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Birthday Adventure in planning

2020.10.03 10:44 Mokk0h1pp6 Birthday Adventure in planning

Hi guys, I need some help. I am planning an adventure for my partners 30th birthday. Basically next year I am taking her to Heathrow to fly to St Petersburg where we will spend the day before jumping on a sleeper train which will take us to Riga in Latvia for 4 days. I was thinking of getting off in Tallin, Estonia on the way back, spend a day or two before either continuing on to St Petersburg or flying back from Estonia.
I need some advice. What should we do in Riga? Would anyone advise stopping in Tallin or heading back to Russia?
Any advise would be amazing!
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2020.09.03 02:02 Zithero Book 1: Chapter 26: A Brave New World

I headed down the hallway after Zepherina forbade me to visit with Evangeline.
Zepherina was, clearly, better at hurling emotional jabs that she was at physical ones.
It still shocked me how easy it was for her to wound me in that department.
So it was time to spread the love as I reached Xyphiel’s restorative chamber.
Something I had cooked up on the off chance one of us was near death. A large glass cylinder filled with saline which, at least, could stave off the death of the body’s organs and brain matter.
That’s where I found Xyphiel, floating with his upper and lower body connected with little more than thin tubes and wires keeping enough blood flow to stave off necrosis.
“My, Xyphiel,” I grinned to him, “you need to lay off the spicy food.”
Xyphiel’s eyes narrowed on me, his brow furrowed. He was intubated and wore a tightly fit air mask, tubes leading to the top of the chamber handled both feeding him and supplying him with air. Not the same tube, of course, that would be messy.
“I am curious what got you in this state,” I tapped on the glass with my finger, “oh wait,” I grinned, “I shouldn’t pester you like that,” I mocked.
Xyphiel’s voice rang out in my mind, “enough of your prattling.”
“Prattling?” I lifted an eyebrow, “one button, and I can dump you into the nearest waste collection center…”
Do not irritate me further,” Xyphiel threatened.
“I wouldn’t dream of it. We have suffered enough losses at the hands of Major F and Captain Vasquez,” I reminded him.
F is Timothy,” Xyphiel confirmed.
“What did just you say….Timothy is alive?!” I shouted, my excitement drowning out the connection, “Where is he?!”
Likely,” Xyphiel began, “Recharging the device that tore me asunder.”
The gravity of everything struck me. I was utterly shocked by the news: not only was Timothy alive but he was Major F? He was the one who took down Rage?
I looked around the room, concern etched on my face, “Why would he…” I recalled what Major F said, and glared at Xyphiel, “Oh, I know why, now!”
Xyphiel turned from me.
“How could you allow him to see what you did!” I chastised.
Clearly he outsmarted me there,” Xyphiel confessed.
My shock and confusion soon gave way to a devilish grin as my plans reformed in my mind, “Well that is good to know. Has Timothy returned home yet?”
Sadly, no,” Xyphiel lamented.
“He will be soon now, don’t worry,” I walked around the glass cylinder, “in the meantime, I hope you don’t mind if I run my solo act. Not that I needed you to conquer the world before just… well now that you have even less agency over what I do.”
Xyphiel growled and struggled in the tank.
“Besides,” I grinned to Xyphiel as I turned to leave the room, “this will give you some time to pull yourself together!”
“You snide bitch! Come back here!” Xyphiel shouted, “don’t you walk away from me!”
I ignored Xyphiel and continued to head down the hallway. I soon spotted Bella, sauntering down the corridors in a salacious dress and ridiculously high heels. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the sight of her.
“Just because you cannot look elegant,” Bella said as she passed me, “doesn’t mean I can’t.”
I cornered her against a wall, glaring down at her, “Xyphiel is currently in no position to protect you, demon,” I sneered, “so be careful what you say to me, understand? Or I’ll have Esmerelda put you right back in that hole you crawled out of.”
“As if Esmerelda could hold a candle to me,” Bella smiled, “but, fair enough, I didn’t mean to insult you… too much.”
I took a step back from her.
She tossed her long locks back and smiled wide, “Come now, Empress. You would never want to look so feminine.” She stepped towards me, her hand moving to my chest and down my abdomen, “you’re so much more butch,” she glanced up at me, “built powerful, strong and you revel in it. Me?” Bella smiled, taking a step back and spinning, her dress revealing long, supple legs ending in the high heels which, I couldn’t deny, were sexy. “I prefer to be feminine.”
“Until you transform to your true self,” I pointed out, “then it’s difficult to even discern what gender you are.”
Bella smiled wide at me, her normal teeth shifting to those triangular and interlocking jaws, “You should be thankful that that's not the form you’re witnessing now.”
“Begone, you little monster,” I scoffed at her idle threat, “go visit my brother, he could use your moral support.”
Bella smiled at me, her teeth returning to normal, “I was on my way there.”
“I had ventured a guess,” I grinned as I turned from her, “Don’t expect to lay with him though,” I couldn’t help but laugh, “He is half the man he used to be!”
After some time, I made my way to a small communications room, “Rage,” I ordered
“Yes, Mistress?” Rage boomed.
“I wish to make a video recording,” I sat down in front of a camera and microphone.
“Confirmed,” Rage announced as the console before me lit up.
I looked up at the camera, pouring my heart out to the lens. I spoke as if Timothy was right there before me.
“I am so proud of you Timothy, my son. I cannot express how much I have missed you while you embarked on this mission to infiltrate the Terren world. Finding the orbital nuclear satellite was a stroke of genius, as always. I pray that soon, we can meet, in the meantime, I thank you for returning Evangeline and Zepherina to me safely. Both of your sisters are perfectly safe in my care. I love you, my darling son, Timothy,” I leaned back in my chair, smiling wide, “I will be in touch.”
Rage remarked, “These statements are false.”
I grinned, “no, they’re just lacking information. I am proud of him, don’t get me wrong. I missed him, certainly, and his mission to infiltrate Terra? Well, that was his, and it is what he had to have done to make all of this possible. Including finding the orbital satellite that managed to fire into your chamber. I still don’t grasp how you did not notice the satellite, Rage.”
“I am unable to confirm what happened, a system error caused the rear object detection system to fail for exactly six seconds,” Rage informed.
“Exactly enough time to launch the missile,” I frowned, “why is it that I feel that is not a coincidence?”
“Because the odds of it happening are exactly ten trillion, five hundred seventy-eight billion, eight hundred sixty-five million, four hundred ninety-six thousand and eight to one,” Rage elaborated.
“Rage, you can just say ‘impossible’ next time,” I rolled my eyes.
“But that is inaccurate: it clearly was possible, as it happened,” Rage stated.
“Yes, but not by chance,” I sighed, “What is the highest encryption that the United States military is capable of decoding?” I queried.
“One moment,” Rage announced, “currently the military is capable of breaking down a 128-bit encryption algorithm, though it takes them some time to do so.”
I leaned back in my chair, and grinned, “Rage, use your encryption, but do me a favor and do not encrypt the flag… we’ll get Xei’s attention. She should be able to crack the encryption, yes?”
“If she had access to my systems, yes,” Rage stated, “but she does not.”
I thought for a moment, “let's see if we cannot test her mettle then. We will broadcast the proper encryption and, if Xei can crack the code then we know she has access to something similar to you, Rage.”
“There are no systems similar to myself,” Rage reminded.
“No,” I frowned, “there is one.”
“Pardon?” Rage asked.
But does she have access to that ‘one’?” I said, getting to my feet and heading out of the room. “I think I need to visit The Vault.”
My mind whirled as I considered the ramifications of my hunch being correct. If I was right, then Timothy and Captain Vasquez were not my real enemies. I was facing a much more familiar foe.
When I reached Xyphiel’s vault, I opened it up and found Sync where she always was, sitting on her little pedestal under glass, like a gnat.
“Oh, it’s you,” Sync narrowed her eyes on me, “What do you want?”
I approached the glass, glaring down at her, “Where are you right now?”
“Right in front of you,” Sync informed me.
“I don’t believe you,” I leaned down to the glass, forcing the small hologram to take a step back, “I have a better question: where is the real Synchronous?”

