in which the Sydney Harbour Bridge aligns perfectly Facebook
AskReddit What's The Best Question Google Can't Answer? Google
Showerthoughts When you get a new computer you always have to download Google Chrome first Google
funny When your Toyota or Scion is due for service. Toyota
funny This bar might want to edit its Google info. Google
tifu TIFU: Walmart Church Invitation Walmart
funny Made my Apple Watch see-through. Apple
worldnews South Korea scandal: Daughter of Choi Soon-sil arrested - BBC News BBC
worldnews Myanmar to probe Rohingya beating video - BBC News BBC
food Homemade Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Apple
food How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar homemade Apple
gaming Entire Xbox section at electronics store in Japan Xbox
personalfinance What is the easiest way for a Canadian to get the Amazon.com 5% cashback credit card? Amazon.com
worldnews China Twitter boss leaves after seven months Twitter
pics .::Soiler Alert::. Travelers e02 on Netflix Travelers
news Lucas Werner, Ultimate Gentleman, Banned From Starbucks For Hitting On 16 Year-Old Starbucks
listentothis Zeale ft. AWOLNATION -- Black Mr. Rogers hip hop 2012 Rogers
worldnews Turkey nightclub attack: Istanbul gunman fired 'up to 180 bullets' - BBC News BBC
worldnews French President Francois Hollande: Fighting IS in Iraq prevents terrorism in France - BBC News BBC
pics The roof was the end of the production line at the Fiat plant in Italy Fiat
AskReddit Do people who work at Ferrari and Lamborghini building cars get employee benefits? What do they get? Ferrari
todayilearned TIL of Laurent Airgon, a person who could not pursue his dream of becoming a pilot, so he built a fully functional Boeing 737 cockpit in his child's bedroom. Boeing
Showerthoughts I'm 31 and I am using Google to search for meaning of Internet slangs more often than not. Google
books What is your opinion on "The Bell Curve"? Do you agree with it? Bell
videos Most Expensive Items on eBay #1 Jesus Lamp £3,400,000 eBay
pics Saw this while browsing in IKEA today IKEA
AskReddit What was the most elite force in the United States military during the following: WW2, Korea, and Vietnam? United
worldnews Indonesia captain arrested after boat fire left 23 dead - BBC News BBC
news Planet Earth II a 'disaster for the world's wildlife', BBC presenter Martin Hughes-Games says BBC
pics [Granada Hills, CA Gear - Canon 7D w/ 30mm F1.4 Sigma - Single image long exposure](https://www.reddit.com/pics/comments/5lkj6u/granada_hills_ca_gear_canon_7d_w_30mm_f14_sigma/)
Music Mac Demarco - Harrison Ford Escort Alternative/Indie Ford
science Creationist Ken Ham Gets Into Weirdest Twitter Fight With Washington Post Over Dinosaurs Twitter
gaming A Fallout rap song appeared in my Discover Spotify playlist this week and I thought y'all might enjoy it. Discover
nottheonion Controversial McDonald's Opens in Vatican Building Wi-Fi Is Available McDonald's
worldnews Turkey nightclub attack: IS says it carried out shooting - BBC News BBC
gaming Got water in my Xbox one power brick Xbox
Music Deathspell Omega - Jubilate Deo O Be Joyful in the Lord Christian Metal Omega
dataisbeautiful The recipients of Donald Trump's Twitter insults since July 2015. Twitter
gaming Bug in Lego Movie videogame? Lego
worldnews Tesco cuts women's razor prices to end ‘sexist pricing’ - BBC News BBC
funny I was stocking these at Target and noticed the logos are stolen from Hulu and Netflix. Why? Target
funny Saw this on Facebook and fixed it. Facebook
Futurology Is Your Twitter Profile Hurting Your Job Chances? Twitter
Showerthoughts There's a strong likelihood that Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Assistant all merge into one corporate supercomputer and become a sort of commercialized, internet-shopping obsessed A.M. Google
worldnews Controversial McDonald's Opens in Vatican Building Wi-Fi Is Available McDonald's
videos Made a quick parody of those obnoxious Google Search videos! Google
funny The best Subway review I've ever read Subway
worldnews Obama treads on Trump's Twitter turf to reflect on presidential achievements Twitter
worldnews Cambodia hunting suspects over doctored porn image of king - BBC News BBC
Futurology Microsoft, Intel era at CES gives way to rising star Nvidia Intel
funny Spotted a Nyan cat BMW at my local mall BMW
worldnews Cambodia hunting suspects over doctored porn image of king - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What are the major cultural differences between Canada and The United States? United
