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The Role of Blockchain in the Media & Copyrights Industries

2020.08.10 16:22 BlockDotCo The Role of Blockchain in the Media & Copyrights Industries

The Role of Blockchain in the Media & Copyrights Industries
This article was first published on our website:
Blockchain can be easily associated with benefits offered to finance, insurance, supply chain but it is rarely perceived alongside copyrights. Yet, this is another industry that will be positively disrupted by the technology especially given what is happening in the media with fake news and social network hacks.
Blockchain’s main purpose is to help businesses become more efficient with faster processes, in a secure environment where all you need is trust in algorithms. However, how could it prevent social media hacking, fake news, and provide a platform to protect digital copyrights, in a censorship-resistant environment?
Let’s find out.
Copyrights Infringement
As misuse of copyrighted work is the main issue in authorship, blockchain technology can help to make the fraud instantly detectable and thus deterring people from misuse. The current system doesn’t provide enough assistance to victims of theft, especially when they’re up against a large and powerful group. Furthermore, it’s mostly focused on resolving the ownership in disputes after a misuse has been uncovered. Blockchain helps resolve the issue beforehand with automated and early detection of the fraud, thus saving time and lots of money wasted in the investigation.
Companies like Blockai use the blockchain to timestamp and create a permanent record of writers and artists’ work, and provide them with a time-stamped copyright certificate. The site’s users have profiles that enable them to file and organize all their safe and immutable certificates. Once uploaded, clients’ work can be tracked down online and an alert gets triggered if there is any unauthorized usage. It helps to detect the infringing content although it’s still necessary to rely on legal means to remove it.
Except for deterrence, blockchain can do little to prevent copyright infringement. Yet, it remains a great tool to use in the aftermath of the fraud because it offers an ideal immutable platform to store ownership claims without a central authority to censor, take down or potentially tamper with original work.
“Proof of ownership is necessary, on one hand, to ensure buyers do not purchase digital items from fake copyright holders and on the other hand, to protect the copyright holders from unauthorized reselling of their digital works.”
Cyprus-based offers a blockchain solution that is currently used to protect copyrights, and was recently presented during the Bloomen Ideathon. It represents an exemplary model of technology in use to combat fake news and protect media copyrights through a simple and quick process implemented on the blockchain.
In the upcoming months, the topic will be of particular relevance in light of the legislative changes in blockchain matters, expected this year on the island. The new legislative scenario was discussed during the last of’s webcasts ‘Blockchain for the private sector’, hosted by International business and technology lawyer Christiana Aristidou, who has worked with for several years now.
“We are proud to have integrated the certificate-issuing solution for the business needs of our clients. We consider the solution indispensable towards our objective of constantly enhancing the provision of our legal services through innovative technological solutions. The protection of copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights now involves a simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient, blockchain-backed certificate issuance.”
“As a hybrid law-tech firm – continues Christiana – our partnership with has proven to be exceptional and valuable in our journey towards digital transformation. Using blockchain, thereby ensuring a transparent, immutable, secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof recording of data, the solution offers a revolutionary and innovative means to protect our clients’ intellectual property, instead of other time-consuming and costly traditional processes.”
“Specifically, our clients’ data and evidence supporting their authorship, invention, or creation of any property that warrants copyright protection, may now be recorded in a digital document, which is then verified in a trusted and time-stamped manner on a blockchain. Our clients retain ownership and control of their data, having been granted easy access to a self-verifiable blockchain-secured certificate of such data.”
The latest good news is that the data stored on the blockchain immutable ledger could be enough to prove copyright infringement. The case of China’s TikTok and Baidu is so far the best example of copyrights fraud taken and proven in court thanks to the immutable evidence timestamped in the blockchain. Let’s see what happened. Last year, Baidu built an application similar to TikTok, called Huopai; it stole one of the videos originally uploaded on TikTok and even went as far as enabling free downloads of it. The company sued the Chinese version of Google for copyright infringement and demanded substantial compensation. TikTok had their data stored on the blockchain immutable ledger that could prove the history of downloads and the copying event. For the first time, copyrights and blockchain were the winning match in a court case and will surely set a precedent in many cases to come. Blockchain decentralized service will also play a fundamental role in video authenticity verification. Indeed, it can impartially guarantee the authenticity of user-generated video content and protect it from forgery and unfair editing through a reference to a specific time of the recording and its authenticity, which we know cannot be tampered with on a blockchain.