"Heave, Ho!" I shouted as several of the men and I pushed the wall of what would be the new church into place.
As we pushed it fully upright, everyone cheered as men in rigging at the top of the scaffolding secured the large wall to the front of the building.
I beamed at the progress and I looked around to see many other buildings being put up all throughout the area.
Zithero was entertaining some of the children too and I couldn’t help but gush at their reactions to his classic magic tricks.
Zithero took a hat from one child, “oh dear!” he exclaimed, “why have you not washed this hat at all, little boy?”
The boy shrugged.
“Well, look what’s in here!” Zithero reached in, pulling out a bouquet of flowers, mock ‘tsk-tsking’ the boy, and handing them to an audience member. “What is this?!” he then went on to pull out a football, a ball, and string and a number of other toys that obviously were not inside the boy’s hat.
My smile literally hurt as I got an overdose of adorableness from watching the happy children enjoy Zithero’s magic act.
The honking from a humvee drew my attention, followed by shouting, “What the hell, bitch?!”
I turned and shouted in excitement as I watched my best friend Theo climb out of a humvee wearing her Stewardship robes and chains. “Oh my God!” I rushed to her, and we hugged tightly, thumping our fists against each other’s backs.
“You finally get back into town and you don’t even visit me?!” Theo shouted.
I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, “sorry! I was so busy with the refugees,” I motioned.
“Yeah, Mom’s pissed by the way,” Theo chuckled.
“Her default position,” I rolled my eyes, “was I supposed to clear the decision with the senate first?”
Theo laughed, “She’s been all beside herself ever since Empress Ragna declared you the official heir to the throne.”
My smile finally wanned, “when was this?” I asked.
“Like an hour after the Empress showed up,” Theo frowned, “She didn’t tell you?”
“We don’t talk much,” I grumbled, turning from Theo.
“She’s your mom though,” Theo reminded me.
My fist clenched and I took a sharp breath through my nostrils, “so 'ya wanna know what I’ve been up to?”
Theo took the hint and changed gears, “I sure as shit do!”
I grinned, turning to her, smiling smugly, “I fought a Demon Lord!”
“No shit?!” Theo punched my shoulder.
“Not lying!” I shouted, grinning ear to ear, “Asmodai, Lord of Wrath!”
“How did it go down?!” Theo shouted.
Ghostbusters, that's how it went down,” I winked at Theo.
“Ghostbusters?” Theo lifted an eyebrow.
I rolled my eyes, “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”
Theo busted out laughing and I soon joined her. “Goddesses you’re a dork!”
I snickered, “come on, lend me a hand out here!”
Theo looked around, giving me the side-eye, “isn’t this the sort of thing for the help, Dear?” she said sarcastically.
“Get off your ‘high horse’ and come get your hands dirty,” I smiled, “might want to take those ceremonial robes off, ‘Theodora’,” I mocked.
Theo rolled her eyes, tossing the robes into the humvee, revealing a tank-top and a pair of yoga pants underneath. She was at least wearing boots. “Mom makes me wear those stupid robes every time I step outside of the palace.”
“Well, today you’re a Steward of the people!” I grinned, taking her hand and heading into the now busy construction site.
“Is this a preview of what life will be like when Empress Zepherina rules all of the Penthesilean Confederation?” Theo chuckled.
“The what?” I asked, turning to her, confused.
Theo frowned, “wow you and your mom really do not talk at all, huh?”
I shook my head.
“Well we can’t call everything we own just ‘Penthesil’, so the Empress decided to create a confederation of all our conquered lands and call it the Penthesilean Confederation,” Theo informed me.
My smile vanished once more, “all of our conquered lands? Like where?”
Theo stared at me blankly, “are you kidding me?”
I shook my head.
“Where have you been Zeph? Another planet?” Theo said, now crossing her arms over her chest and furrowing her brow. “You do realize that over the past few months the Empress-”
“You don’t have to lick her boots,” I snapped, “Stop calling her that.”
“Why?” Theo frowned, “She is the Empress.”
I turned from her, “for now.”
Theo now rushed in front of me and pulled me close, “Zepherina, I will support any coup your want to run but right now is not the fucking time,” she hissed at me.
“What do you-” I tried to say but Theo’s hand went to my mouth.
“Empress Ragna is popular right now and I mean insanely popular, even more so than you,” Theo spoke in a hushed tone.
I pulled her hand away, “how?” I glared, “what’s been going on since I left?”
“You don’t know about anything that’s happened since you were gone?!” Theo whispered.
“No!” I shouted, “because I was gone!”
Theo took a deep breath, “When the Empress came, she attacked with a show of force, fought Cassara, and then Rachel ended the fight and surrendered to her immediately.”
I frowned, “Is Cass okay?”
“Focus,” Theo chastised.
“Just tell me if Cassara is okay!” I glared, “I know you didn’t like her but she was a great sparring partner!”
“She never trained you, just used you as a punching bag,” Theo glared, “she should have been training you as Rachel did.”
“Not the time, Theo!” I shouted.
“Fine!” Theo rolled her eyes, “Cassara is fine, as far as I know, but she skipped town after Empress Ragna took control.”
“I don’t get it, no one tried to stop Ragna?” I growled.
“Oh, someone did,” Theo looked away.
“Who?” I asked.
“My mother,” Theo explained.
I gasped, “Oh my God!” I hugged Theo tightly, “I’m so sorry.”
“Yeah,” Theo hugged back for a moment, but pushed me away, “luckily, Ragna’s not a monster like Rachel was.”
The sentence took me a moment to process and it was clear Theo noticed.
“My mom is still alive, Zeph,” Theo informed me.
“But a challenge to the throne is a challenge to the death!” I reminded Theo.
Theo nodded, “Ragna tossed my mother around like a rag doll and forced her to withdraw her challenge,” Theo beamed, “She saved my mother’s life.”
“By not killing her?” I grumbled.
“Rachel would have killed my mother and, in fact, was on the sidelines calling for her head!” Theo growled.
“What?!” I gasped.
“Empress Ragna showed my mother mercy, and I pledged eternal fealty to her,” Theo admitted sheepishly.
“Don’t you see Theo! It was a trick!” I pointed out, “she just wanted to get you and the people on her side! She doesn’t care about human life!”
“Is that why she’s improved medical technology in all of our territories?” Theo said, defending Ragna.
“Ragna is a warmonger!” I shouted.
Theo pulled me away from anyone in earshot, “so?”
“What do you mean ‘so’?!” I argued.
“Zepherina,” Theo said, using my full name for emphasis, “Rachel was sending us off to aid in allied wars for decades and for what? We never saw shit from it. The people were pissed because soldiers were dying for causes that, many times, we didn’t agree with.”
“So fighting the Patriarchs in the Middle East was something we disagreed with?” I pointed out.
Theo rolled her eyes, “that wasn’t the only war we fought in! And none were our own.”