personalfinance YNAB like Google Spreadsheet Google
videos Playstation 4 vs Xbox One Black Ops 3 Graphics Comparison XB1 PS4 Gamepl... Xbox
worldnews South Korea bans sales of some Nissan, BMW and Porsche models BMW
worldnews South Korea bans sales of some Nissan, BMW and Porsche models Porsche
OldSchoolCool Lovecraft’s official United Amateur Press Association photograph, 1915 United
funny Marvel vs. DC - Twitter Bio Edition Twitter
worldnews Melbourne warned of beach poo hazard after storms - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Not a jealous freak here. Just curious. What could be the reasons for a person to stay "Active Now" on Facebook messenger for over 12 hours? Facebook
videos How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon Alibaba
videos How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon eBay
mildlyinteresting The Taco Bell order screen runs on Windows. Bell
worldnews Passenger arrested after United Airlines flight from Sydney to San Francisco diverts to Auckland. the man allegedly going into a verbally abusive, racist rant when two other passengers described as being of Indian or Pakistani descent, seated on either side, talked over him. United
AskReddit How much is for a haircut in United States? United
movies Blade Runner 2049: What If Harrison Ford is killing off his iconic characters? Ford
funny Saw this when I was walking through Target this morning. Target
pics All Shadows Chase Swift! Chase
pics What could possibly be worse than stepping on a Lego when cleaning the house? Lego
mildlyinteresting I went to a waterfront McDonald's today. McDonald's
funny The BBC iPlayer volume bar goes up to 11. BBC
pics Pittsburgh skyline from PNC park PNC
AskReddit Who is the Apple of Windows PCs? Apple
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's in Florida has a boat dock. McDonald's
personalfinance What would be my Tax Implication Federal, State be, if I buy property Land outside United States? United
gaming Lego Super Mario Run - Lego Mario Run Funny Parody Lego
videos Even if you are not a fan of fighting sport, you should watch Bruce Lee's last performance as part of the Johnnie Walker comercial. Everyone had begged his family to cancel the contract. You can see it on his face that this is CGI. Johnnie Walker
todayilearned TIL that Adolf Hitler was born in an apartment above a pub, Winston Churchill was born in one of the grandest stately homes in England. Winston
worldnews Equatorial Guinea's VP Obiang on trial in France - BBC News BBC
AskReddit About to convert from Apple 6s to Samsung s7 edge. What advice do you have? Apple
AskReddit Why does MTV hate white guys? MTV
movies Milo and Otis Trailer Otis
Showerthoughts The Milo and Otis movie was light years ahead of its time. Imagine how successful a movie about the whacky adventures of a British Cat and a pug would be in 2017. Otis
personalfinance Saving For those who use Chase Bank... Chase
mildlyinteresting This IKEA toy bucket makes the perfect table for card games IKEA
pics Not sure Taco Bell thought this through Bell
worldnews UK City of Culture: Hull launch night draws crowd of 60,000 - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting Placed an RFID Sticker on the Apple logo on my Mac. Apple
food Homemade Southern New Year's Tradition: Black Eyed Peas, Greens, Cheesy Grits, Café au Lait, and Real Coca Cola au
food Hidden Apple Tatin found Apple
funny Paddy Power let their Twitter Team have free reign and they are comedy gold! Twitter
Showerthoughts I feel like Home Depot and Lowe's missed a great opportunity by not using different model toilets/sinks in their restrooms. Lowe's
gaming Great Crusader Defense: Surrounded by Jihadist - Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212AD Mod Gameplay pixelated appollo Total
gaming Saw some old friends at Walmart last night. Walmart
Music Nina Pee - Now I Must Ring The Fire Bell Bubblegum New Wave Bell
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Google Maps work? I tried to leave my home in Pasadena this AM and it wanted to take me through the Rose Parade route, probably because there was no auto traffic. Does it have a way to account for this? Google
funny Prison break selfie 🤳, Facebook link in comments. Facebook
WritingPrompts WP You've finally ordered all the Lego sets ever created, and you realize there's a pattern to all the extra pieces they've sent you. Lego
AskReddit How can a company like Uber lose more than $2.2 billion in a year and still be considered "successful"? Uber