PROVER platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and offers a solution to provide video authenticity verification and make a serious impact on the industry so that changing the date on recordings or artificially altering a video, become a memory of the past.
Another application for blockchains will likely be a registry of ownership. In music, for example, finding information about songs and compositions happens to be a rather hard task since the data is distributed across over 5000 databases. It can be, therefore, very difficult to trace the ownership chain for copyrighted works. Blockchains appear especially well suited for the task due to the transparency attribute of a timestamped and immutable ledger that allows secure, reliable, and permanent records to be found and dealt with quickly and in a cost-effective way, which was unthinkable only up until a few years ago.
Fake News
Can blockchain have an impact on the halting circulation of fake news, and how?
Fake news is typically information that is not backed up by any fact, but it’s well presented as evidence and quickly circulated on social media, radio, TV, etc. It is occurring more frequently and in a more damaging way than ever and, especially in the Covid-19 era when our health is at stake, it can become a concern. Since nobody has the time to track back the full history of the news source, it’s easy for fraudulent information to gain ground quickly and extensively. This is the main reason why people fall for fake news so easily, except for other psychological mechanisms, of course.
On that account, reaching out for the authenticity of the information has become a crucial matter. We finally have a tool that allows us to verify where the news has come from and who created it. Easily traceable and transparent blockchains expose the source of the information and its authenticity, favoring a more secure and reliable news industry overall because the content can be produced, stored, and distributed in an immutable way.
Other than combating fraudulent and fake news, blockchain can be a remedy for unpaid copyrighted work. By using the private ledger, companies can better track user interaction with content thus quantifying users’ worth to the network, and how they should be compensated for their activity.
Current Challenges
Just like any other innovation, blockchain development is constantly evolving even though there’s a lot of work yet to do to make it scalable and more efficient. Remember the Internet at the beginning? It was clunky, slow, technically troublesome.
Same with blockchain. Storing images on the digital ledger is a massive challenge for the development investments of the future. At the moment, the tech can only store text-based data, comparable to the text-only web 1.0 stage of the internet. Scalability is one of the main issues for blockchain and one that is haunting developers mostly, but once progress is made in the area we might see an increasingly more robust blockchain that will function like web 2.0.
Companies are already competing to be first in developing the technology that will make copyrights on the blockchain easy and feasible. Kodak is one of the leading firms in the photography space that is investing in the technology and developing a platform that will create an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers, to register both new and old work that they can then license within the platform. This will allow faster payments for professional images, quick detection of image usage infringement, retrieval of all lost revenues from the unlicensed use of their images. By using the platform, image owners can actually see where and what their images are being used for, and then get appropriate compensation through a simplified legal proceeding.
The legal impact of blockchain is not clearly defined yet.
We’ve gone through the TikTok issue earlier as the first case in a court that involved and validated the blockchain proposal in copyrights infringement. Yet, it’s still not entirely clear what technical standards blockchain technologies must meet to produce the legal effects of electronic time validation in any sector, not only copyrights. A lawsuit to push judges to rule on the effectiveness of blockchain certification might be a necessary step taken to progress quickly in this direction.
In 2017, China established the Hangzhou Internet Court to tackle copyright infringement in Internet-based cases, showing evidence once again that the country is a pioneer in applying technology innovation. By ruling that the use of blockchain technology to authenticate presented evidence would be allowed, the Hangzhou Internet Court paved the way for the world’s first-ever blockchain-enabled evidence accepted by a court. Other countries are following suit and it might just be a question of time before blockchain is officially accepted as evidence in court cases globally.
In conclusion, blockchain is ready to make an impact in the copyrights industry on the basis that a solution for infringement, fake news, and unpaid copyrighted work was long due. In the digital era, no industry can afford to stay behind in technological progress.