“So, what, we get a ‘big war’ for what purpose?” I asked, “to sow more death to satisfy Ragna’s bloodlust?”
Theo shook her head, “holy shit Zeph they really have you drinking the Kool-Aid over there, huh?”
My brow furrowed, “What do you mean?”
“Every nation we’ve conquered has saved human lives, thousands of them!” Theo exclaimed, “we ended crime in the Favelas of Brazil, freed the people of Venezuela from their greedy leaders, not to mention ended their government-run famine and we’ve been kicking vicious dictators and governments out of power left and right.”
“She’s just doing that so she can look good for the media,” I argued.
“So?!” Theo shouted, “She literally cured Cancer!”
“What?!” I gasped.
“Yeah, ‘what’, she cured Cancer and AIDs and she’s even saved countless lives from being aborted,” Theo pointed out.
I frowned, “I know abortion isn’t a Penthesilean thing since every pregnancy is planned by the state but other nations don’t function like us.”
“Yeah, well, the nations we bring into our confederation do,” Theo grinned, “Now people can have their ‘abortion’ but the fetus can mature and live its own life! There is an entire military force in the Confederation who calls themselves ‘the Reclaimed’ and they’re all badasses.”
I frowned, “Wait what? How is that possible?”
“Time dilation or something? I don’t know Zeph, the Empress is a genius! At this point, I just accept that when she says she can do something, she can do it,” Theo confessed.
“So she acts like a God or something?” I asked.
“No, she doesn’t, far from it,” Theo elaborated, “She’s got this whole ‘Impart our technology, not our culture’ movement going. Something about preserving the culture of the countries we conquer? I think that’s why she’s calling us a Confederation and not like, a union.”
“How many countries has she conquered?” I asked.
We,” Theo corrected, “have conquered the entire South American continent and most, if not all, of Central America.”
I fell to my knees in shock.
“Zeph?” Theo sank down to the ground with me, “hey, Zeph, you okay?”
I felt dizzy and found it difficult to breathe. Ragna had brainwashed my entire country, and was on her way to conquering the world!
Twigs snapped near me as I saw something rushing towards us.
Theo blocked them from me, “Who dares to approach the Princess and Stewardess of Penthesil without announcing themselves,” she paused, “boy.”
I looked up to see Zithero, looking worried as he approached, “Zeph? Are you okay?” he said, ignoring Theo.
I shook my head.
“Let me through! She is my friend!” Zithero announced.
“Like hades, I will!” Theo growled.
“Theo, please, that’s my friend Zithero,” I placed my hand on the ground to steady myself.
Theo turned to me, giving me a questionable look as Zith rushed past her and to my side. “You made friends with a man?”
Zith ignored her, “What is wrong, Zeph?”
“I… Zith, Ragna’s taken everything,” I heaved a sigh and felt faint.
“Hold on, hold on!” Zith shouted.
“Zeph!” Theo rushed to my side.
Zith’s hands were on my shoulder and soon I felt a wave of calm come over me.
It was as if my whole body had been soaking in a hot tub for hours.
“Does that feel better?” Zith asked.
I nodded, “Yeah… what is that?”
“A soothing spell,” Zith smiled to me, “just something to keep you from freaking out.”
“Your services are appreciated, boy,” Theo spat, “now off with you! The Princess and I were in the middle of a very important discussion.”
“I think that I will go if Zepherina wants me to go, thank you, miss…?” Zith asked.
“Theodora Rigas,” Theo hissed, “I’m her best friend.”
Zith turned to me, “well, I am also her best friend.”
Theo grabbed Zith by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up to her face, “Listen here, you little shit-”
“Theo!” I shouted, getting to my feet, “Drop him,” I narrowed my eyes, “gently.”
Theo turned to me and slowly lowered Zith to the ground.
“Why are you two fighting?” I glared at both of them, “I’m friends with both of you! I can have more than one, you know!”
Theo frowned, “But, Zeph it’s just… you know I…” she trailed off.
I felt the awkwardness of the situation loom. Theo had asked me out a long time ago and I pushed her away because I told her I “Wasn’t ready.” Which Theo sadly took to mean as ‘Someday’, now she was likely looking at Zith as a romantic rival.
Oh God - I was stuck in a love triangle!
“I’m not doing this!” I shouted, “Listen, you two, get along, that’s it, okay? If you care about me then you’re going to put aside your differences and be friends too!”
Theo and Zith looked to each other and Zith offered his hand up to Theo first.
“Sorry for the misunderstanding, I just wanted to help,” Zith apologized.
Theo did the same, “Fine, I guess. Thanks for helping and nice to meet you.”
“Yay!” I tried to force a happy smile, “Friends!” Oh God, this was going to drive me crazy!
Theo turned to me, “Zeph if you’re okay, there’s something really important I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Anything you can talk to me about,” I pulled Zith over to my side, “you can talk about with Zithero here. He’s awesome.”
Theo shook her head, “this is about state matters, Zeph, I mean it.”
I frowned, looking to Zithero and back to Theodora, “he can keep a secret, I promise. If he doesn’t, I’ll beat him up!” I mock punched his shoulder.
Zith chuckled.
Theo frowned, addressing me, “Listen to me: the Empress is moving to make a treaty with Mexico and it’s looking like President Vuple is going to go for it.”
“Meaning what?” my eyes went wide.
“Meaning that it’s a violation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement,” Theo informed me, “Ragna always makes a provision that any Penthesilean Confederation countries cannot trade with non-Penthesilean countries. If Mexico exits the U.S.M.C.A.? The US is going to want to go to war, in a heart-beat.”
“And they aren’t usually honorable about their wartime strategy,” I grimaced.
“Drone strikes on civilian areas, bombings, assassinations, all the dirty little tricks will come out and I don’t think Ragna is ready for it,” Theo frowned.
Zith sighed, “I can just say I’ve seen far too many refugees who joined my caravan before I left,” Zith turned to us, “they always looked to the sky in fear when a plane flew over their heads. Afraid of another bombing.”
I frowned, “I won’t have that for our people, old and new, we have to stop it!” I looked to Theo, “but from the sounds of it, you seem to have a plan?”
Theo gave a cocky smile, “you know me so well.”
I smiled back at her, “okay, so what is it?”
“I think this is something for two heads of state to handle together,” Zith bowed to Theo and smiled to me, “I will go back to making sure the children stay out of trouble.”
“Okay Zith,” I leaned down and hugged him, and he hugged back and when I did I couldn’t help but blush.
As Zith walked off, Theo gave me a quizzical look, “so, what’s with the vampire boyfriend?”
“Vampire?” I asked, confused.
“He sounds like Dracula,” Theo mocked, “seriously, what is with you two?”
I pursed my lips, “Theo, please, don’t make my life any more complicated than it is, please?”
“So my feelings don’t matter?” Theo said as her face fell.
I hugged her, “Stop! Please!”