personalfinance How does Ally saving account able to give 1% Annual Percentage Yield While banks like Chase can only do .001%? Chase
videos Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher Tribute - BBC Orchestra BBC
worldnews Hilarion Capucci: Arms-smuggling archbishop dies aged 94 - BBC News BBC
television ‘Sherlock’ Returns To BBC With 8.1M Viewers For Season 4 Opener; Tops UK New Year’s Day Ratings BBC
funny A woman tried to scam my sister on Depop. When she finally sent the shoes, she left her ASDA receipt in ASDA
food Homemade Apple crisp cups Apple
pics Amazing Cloud Formation from Facebook Page "God's Love x-post woahdude Facebook
funny Pornstars read their Twitter DMs Twitter
worldnews Argentina: Uproar as new year message omits disputed Falklands - BBC News BBC
listentothis Steve Kent -- Oceans Alternative R&B / Hip-Hop 2016 Kent
gadgets Asus ZenFone AR revealed, the second Google Tango phone Google
funny See dad, even shirts at H&M know how fix the router. Get your shit together. H&M
worldnews Spain Ceuta: Migrants found hidden in car and suitcase - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool 1956 Magnolia Mobil service station in Brownsville, Texas colorized work in progress + 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook Mobil
mildlyinteresting I saved all the junk mail Capital One sent my apartment during 2016 exactly 100 pieces. Capital One
personalfinance Does it make sense to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred with the United Mileage Plus Explorer card to maximize benefits flying with United? Chase
personalfinance Does it make sense to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred with the United Mileage Plus Explorer card to maximize benefits flying with United? United
videos Pretty Crazy Audi S2 streetracing in Sweden Audi
todayilearned TIL that although Youtube has fixed videos being stuck at 301 views, one video is still stuck at 301 views. Youtube
AskReddit People that deleted their Facebook account: what made you decide to re-open a Facebook account after deleting it? Facebook
mildlyinteresting You can donate money to the United States Government. United
Showerthoughts I'm gonna need Costco to start selling cases of Budweiser Cheladas....just sayin, lets make this happen Costco
Showerthoughts I'm gonna need Costco to start selling cases of Budweiser Cheladas....just sayin, lets make this happen Budweiser
AskReddit Who was your favorite guest when Art Bell was hosting Coast to Coast AM? Bell
Documentaries Fault Lines: The Anacortes Refinery Disaster 2016 - A deadly explosion at a refinery in Washington State gets buried behind the headlines of the BP Oil Spill. The company who owns the refinery, Tesoro, would be happy for it to stay off the radar. I tried to change that. Here's what happened... BP
listentothis Kenny Rogers The Big Lebowski soundtrack -- Just Dropped In Psychedelic pop 1967 Rogers
worldnews The Philippines is tilting away from its traditional ally the United States towards China in a bid to "normalise" relations following a longstanding territorial dispute, the country's incoming ambassador to Beijing said Monday 2 January 2017. United
news Brazil prison riot kills more than 60 in Amazonas state - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool Bill Gates endorsing the Mac in a 1984 Apple brochure Apple
Showerthoughts I think Microsoft uses my computer more than I do. Microsoft
AskReddit Why don't people in the snowy regions of the United States use Winter Tires? United
Music Kenny Rogers The Big Lebowski soundtrack -- Just Dropped In Psychedelic pop Rogers
AskReddit SeriousWhy Google doesn't add all drivers of all manufactures on stock rom so that it can support any device just like desktop windows os? Google
OldSchoolCool Dr. Martin Luther King Jr holding his Nobel Peace Prize medallion. Look closely, and you can see his trademark Rolex Datejust on his wrist 60s Rolex
news Investigation: As Colombia pushes for cancer drug price-cut and considers compulsory licensing, Novartis responds with quiet filing of an investment treaty notice Novartis
worldnews Investigation: As Colombia pushes for cancer drug price-cut and considers compulsory licensing, Novartis responds with quiet filing of an investment treaty notice Novartis
Showerthoughts Which type of landline phone would the Apple Stores use? Apple
funny A real letter I got after shipping a $90 Magic the Gathering card eBay auction. The guy turned a claim in on me! eBay
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2014.10.02 18:39 j-mt Soap Sampler Box - Sponsored by WAX Pass Lather Co.