Media and copyrights are no exception with clients and users of the different solutions available seemingly positively embracing the technology, as referenced by Christiana with regards to the experience of her clients:
“Our clients have been remarkably welcoming and enthusiastic about’s solution, as an easy, fast, and cost-efficient tool in the protection of their copyright, and other relevant intellectual property.
As experienced lawyers in intellectual property law, we have the first-hand experience of the significant efficiency gains associated with using’s solution compared to existing paper-reliant, costly, and more complicated means of copyright protection.
Intellectual property is only one of the areas that may benefit from the use of’s solution. can potentially transform the management, storing, and recording of our internal and clients’ records.”
Christiana Aristodou’s testimonial could not explain’s work better, and if you would like to know more feel free to get in touch!
For more info, contact directly or email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Tel +357 70007828
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2016.12.12 00:03 bureX "Hurr durr, hoću u Kanadu" - kratak vodič

Vidim da je bilo pitanja na random temi, ali da ne spamujem tamo, evo vam ovde pa pročitajte...
Uzmeš i odeš ovde:
Popuniš sve i vidiš da li si eligible. Ako jesi, idi ovde:
Ispod 300 - ne'š jebat.
Ispod 350 - možda neke šanse za PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), ali slabe.
Od 350 do 400 - OK šanse za PNP.
400-450 - vrlo dobre dobre šanse za emigraciju preko PNP.
Preko 450 - velike šanse za direktan ulazak u express entry sistem gde ćeš biti pozvan/a za dalji proces.
U poslednjih godinu i kusur dana, najmanje je trebalo 453 CRS boda, najviše 538 da budeš pozvan/a da nastaviš proces dalje emigracije.
E sad... Nemaš dovoljno poena? Evo kako se dobijaju dodatni poeni:
  • POSAO. Ukoliko imaš nekog ko je voljan da ti ugovori posao, po novom sistemu dobićeš 50 do 200 poena. Međutim, to nije uopšte toliko lako, jer je potrebna LMIA sertifikacija. Ako imaš poslodavca koji je voljan da te čeka mesecima da dođeš, da plaća advokatu, da pravi ugovor, da ide do labour departmenta da vadi potvrde i sl. Onda ok. U suprotnom, ništa od toga. LMIA poslovi su praktično nepostojeći.
  • ISKUSTVO U KANADI. Imati radno iskustvo u Kanadi znači dobar broj dodatnih bodova! To znači da prvo moraš sve ovo zajebat što si pročitao/la, i da ideš na privremenu radnu vizu u Kanadu na barem godinu dana. Dobija se do 70 bodova za ikustvo u Kanadi.
  • ŠKOLOVANJE U KANADI. Imati Kanadsku diplomu = fini broj bodova. Ali nažalost moraš platiti pun q keša za školovanje u Kanadi, a većina nas je švorc, tako da... Do 30+50 bodova dodatnih se može dobiti.
  • PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM NOMINATION - PNP - E, pazi 'vako... Skoro svaki state u Kanadi ima svoj poseban program za imigraciju. Neki su strogi, a neki nisu. British Columbia zahteva ponudu za posao, Saskatchewan zahteva da budeš sa spiska određenih zanimanja. Quebec ne zahteva skoro ništa, ali se zato u prvih 15 minuta sjebe sajt za prijavu čim se otvori. Tu su i Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, itd. itd. Otvaraju se svake godine i moraju se pratiti. Čitaj dalje.
PNP: Prednost ovih programa je to što ako se zahteva ponuda za posao, tu se ne traži LMIA i sl. zajebancije. Stvari se lakše dokazuju, nema preterano puno drkanja. U pitanju je imigracioni sistem unutar imigracionog sistema. Ukoliko prođeš, dobiješ PNP nomination certificate, sa kojim dobijaš 600 CRS bodova, i to znači da ćeš na sledećem izvlačenju 99,99999% dobiti poziv od Kanadskih vlasti za nastavak Express Entry programa. Dakle, odeš na sajt provincije/države sa kojom želiš da se njakaš, pročitaš uslove, i prijaviš se online ili im šalješ dokumente. Ukoliko je sve ok, dobiješ nominaciju od njih za par meseci i dobiješ svojih 600 bodova.