“It’s just that,” Theo hugged me back, sighing, “I always imagined us fighting on the battlefield, and then one day, after a great victory, you would grab me and kiss me.”
I let go of her, turning from her, “Battle doesn’t do that for me,” I had to remind her.
“I know,” Theo said flatly, “it’s just… what does?”
“Nothing,” I explained.
“Everyone has something that turns them on Zeph! I’m your best friend, will you just tell me?” Theo pleaded.
“Am I everyone?” I asked Theo.
Theo smiled wide, “no, no you’re not.”
“Enough of that. Tell me about this plan of yours?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you while we ride to Penthesil,” Theo smiled, walking towards the Humvee.
I sighed and climbed in after her.
As Theo pulled the truck back and turned us around, she grinned to me, “you realize that everyone is going to freak out when you get back home, right?”
“Then hide me,” I pleaded.
Theo turned to me, confused, “Why? You’re the heir to the-”
“Eva is heir to the throne,” I corrected.
“Not anymore,” Theo argued, “she’s just Queen Rachel’s daughter, you are Empress Ragna and Queen Rachel’s daughter. Making you the de facto heir.”
“That’s just because everyone hated Eva for no good reason,” I pointed out.
“They hated Eva because she didn’t look like a warrior,” Theo added.
“Because she’s short,” I said, lifting my eyebrow at her.
Theo took a deep breath, “Penthesil isn’t going to be run by a Hestie, Zeph, I’m not going to sugar coat that pill for you any longer. The only ones who supported Eva were, well, Hesties.”
“Quiet support at best I suppose,” I heaved a sigh.
“Plus, everyone now thinks you’re the prophecy fulfilled,” Theo grinned.
“What?!” My stomach dropped, “no, no, that’s just some old…” I trailed off as I realized the prophecy talked about a woman with two biological mothers, “shit!”
I turned from Theo, tears welling up in my eyes as I realized I was going to get even more special treatment that I didn’t want, nor had I earned.
“You're seriously one lucky…” Theo said before she turned and noticed I was upset, “...bitch. Zeph? You okay?”
“No,” I sighed, slumping myself in the seat, “I’m not okay.”
“Maybe we will take the back entrance, just to be safe,” Theo said, changing to another road as we drove through the jungle.
It wasn’t long before I spotted the walls of Penthesil and I couldn’t help but smile. Home would always be home and I did miss it, to be completely honest.
As we got to the gate, Theo held out a small card and a beep occurred, followed by something that popped up out of the ground and scanned the outside of the car.
“What the hell is that?” I asked.
“Oh, yeah they just put these in! Scans the car for any men, saves on having to post guards at every gate,” Theo grinned, “it can even detect if someone has converted to female.”
My heart leaped in my chest, “Wait! They changed the law?!”
Theo nodded, “Yep. The Order of Hera was super pissed at first! But Empress Ragna sided with the Order of Dionysus: any man who transitions is allowed to walk on Penthesil’s soil,” Theo chuckled, “as long as they go through the procedure, of course.”
I frowned, “Wait, it was Ragna who changed the law?”
Theo nodded, “yeah, the Order of Dionysus brought it to her and Ragna chastised the entire order of Hera for ever barring the trans-women in the first place.”
The car bumped along as the gate opened and the city that was there was very different from the home I had left.
The clothing looked different, with Hesties having a brighter variety of clothing, more colors, more dresses. There were also more people! They looked like tourists, even? Women and their daughters who were certainly not from Penthesil were taking pictures of some of the statues. I saw tour guides and buses, to my shock.
“What is this?” I frowned.
“Penthesil is the Nation’s Capital, so of course folks visit all the time,” Theo sighed, “it’s probably the only thing I hate. I want the Empress to move the official capital to Rio but mother won’t listen to me.”
I frowned as we got to a crosswalk, all manner of folks crossing. I saw a few soldiers walk by in really strange looking armor. It looked like stone, almost porcelain, and every soldier was wearing a new symbol on their armor.
An omega symbol, in silver, with three arrows piercing it. “What’s with the symbol?”
“The new Penthesilean seal,” Theo explained.
“Ragna’s hubris,” I narrowed my eyes, “I saw that ‘omega’ symbol on her armor.”
“Yeah… you do realize you’re the center arrow, right?” Theo explained.
“What?” I turned to her, confused.
“The arrows are the royal family of Penthesil, Ragna’s the Omega and you, Eva, and Queen Rachel are the arrows,” Theo continued.
I sighed heavily, “so much has changed.”
“Yeah, but it’s mostly been for the better,” Theo said.
I was shocked and I gave her a stern look, “you’re kidding.”
“When have I ever lied, Zeph?” Theo turned to me. “I’m being honest: your mom-”
“Don’t call her that,” I snapped.
Theo frowned, looking forward, “I don’t know why you’re so combative about that. Is it because she didn’t raise you?”
“That’s the one right thing she has ever done,” I grumbled.
“Okay, touchy subject, I got it,” Theo backed off. “Well, the Empress has really made things better here and everywhere she goes.”
We drove down into a parking garage under the palace, Theo waving a card again to get past a much more heavy-duty gate. We drove through the parking lot and eventually Theo found a spot.
“Thanks for taking me through the basement,” I smiled to Theo.
“Whatever makes you happy,” Theo grinned, “you loon.”
I smiled at Theo, she was the same, at least. Everything has changed but my best friend was still here, still herself. Loyal to Ragna, sadly, but she was herself.
“So here’s the deal,” Theo explained, “Mexico leaving would violate the trade agreement with the US, but,” Theo grinned, “if the US was expecting it, say via a treaty or modification to the trade agreement, then they wouldn’t be so in such a: ‘bomb-the-shit-outta-em’ mood.”
“I don’t understand,” I frowned, “Ragna’s not an idiot. The army can’t be happy with this constant workload either. They need a break.”
Theo nodded, “you’re not wrong. The Reclaimed will do whatever Ragna wants, sure, but even they have their limits and need rotation. Our primary armed forces are beleaguered,” Theo sighed, “they’re not going to have the morale to push into the United States.”
“Unless someone comes up with some pretty convincing rallying cry,” I offered.
Theo sneezed.
“God Bless you,” I leaned back, “so, why wouldn’t Ragna consider a treaty?”
“I don’t know, they won’t even let me in the room. Mother is dead-set on making sure I’m ‘Ready for politics’ and not so much for war,” Theo rolled her eyes. “But you? You’ve got that long-lost daughter energy.”
I frowned, “What? No, you’re not…”
“Please?” Theo said as she gave me her best puppy dog eyes, “Please, suck it up and play nice with your estranged mother? So that thousands of innocent civilians don’t get the drone striked?”
I inhaled sharply through my nose, gritting my teeth, “when you twist my arm like that, Theo, how could I not do everything you say?”
Theo grinned, hugging me tight, “this is going to be awesome!”