Soap Sampler Box - Sponsored by WAX Pass Lather Co.
I've approached Domhorus and he's agreed to try something new with the boxes.
I will be sponsoring a box with my brand of soaps, WAX Pass Lather Co. This box will be a different type of pass, so feel free to ask questions!
The idea behind this pass is that I will fill it with my own soap samples. Each person involved in the pass will get their choice of two different samples from the box (~ 1 oz pucks) before sending it on to the next person. You would not be required to replace any items in the box, but instead provide feedback to me about my soaps. Once it hits the last person in the pass, they would keep the box contents as there would be no reason to ship it back to me.
Domohorus and I both feel that this will be a great addition to the community and encourage other artisans to sponsor a similar package. That said, the rules and requirements of the pass will be taken very seriously and any inability to comply with them will disqualify you from further sponsored passes.
Now, onto the rest!
WAX Pass Lather Co.
Thanks for taking an interest in my soaps. I've worked very hard to come up with my initial blend and I hope you find them as enjoyable as I do. Below you'll find information about WAX Pass Lather Co., the soap, and the scents.
WAX Pass Lather Co. is geared toward those that view shaving as an experience. The soap was formulated to create an easy, rich lather that's consistent in the majority of water types across the US. It comes in a growing bouquet of fragrances meant to induce thoughts and feelings that enhance your enjoyment. And to support that idea, I've priced and packaged it as to make a collection easy on your wallet and counter space.
The soap is a blend of various flower and plant extracts, organic proteins, natural oils, and vegetarian fats derived from beans, nuts, and fruits. The blend creates a hard soap that's slightly malleable/moldable. Its main source of lather comes from coconut oil.
I do not use any pigments/dyes, clays, or exfoliates. Any color variation in the soaps are the result of the soap making process and/or the oils used to create the fragrance.
Scent is paramount to the wet shaving experience and I hope you'll try all of the fragrances you're interested in. I'm always adding new blends, but my current list can be found below. They're all comprised of safe synthetic and/or essential oils.
Name Blend Thoughts
Back Nine Fresh cut Bermuda grass A light scent to remind you of the time you won that set of clubs at the company golf scramble - even if they were a door prize
Midnight Yell Musk and amber supported by cedar and sandalwood with hints of leather A musk reminiscent of a bonfire on a cool fall night makes you feel a part of Texas A&M's longstanding tradition
Forty Penny Freshly tanned leather with a touch of saddle soap A scent that smells like a new pair of cowboy boots, Forty Penny gets its name from the nails used in their construction
30A Mandarin under warm tones of jasmine and sea salt Evokes thoughts of college co-eds bronzing on the beaches off the 30A highway in the Florida panhandle
Lower Broadway Sandalwood, oakmoss, and patchouli made fresh with top notes of grapefruit on a bergamont back end Just like Nashville's honky tonk district, Lower Broadway is a Hollywood take on a classic, rugged scent
Pratt Bergamont and soft amber complimented with fresh geranium and rose A young, professional scent named after my preferred tie knot, Pratt profiles the next generation of CEOs.
Growler Fresh oats with nods to spiced citrus and roasted barley A hard scent that comes alive in the lather just like the head on an Oatmeal Stout
Millionaire's Row Musky citrus and leather foreshadowed by base notes of woods, peppercorn, and patchouli A sophisticated profile that creates thoughts of a successful day in the Kentucky Derby's most exclusive section.