Mane ovog sistema je što se duže čeka, moraju se loviti ovi programi, plaća se više, i obavezuješ se da ćeš živeti i raditi u toj provinciji bar par godina (mada to niko nije proveravao ikad, koliko sam upućen). Pošto je kraj godine, dobar deo ovih programa je trenutno zatvoren (mada skoro svi i dalje primaju kandidate ako imaju ponudu za posao).
Linkovi sa uslovima i uputstvima:
British Columbia -
Manitoba -
Ontario -
Nova Scotia -
Saskatchewan -
Quebec -
Prince Edward Island -
Alberta -
Popij rakiju da smiriš čir, i prati šta ti treba:
  • Dokaz da imaš min. 12000 CAD (8600 EUR) likvidnih sredstava na svom bankovnom računu. Automobili i stanovi se ne računaju. Pare moraju biti na računu barem par meseci, tako da planiraj unapred. Ako ideš sa porodicom, evo link koliko treba: . Potvrdu možeš dobiti od bilo koje banke, koliko sam upućen. Ako imaš ponudu za posao sa LMIA, ovo ti ne treba. CENA: min 12000CAD.
  • "Reference letters", tj. potpisana i ispečatirana pisma od vašeg bivšeg ili sadašnjeg poslodavca koji kazuju koliko ste radili, šta ste radili, vaš NOC code (imate na sajtu CIC Canada), vaša plata... ne zaboravite da sva pisma moraju da budu za isti NOC code. Imate primere na netu. Attachujte i vizitku poslodavca. Postoji mogućnost da će neko kontaktirati poslodavca radi provere, ali ne mora da znači. Ukoliko poslodavac više ne postoji, morate da skupljate potvrde o platama, kojekakve dokaze za koje lično nemam pojma kako funkcionišu. Pismo treba da bude na Engleskom. Ako nije, može i na Srpskom, ali morate kasnije odneti kod ovlašćenog prevodioca radi prevoda. Cena: oko 1000din pa naviše za ovlašćene prevode.
  • Dokaz o ekvivalenciji diplome iz srednje škole ili fakulteta. Moraš kontaktirati neku agenciju za nostrifikaciju diplome, a najbrži i najlakši je WES (World Education Services) iz Kanade. Registruješ se na WES, upišeš svoje podatke, platiš, dobiješ uputstva. Moraćeš ići do svoje srednje škole ili fakulteta i NATERATI ih da ti daju sve tvoje potvrde, koje ćeš zatim odneti do prevodioca, i vratiti nazad da ih ONI (OBAVEZNO) pošalju sa svoje adrese WES-u na proveru. Posle mesec dana dobiješ potvrdu koja izgleda ovako: , Cena: oko 300CAD.
  • UČIŠ UČIŠ I UČIŠ i zakažeš IELTS GENERAL TRAINING test u Beogradu u British Council: (ACADEMIC je za stipendije i fakultete). NIKO DRUGI NE RADI ove testove. NEMA skoro nigde IELTS training centara u Srbiji. Ukoliko odete u bilo koju školu Engleskog, kažete da vam treba za IELTS, uplašiće se u q. Ja sam morao da nađem jednu gospođu koja je radila za vreme Jugoslavije kao zvanični državni prevodilac za vladu, i morao sam da plaćam privatne časove. Testovi su uglavnom jednom u mesecu. Zakazuju se za mesec-dva unapred. Polažu se u Sava Centru. Obavezan dolazak na 9h. Skidaš sat, mobilni, jaknu, torbu, šta god ostavljaš napolju. 4 testa, 3 pisana zaredom - Listening (slušaš sa CD-a i pišeš na papir odgovore na pitanja, realtime), Reading (čitaš tekstove na papiru i odgovaraš na pitanja vezana za njih). Writing (pišeš 2 sastava, jedan kraći, drugi duži). Zatim sledi pauza i ideš na Speaking test, gde se pojaviš pred ispitivačem sa uređajem za snimanje. Predstaviš se, ispričaš par osnovnih informacija, zatim pričaš o zadatoj temi. Rezultati za 2 nedelje. Poželjni rezultati: 6-7 (od 9max) pa naviše. Rezultati izgledaju ovako: , CENA: 250CAD (22000din).