I made my way up to my room, turning to Theo, “listen, you get your treaty ready, I’ll get dressed in my royal armor, okay?”
“Okay!” Theo and I gave each other a fist bump before she walked off. I heaved a sigh and headed to my room. The place was exactly as I had left it.
I walked around seeing my familiar posters of Guts from Berserk, my badass ‘Kale and Caulifa’ poster from Dragon Ball Super, and of course, all of my little Funko Pop figures on the table. I sighed as I picked up the Vegeta one, poking it, “Paragon Till Death, right?” I heaved a sigh. “Man I didn’t think I’d pull a ‘you’ in real life…” I placed the figurine back on the table and headed to my closet, finding my royal armor. “Okay, time to put on a good façade.”
After getting dressed, I checked everything in the mirror, making sure it was perfect. My bulky cloth robes were on, pinned down by my polished metal breastplate and covered by silver and gold gauntlets. I had my heavy cloth pants tied at my waist with a traditional belt that had the old Penthesil seal on it, as well as my polished metal greaves.
“Okay,” I said in the mirror, “time to go suck up to the tyrant so another nation doesn’t go attack-mode on us.” I heaved a sigh, “I hate politics.”
As I opened the door, I was shocked to see Syria. She turned to me, looking me up and down, “looking very good, young mistress.”
“What do you want?” I narrowed my eyes on her.
“To report that, with you gone, Zithero has returned to Rage,” Syria said.
As she mentioned that Zithero was returned, I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes on her.
“He is safe,” Syria explained, “we are not planning on doing anything without you or your mother’s consent.”
My eyes remained narrowed on her, “Well I guess I’ll have to see my,” I hesitated, “mother about that, won’t I? Where is she?”
“This way,” Syria led the way, but as she did, I noticed she seemed nervous.
“I’m not going to kill you,” I said, confused by her strange behavior.
“I know,” Syria said flatly. We stopped at a hallway and she looked me up and down, “when you were growing up, did you have any abnormalities? Pains, aches? That sort of thing?” Syria’s face was twisted in confusion and worry.
“Uhm, no,” I lifted an eyebrow, “why?”
Syria closed her eyes and exhaled, “I did as my Mistress advised, not ordered, mind you, and sired a child with my fiance, Fatima.”
I smiled, getting what she said, but feeling relief. Maybe, just maybe, if there were more people like me, folks could drop this whole ‘prophetic child’ bullshit. “And I’m guessing it worked?”
Syria’s cheeks reddened and she nodded, looking down.
“Why aren’t you happy?” I asked.
Syria looked up to me, “I am! Truly, I am so, so very happy…” she trailed off, pursing her lips, “but, so very nervous!”
“Why?” I asked.
“This is all so experimental, you’re the only one ever born using the process before and I am so worried something will be wrong with the child. If there is, how can I meet the child’s special needs if my master and mistress won’t allow me to? Will Fatima be able to handle it? Will it strain our relationship? What if she leaves me?! What if-” I stopped her voicing her concern.
“Wow, okay stop!” I shouted.
Syria did so, her hands wringing and her eyes pleading.
“You seriously need to relax,” I pointed out.
Syria was still tense as she spoke, “I keep hearing everyone tell me that but it is impossible. The more someone says ‘Syria relax,’ the more high strung I become.”
“Have you talked to Fatima about all of this?” I asked.
“She keeps saying ‘it’s in God’s hands’,” Syria’s eyes welled up with tears.
“Shouldn’t that be comforting?” I gave her a quizzical look.
“Not for me!” She grabbed at my robes, “I have done terrible, terrible things for my Master and Mistress! What if God takes holy retribution against me and curses my child as Xyphiel’s children were cursed?! What if He robs my child from me?!”
“Hold on,” I pried her hands off of me, “okay… listen I get it: you’re evil.”
Syria narrowed her eyes on me.
“But God’s not going to punish your kid just because you’re a bitch,” I pointed out.
Syria relaxed, just a tiny bit, and rubbed her arm, “...and what if my child grows to hate me as you have grown to hate Ragna?”
This was a gut-punch of a question and I wasn’t sure how to answer. “What would Lady Tasha say?” I thought.
Syria tensed up once more, “It’s not something you could answer. I’m sorry, I’m distraught and nervous-”
I cut her off before she could get back to rambling, “be someone who your daughter won’t hate.”
Syria stopped a look of shock on her face. “I…”
“That’s all I can say. I don’t hate Ragna because she’s my mother. It’s what she’s done that makes me hate her,” I explained.
Syria gave me a nod, then motioned to the hallway, “The Empress… your mother is down the hall, in the war room, with Steward Dimitria.”
“Thanks,” I said as I walked down the hall, “Oh, and maybe you should ask Zithero about casting that relaxing spell on you! You need it!” I shouted back to Syria.
“I will,” Syria called back to me.
I faced forward and spotted Theodora waiting by the door to the war-room. “Ready?” I asked.
Theo laughed, “oh yeah, you brought out the big guns, huh? Ceremonial armor?”
I smiled, “Gotta sell it, right?”
Theo nodded and with that, we entered.
Ragna and Dimitria were having a discussion over a large map of Mexico when we walked in. Both looked up to us.
Ragna spoke first, “Zepherina?” she looked over my armor, “well, this is a surprise.”
Dimitria glared at us, “Both of you, what are you doing in here? This is the war room, I understand that each of you are our daughters, but this is a very delicate situation! I have told you time and time again, Theodora! I will not tolerate your interference.”
Theo glared, “Mom I have support from Princess Zepherina! She thinks it’s our best chance at long term victory!”
“Ah, yes, win by not fighting,” Dimitria shook her head, “both of you, leave!”
“No,” Ragna said, looking at us, “stay. Explain it to me.”
The entire room was now silent and Dimitria was bowing her head to Ragna.
I approached Ragna, narrowing my eyes on her, “if you break the existing trade agreement with Mexico, the United States will attack.”
“I’m well aware,” Ragna interjected, “continue.”
“But if we come to them with an olive branch, they may be less likely to do so,” I explained.
Ragna’s brow rose as she listened to me.
“A treaty that allows for old trade provisions to still move forward, while removing conflicts with our trade programs as violations, along with a promise of a five year cease fire between the Penthesilean Confederation and the United States of America,” I blurted out.
“And who wrote up this document?” Ragna asked.
Theo stepped up next to me, “I did, my Empress.”
Ragna turned to me, “the issue at hand is trust. The United States isn’t one to be terribly trusting, especially with a rogue nation whose leader they have no control over.”
“I’ve worked with the US Military recently, I’ve made inroads with their military leadership,” I explained, “I did missions for them and they were successful ones. I’ve met with Generals Scott Drake and Valdimir Underhill.”
Ragna’s interest appeared piqued as she moved her head back in a sort of half nod, a partial smile crossing her face.
I gritted my teeth. “If you promise to leave Zithero alone, I will go as heir to the throne.” My voice hitched, “As your daughter.”
Ragna’s eyes went wide and a look of shock came over her face as I said the last three words.
I did my best not to puke.
Dimitria shook her head, “The Americans will never-”
“Yes,” Ragna said, “Yes, I believe this is an excellent course of action.”
“My Empress!” Dimitria objected, “the Americans will never accept it, even if we send our daughters!”
“Whether they accept it or not, it doesn’t matter,” Ragna grinned wickedly, “If we extend the olive branch, do you know how they’ll look if they slap it away?”
Dimitria thought for a moment, “fine then, but Theodora will go as well. After all, this was her idea to begin with.”
“Yes!” Theodora grinned, “We did it!”
I smiled, “Yeah, we did.”
“I’ll arrange a meeting at the US Embassy in Mexico, neutral ground for the time being,” Dimitria informed, “then you’ll be on your way.”
“And you have my word, my dearest daughter,” Ragna smiled to me, “Zithero will be untouched when you return.”
It was a few days later when the transport was ready to take us away.
I remember hugging Zithero tightly before I left, “Did you ever give Syria that relaxation spell?”
Zithero laughed, “Yes, it worked wonders.”
“Ragna promised me you’d still be, well, you when I got back,” I smiled.
“You be you too!” Zithero grinned.
“I will!” I smiled as I climbed into the transport. I was going to make peace, while Ragna tried to make war. It was a small victory, but it was one I was happy to take.
submitted by Zithero to The_Guardian_Temple [link] [comments]