Uncle Minze Strong peppermint slightly softened with cane sugar A bright scent that serves as a reminder of why you no longer bring a date to your family's holiday party: peppermint schnapps and your pervy uncle
Faulkner Lemon and vetiver on a sandalwood foundation An outdoor scent that will have you strolling through the grounds of Rowan Oak with Mississippi's most beloved author
Barrel House Base notes of tobacco and toffee with mids of citrus, rose, and amber Named after the barns used to age bourbon, this blend will have you smoking cigars and lauding over fine bourbon with Pappy himself
Quarter View Espresso with supporting tones of leather and spiced vanilla The smell of cafe au lait and beignets garners thoughts of people watching at Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans
Levenstein Spiced apple and brown sugar with a kick of vanilla "Like warm apple pie..."
Highschool Sweetheart Lilac, citrus, and rose favored with a subtle musk A soft and refreshing profile that's sure to bring back enough memories of your highschool crush to push you into Facebook creeper mode
Griswold Cedar base notes surrounded with pine and fir and cooled off with eucalyptus A spirited outdoor blend that will make you want to drive out to the country, dig up the biggest Christmas tree you can find with your bare hands, and use it to threaten your neighbor with sodomy
FML The EO holy trinity of camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol with a hint of rosemary No need to church this up: you might as well be shaving with vapor rub (and FML means exactly what you think it does)
My storefront is not currently available. It will be on Etsy and Shave_Bazaar once I receive more feedback as a result of this pass and can ensure I'm bringing a quality product to the community.
So, gents - thoughts? I'm excited by the opportunity to provide this to the community and I hope it can be as mutually beneficial as it looks on paper. Feel free to ask me any questions about the soap or the pass.
Please note that this is not the sign up page, but a general interest post about my soaps and this new style of box pass.
submitted by j-mt to wicked_box [link] [comments]

Florida Woman Dating 4 Guys Gets Pregnant I PRANKED MY OLDER BROTHER! - YouTube Dating in Miami Beach Dating In Orlando Fl www.youtube.com 10 BEST PLACES to LIVE in FLORIDA - YouTube beautiful women on the beach- Miami beach Florida( south ... We Rented A Girlfriend In China  ASIAN BOSS - YouTube Do not fear 'the starving masses' - YouTube Flo Rida - GDFR ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas [Official ...

Naples, FL - 2020 - Yelp

  1. Florida Woman Dating 4 Guys Gets Pregnant
  3. Dating in Miami Beach
  4. Dating In Orlando Fl
  5. www.youtube.com
  6. 10 BEST PLACES to LIVE in FLORIDA - YouTube
  7. beautiful women on the beach- Miami beach Florida( south ...
  8. We Rented A Girlfriend In China ASIAN BOSS - YouTube
  9. Do not fear 'the starving masses' - YouTube
  10. Flo Rida - GDFR ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas [Official ...

Serial dating robber arrested in Miami Beach, police say - Duration: 2:36. WPLG Local 10 1,842 views. ... Florida - Duration: 12:19. World According To Briggs Recommended for you. 12:19. Flo Rida's new EP 'My House' is available now! Download here: http://smarturl.it/MyHouseEP Stream here: http://smarturl.it/MyHouseSpotify Listen to other tra... HE WAS SO WORRIED!! ♡ IVANITA MERCH! https://fanjoy.co/collections/ivanita-lomeli ♡ SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/IvanitaLomeli FOLLOW ME! INSTAGRAM: https://www.... Dating in Florida USA, What to Expect - Duration: 10:04. Andre the A&P Recommended for you. 10:04. Quarantine Stuck In The House Tag - Duration: 6:49. Raymondtacular Forever 23 views. New; Beautiful women on the beach- Miami beach Florida( south beach Miami) 🙈 http://got.by/4b71y7 DO NOT CLICK🔛 http://got.by/4b71y7 Beautiful women on the beach ... Install Raid for Free IOS: https://clcr.me/0Y3yEb ANDROID: https://clcr.me/P4jqxz and get a special starter pack Available only for the next 30 days Thanks For Watching! Likes & Comments Are ... IF you live in the boonies. But there ARE some things to consider Florida is a really diverse place with rich snobby people, rich old people, real Americans and tons of crazies. That’s really it. No, Florida has a lot more ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Kei (presenter) on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/asianbossk Send us a message via our Facebook page if you have any questions or topic suggestions ...