Kad sve to skupiš, odeš na sajt CIC Canada i registruješ se za Express Entry:
Upišeš sve podatke i čekaš da dobiješ e-mail sa potvrdom. Registruješ se na Job Bank, po uputstvima. Besplatno je i obavezno. Kada je sve OK, ako imaš više od 450 bodova, čekaš i uživaš. Ako imaš manje, spremaš se za ganjanje PNP programa koji primaju aplikante. Prati za više informacija.
Čekaš i čekaš. I to je to. Kad te pozovu, pratiš njihova uputstva. Cena: oko 1000CAD za izdavanje permanent resident vize. Ako se ide preko PNP-a, još +500CAD do 1500CAD.
Čekaš još.
I još.


"Da li mi treba advokat?" Ne.
"Da li mi treba imigracioni savetnik/agencija?" NE.
"A strana agencija?" NE.
"A boga ti imam jednu vezu kod komše a on zna dobrog tipa kome platiš pa ti on..." NEEEEEEEE.
"Jel se dobro živi u Kanadi?" Otkud znam...
"Jel ima pedera u Kanadi?" Verovatno.
"Jel treba učiti za IELTS?" DA. Osobe koje pričaju engleski od rođenja dobiju max 7-8 od 9 maksimalnih bodova na IELTS ako ne uče.
"Moj drug od druga je otišao u Kanadu i on mi rek'o da ne treba ništa od pap..." Laže.
"Moj komšija je otišao u Kanadu '75te i nije mu ništa od ovog trebalo" Tačno. Pre 90tih, a boga mi i tokom 90tih si mogao dobiti azil u Kanadi na osnovu sranje stanja u državi i političkih tenzija.
"Da li sad mogu dobiti azil?" Možeš. Ukoliko možeš dokazati da si životno (NE MATERIJALNO) ugrožen zbog svojih ličnih uverenja koja su kompatibilna sa Kanadom, zbog svoje seksualne orijentacije, zbog svoje političke aktivnosti (dakle, one koja je kompatibilna sa Kanadom), i imaš DOKAZE o tome (novinski članci, policijski izveštaji, i sl.), možeš dobiti azil, ali vrlo verovatno je da ćeš morati kontaktirati advokata ili nekog pro-bono aktivistu za pomoć. Ukoliko nameravaš otići na slepo u Toronto, pa kenjati imigracionim vlastima da nemaš para u svoje selo, dobićeš šut kartu prvom prilikom i zabranu ulaska. Po priči drugara, jedan biser (Mađar) je otišao i radio na crno u Kanadi (sa Mađarskim pasošem, jer ti treba viza ako ideš sa Srpskim), i nahvatali su ga. Zatim je išao pred sud da predstavi svoj slučaj jer je tražio azil i tripovao da je bio ugrožen. Smejali su mu se i poslali ga kući.
"Šta ako imam EU pasoš?" Nobody gives a shit.
"Šta ako pošaljem pismo ambasadi Kanade sa mojim CVom?" Budalo.
"Odakle ti sve ove informacije?" Patim se sa ovim sistemom godinu dana i duže, pa znam. Sve informacije možeš proveriti online ili na
"Kada dobijam Kanadski pasoš?" Sa Express Entry programom se dobija samo Kanadski Permanent Residency. Što znači da možeš raditi i živeti u Kanadi koliko hoćeš, ali i dalje imaš SRB pasoš. Možda postoji neka olakšica za ulazak u US zbog NAFTA-e, ali meh. Posle 4 godine se polaže neki ispit ako želiš i ideš na proces naturalizacije, gde postaješ Kanadski državljanin na svečanoj ceremoniji. I onda možeš tražiti svoj Kanadski pasoš.
Ako ti i dalje nije jasno ovo sve, pitaj Malagurskog, on je otišao u Kanadu. Ili vidi za onog vođe gejova što je sad dobio azil u Kanadi, pisao je neki tekst u Danasu.
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