2020.08.21 05:58 Flamefang92 Kaiserreich Beta 0.14 - 'A Duke and his Hertzog

Here’s 0.14 ‘The Duke and the Hertzog’, less than a month after our last release! This has to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, development turnarounds we’ve had in the past three years. So as always, big thanks to the team and their hard work! We can’t guarantee such a rapid release schedule in the future, we are after all a group of volunteers working in our spare time, but we’d like to think this represents just how much our standards and practices have improved as a team. Enjoy!
- The KR4 team
New Focus Trees
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths
New portraits for:
Austria: Eugen von Habsburg-Lothringen
British Isles: Charles III, Hugh Gaitskell, John MacCormick, Compton Mackenzie, Council of Scotland, Clement Davies, Lewis Valentine, Saunders Lewis, Douglas Young, Franz Von Bayern/Francis I
Burma: Ba Swe, Council of Burma, Kodaw Hmaing, Po Hla Gyi, U Ba Pe, Saya San Germany: Alfred Hugenberg
Indochina: Bui Quang Chieu
Russia/RSTransamur: Andrey Vlasov, Arseniy Golovko, Boris Shaposhnikov, Dmitriy Pavlovich Romanov, Grigoriy Semyenov, Grigoriy Semyonov, Ivan Konev, Ivan Romanovskiy, Kirill Meretskov, Lavr Kornilov, Mikhail Frunze, Mikhail Levitov, Mikhail Tukhachevskiy, Nikolay Berzarin, Nikolay Bukharin, Nikolay Bukharin, Nikolay Vatutin, Pavel Shatilov, Semyon Timoshenko, Vasiliy Kuznetsov, Vladimir Kappel, Vladimir Manshteyn, Vladimir Tolstov, Vladimir Tolstov, Vladimir Vitkovskiy
Spain: Alejandro Lerroux García, Bibiano Fernández Osorio y Tafall, Domingo Batet i Mestres, Emilio Herrera Linares, Francisco Largo Caballero, Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, José Riquelme y López Bago
Ukraine: Ivan Poltavets-Ostrianytsia, Konstantin Prisovsky, Mykola Kapustyanski, Yevhen Konovalets
USA: Charles McNary
Vietnam: Bao Dai
Music Mod
Incomplete Content
Notable Fixes
Other Fixes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Éloïse, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Fort, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
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2020.08.21 04:27 joetheminoin Why the judges critiques of Jimbo this week makes no sense.

The judges praised everything about the clothes that Jimbo and Bimbo wore. Jimbo sewed everything and Bimbo did not look crunchy one bit. Also, Bimbo was not an afterthought (which can happen a lot in makeover challenges). Easily the best (or at least second best) of the night.
However, the judges said that the presentation was not Jimbo. They said it wasn’t sold in the “Campy, refined elegant” way that Jimbo always serves.
That one critique makes no sense because Jimbo gave us something different every time she walked on that runway.
Jimbo’s looks are not all presented in the same way and to pigeonhole them all into one “Campy, refined elegant” box is really unfair. And since Jimbo is not campy this week she automatically doesn’t get the chance to win.
This critique (more like a lie made up just to hurt Jimbo’s performance) put Jimbo in the bottom 3. Yet again, Jimbo could’ve easily taken the win looking the way she and her partner did.
Riga Morris.
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2020.08.01 16:30 UnlikelyWishes What the hell am I doing? Why am I looking on dating websites?!

Hey everyone, newbie here. I hope this is in the right place, if it's not let me know and I'd be grateful for any suggestions of the right places.
I'm really torn about my situation. I'm married and while I love her, I just feel like I guess a lot of people here, that I'm living with a friend, not my wife. I love her, care about her, but I dunno, my mind is wandering badly.
And even, what makes this worse, the way we met is one of those fairy tale stories. She came to Germany on her own for two days to see a band, one day of which was Halloween, and went to this bar that I frequent. It was a busy night so we didn't actually speak inside the place, but as chance would have it, we both decided to leave at the same time and I chatted her up as we were waiting to cross the road (the only time it's ever worked!). One of those, I stopped looking and she fell into my lap out of the blue stories.
She's Russian and lived in Latvia and I'm British and live in Germany. We had a long distance relationship which worked very well thanks to cheap flights between Riga and Cologne. We just liked each other that much that we were willing to put in the work. We got married in Denmark a year to the day since we met and she moved to Germany to be with me.
So why am I writing this here? Things were great until a few months ago. She suffers from anxiety and her mental health was so bad (we're seeing doctors, don't worry) that we stopped having sex. It must be two months or so, but it's making me... want to look elsewhere.
It's not even the first time I've done it, I did it with two previous partners as well. But I feel terribly guilty about going on these dating websites, I've not even messaged people yet, and I'm resisting, but the temptation is definitely there.
Can anyone help me out here? What can we do to bring back the spark and save our marriage? :(
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2020.07.25 15:25 JohnsNotHome84 Safe to travel via silja line?

She's traveling with her mum and partner and baby sister to Riga Latvia from Helsinki Finland. They are going via cruise ship. Should I be worried. I've told my daughter multiple times about washing her hands and disinfect hands.
Reason I'm so worried as well is my partner is type 1 diabetic.
Any thoughts,? Thank you.
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2020.07.24 10:16 JohnsNotHome84 My 8 year old daughter is traveling on holiday with her family should I be worried?

She's traveling with her mum and partner and nanny sister to Riga Latvia from Helsinki Finland. They are going via cruise ship. Should I be worried. I've told my daughter multiple times about washing her hands and disinfect hands.
Reason I'm so worried as well is my partner is type 1 diabetic.
Any thoughts,? Thank you.
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2020.07.15 00:48 Andoral Poland Strategy for 1.30 - Part 2

This is a part two of my guide to Poland in Emperor.

Back to individual countries of interest

As has been said, you don't technically need to ally them. For Roman's Invasion event to trigger for you, you need to either ally them, have a royal marriage or guarantee them. And you start the game guaranteeing Moldavia.
However, what allying them helps you to achieve is for Moldavia to finish their The Order of the Dragon mission. Moldavia can't finish that mission while a subject, so it has to finish it before Roman's Invasion happens. More specifically, Moldavia has to be allied with a country that rivals or is rivaled by Ottomans.
Which means you. That is also the primary reason why you rival Ottomans as well. And since you can't rival Ottomans before getting Lithuania as a PU subject, that means you're aiming for the PU with Lithuania to happen before gaining Moldavia as a march.
Fulfilling this mission gives Moldavia a permanent claim on both Bulgaria and Silistria areas.

Now, the reason why that's not 100% necessary is because Byzantium will eventually get permanent claims on those areas as well. However, you can think of this as a sort of a contingency plan for a case where you don't manage to vassalize Byzantium. Also, there are reasons why you may not want to pursue this specific mission chain for Byzantium (more on that in their section).
Technically, you will also get permanent claims on those areas yourself once you annex all Teuton lands, but you won't be able to take those provinces for yourself before annexing Moldavia and that is unlikely to happen before your first with with Ottomans.
On top of that, the next Moldavian mission in that chain, i.e. aptly named Impale the Sultan causes Ottoman ruler to die if you successfully siege Edirne and give the control of it to Moldavia. And not only is it fun RP, it can further destabilize Ottomans with things like pretender rebellion or just a weaker ruler (and a ruler weaker than their starting 6/4/6 one is more than likely).
Back to Roman's Invasion. I don't see any difference in code between supporting him with manpower vs supporting him with troops, but personally I had much higher success chance with gold. Just an anecdotal note. Less anecdotally, as I already said multiple times already, manpower is much more precious now so gold may be the better option in general.
If Moldavia does not become your march through this event, restart.
Also, don't feed Wallachia to Moldavia early. More on what in sections about Hungary and Ottomans.

You want Moldavia to fabricate a claim on it. This is your pathway into vassalizing Byzantium. That's also why you set the nation as hostile and the province as one of vital interest. It maximizes the chances of your vassals fabricating claims on it.
However, here's my observation on subjects fabricating claims in Emperor. They seem to be really, really averse to that for some reason. When I tag switched to Moldavia to see what's going on for example repeatedly built spy networks on Ottomans and Muscovy. And sure, both were my rivals at the time, but Moldavia didn't even border Muscovy and at this point in the game it couldn't have used any espionage options against it.
Lithuania on the other hand did fabricate on Livonian Order as was needed, but then when it came to Russian lands, it only fabricated on Odoyev (though it actually turned out to be helpful in the end). It didn't fabricate on a single province of either Muscovy or Novgorod despite having huge spy networks in both countries. I really have no idea what's going on, but it seems Paradox may have broken something there.

Anyway, in case Moldavia refuses to claim it, you may be forced to declare no-CB war on Theodoro instead, with Byzantium as co-belligerent. Now, why not simply no-CB Byzantium? Because you do want Theodoro anyway and you're going to feed Theodoro to Moldavia while Byzantium will become your vassal. And declaring that war on Theodoro is going to make most of your AE from that no-CB declaration apply to Theodoro rather than Byzantium, saving you relationship with your would-be vassal.
Besides, unlike Byzantium, Theodoro will also ally some Orthodox nations in the Caucasus like Circassia, Imereti, Trebizond, Samtskhe or Georgia.
If it's Circassia, Imereti and Trebizond you may also feed them to Moldavia, but I'd suggest doing maximum of one coastal zone as a base for future expansion. Circassia's Adyghe will be the easiest to defend in case of potential rebels and the easiest to connect to Theodoro.
However, the most beneficial Alliance may have may turn out to be Georgia or Samtskhe.

In case Theodoro does not ally Byzantium, they are still of interest to you though. Obviously in that case you will have to declare no-CB war on Byzantium and suffer the penalties it will create to your subject-overlord relations.

Ottomans part 1
So, as has been said at the start of this guide, you will want to improve relations with Ottomans from the start. The reason for that is for them to give you military access while you're at war with Theodoro so that you can vassalize Byzantium.
Obviously, you want to do all of that before Ottomans declare war for Constantinople themselves. But, from my testing, not only do Ottomans tend to wait multiple years (as in five or more) before their first war, they aren't as prone to focusing on Byzantium first as they used to be either. In most tries they actually focused east first.
Most of the time it was Dulkaldir. And the best thing about Dulkaldir is that then Aq Qoyunlu joins in as well (either because it's allied to Ottomans and they promise them land or because it just simply uses the opportunity). Which led to Aq Qoyunly eating some of Dulkaldir themselves, lowering Ottoman's own benefit from the war.
Trebizond and Aq Qoyunlu (obviously when they weren't allied to Ottomans) were also the first targets on more than one occasion.

And even if Ottoman's first war happened in Europe, it still wasn't always Byzantium. It often turns out to be Albania instead. And that's thanks to Lezhë and Krujë being the only remaining unowned Ottoman cores at the game start.
And here's the kicker about Albania. It is guaranteed by Venice. It's just that Ottoman AI doesn't seem to care about that guarantee. Yet, maybe because of the changes to mercenaries benefiting a rich nation like Venice (especially since Italy has some good mercenary companies) or because of something else, Venice turns out to be a pretty tough combatant for early game Ottomans.
In the try that turned out to be my current campaign Ottomans went after Dulkaldir first and then after Albania. And they actually lost the war against Albania. In part it was thanks to Albania's side being lucky with sieges, but eventually it came to blows and Venice's surprisingly large army (again, likely usage of mercenaries on Venice's part) did beat the Ottoman one.
It ended with Ottomans ceding Avlonya/Vlorë to Albania, Sugla/Smyrne to the Knights and Kangiri to Candar.
Though I must refer you to disclaimer two about me playing without lucky nations, so keep that in mind as a potential factor here.

Anyway, let's loop back to military access for your vassalization of Byzantium. There is a pretty significant obstacle for that. And that is Ottomans setting the entire coast of the Black Sea as well as the entirety of Wallachia and Moldavia as provinces of vital interest.
And since by that time you'll control both Moldavia and Lithuania, all of the zones under you control and that Ottomans so dearly want will amount to whooping -90 relations with them. That's also one of the reasons you don't want to feed Wallachia to Moldavia. Since Wallachia is also of vital interest to Ottomans, if Moldavia holds that land the malus here will increase to -113.
Add to that the modifier of being at war due to the pre-start Crusade of Varna (by the time you start your war for Theodoro and Byzantium most it will be partially depleted, but not fully gone; let's say around between -9 and -7), -5 from different religion and -50 from setting them as rival for the purpose of Moldavian mission (and potentially -9 from AE if you are forced to wage no-CB war) and you're looking at around something around -150, -160 relations.
So, even if you get full 100 relations from improving relations you're still looking at -50 up to -60 relations and you need +1 to get them to grant you military access. At this point you may ask yourself, if you're going to get Byzantium that will also get permanent claims on Bulgaria and Silistria eventually, why bother with the whole rivalry against Turkey? That I will explain in a section about Byzantium.

For now, let me say that you're not entirely out of options here. First, as has been explained earlier on, Ottomans tend to rival either Hungary or Austria at the start (usually both). That's why you set rivalries the way I explained. That means you will share a rival with them. Preferably Austria.
Since you share rivals (be it from the start or you just rivaled Austria) you will have enemy of enemy modifier that quickly grows up to 20. Then use scornful insult against that country for additional 25 relations with Ottomans. Then all you need is some cash for a gift for ~10 relations and you're done.
Alternatively, here's where my earlier statement about Theodoro's alliance with Georgia and Samtskhe being more useful than their alliance with Circassia, Imereti and Trebizond comes in. Because Circassia, Imereti and Trebizond all have provinces on the coast of the Black Sea. That means they are of vital interest to Ottomans. That makes Ottomans hate them to the point they won't give them access.
But Georgia and Samtskhe don't have coastal provinces. And that means Ottomans will likely give military access to them. Which, in turn, gives military access to all countries party to your war against Theodoro.

The reason why unlike the guide I referred to at the beginning of my own I suggest vassalizing Byzantium instead of feeding it to Moldavia is twofold. First, it drastically reduces the AE from it. Now, while the potential no-CB declaration won't have much impact on European countries, eating up Byzantium will.
Speaking of which, here's a note on subjects of your would-be-subjects when you're forcing someone to become a subject through war. In case of forcing someone to become a junior partner in a PU, they keep their vassals and their own junior partners become your junior partners. However, all subjects of someone you force to become a vassal just go free. But you actually want Athens to go free.
Back to AE issue, conquering the entirety of Byzantium and Athens (by feeding it to Moldavia as you can't core this land yourself) gives 67 AE. Vassalizing Byzantium and Athens gives 45 AE. Vassalizing just Byzantium gives 35. That is much more manageable. The 67 option would severely slow you down in HRE, because the amount will be so high that the impact of that will be felt even in north Germany.
Technically, in case you do have a CB, the impact of conquering just Constantinople is smaller. But why conquer just Constantinople? Sure, it is what will block Ottoman's missions for Europe, but that's no reason to leave Morea and Athens to them just fabricating CBs.
Besides, like I said, the reason is two-fold. The second part is utilizing Byzantium's amazing mission tree. They get permanent claims across pretty much the entirety of the Mediterranean.

Now, speaking of those missions, here's the reason why I personally prefer to feed Bulgaria and Silistria to Moldavia instead of Byzantium. A plethora of reasons, actually. First reason is that it utilizes Moldavia's claims in the first war against Turkey. Meanwhile Byzantium won't have claims on those areas until the second war, meaning you will spend more diplo power feeding Bulgarian provinces to Byzantium rather than Moldavia in the first war. And every diplo power counts for you. It also allows Moldavia to complete their Impale the Sultan mission.
The second reason is that the Conquer Bulgaria Byzantine mission that follows from one of their initial missions (i.e. Recover Greece) leads to a series of permanent claims across Italy (and a second branch for permanent claims across western Balkans, which is even less optimal; more on that in a second).
And here's the deal with vassals. As opposed to junior partners in a PU, vassals get increased liberty desire from the relative power of all vassals and marches combined as opposed to each junior partner individually and they get another liberty desire modifier from total development that junior partners lack completely.
So, if you feed all North Africa, Iberia and the Holy land to Byzantine to utilize their other two mission paths (starting with the Recover Eastern Islands and Recover the Coastline missions), Byzantium will turn into a behemoth that you won't ever keep in check.
And not only do those two other mission chains give claims on places that less European nations get permanent claims on, making it more valuable by comparison (especially since out of nations with permanent claims in Italy there are actually some that happen to be among the countries of special interest for Poland), but the Balkan sub-branch of the Recover Greece mission chain (starting with the Recover Albania overlaps with Hungarian territory.
And you will get PU over Hungary from your own missions. So until you are willing to wait to integrate Hungary first (and you'll be able to just start integrating it more than a century after the game's start) in order to then give those provinces to Byzantium, you will block yourself in this mission chain anyway. Especially since the Balkan branch of this chain eventually merges back with the Italian one, meaning that you'll need to go all the way to feeding Byzantium Croatia, Dalmatia and Carniola until you can proceed with their later Italian missions.

That's not to say you don't want to complete Recover Greece itself. First of all, it's just a no-brainer, it requires you to give (most of) Byzantine cores to Byzantium and you'll be doing it anyway. Secondly, completing this mission also gives Byzantium permanent claims on Aydin and Hüdavendigâr.
And conquering Aydin and Hüdavendigâr is what allows Byzantium to finish the first mission of their third (and last) mission chain which starts with the aforementioned Recover the Coastline. Slightly weird design, if you ask me, but it is what it is.

Other than that Byzantium's missions and permanent claims are too long to list. Essentially, it's reconquering the former Roman territory. Though, as has been stated, you probably shouldn't give things like Italy and the Balkans and instead should focus on the east, the south and Iberia. And even then there can be some exceptions as you can get some nations with permanent claims on some of those places.

Livionian Order part 1
Ok, let's loop back closer to your heartland a bit. First of all, set Livonian Order's provinces (as well as Riga) as provinces of vital interest. However, you'll deal with Livionian Order after you deal with the Teutonic Order. The reason why I'm covering them first (and why it's part 1 of Livonian Order) has to do with Denmark.
Denmark gets an early mission, The Baltic Fleet, that gives them permanent claims on Estonia area and Ösel. All that mission requires from them is for them to build a fleet up to 90% of their naval force limit. That means they need to have 23 ships out of their 25 starting naval force limit. Denmark starts with 22 ships already. As such, they will almost always complete that mission within a year.
And they will almost always declare war for those provinces relatively quickly. Which is good. Both the Livonian-Teuton circle and Denmark are going to be your enemies. If Livionian Order wins, you got weakened enemies all around. If Denmark wins and grabs some Livionian land, you'll get an easy way to declare war on them.
One thing to keep in mind here is to refuse military access to any side here. The reason for that has to do with Teutonic Order. If you refuse them access that means Denmark won't be able to bypass Teutonic Order. Consequently, when they get to it from Pomerania, they will have to go through all of Teuton's forts one by one before they get to Livonian Order territory from there.
Now, obviously they will go to Livionian Order from the north from the start. However, the purpose here is for Denmark to peace out separately peace out Teutonic Order. Because they'll be attacking it only from the west (to go from the north they'd need to besiege all of Livonian Order and Riga first), that means they will siege Teutonic capital rather early, leading Teutonic Order to submit to a separate peace.
It also protects Riga from being besieged before Livonian Order's forts fall, which achieves the opposite and prevents Riga from being subjected to a separate peace.

Teutonic Order
Ever since the introduction of the The Prussian Confederation Revolts event for Teutonic Order you don't have to deal with them directly. Teutons will generously provide themselves on a silver platter for you as the AI does not take the steps necessary to prevent that event from firing.
When that event fires Danzig will declare independence and it will usually get the following four provinces from Teutonic Order: Danzig, Tuchel, Ermland and Königsberg (though I have seen them spawn with either five provinces or some other combinations). The Teutonic Order will declare war on Danzig and Poland will gain an event to ally with Danzig. Obviously ally with Danzig. Because it's the Teutonic Order that's the aggressor here Danzig will be able to call you into the war.
For that event to happen the year must be at least 1450 and before 1500, with a MTT of 6 months. However, if it hasn't fired before 1466 it has a drastically lower chance of firing, so if that happens, restart. Personally, I suggest that you restart if it doesn't happen before 1455.
There are two reasons for that. First, it just slows down your momentum. The second one has to do with the fact that Teutonic Order is the aggressor. As such, it will be unable to call its own allies as it simply won't have enough favors with them.
The exception for that is the case of Livonian Order. Because if Livonian Order wins its war with Denmark, even if it's just a white peace, Teutonic Order will get a huge amount of favors from Livonian Order.
And you don't want that. Not only is it unnecessary hassle, but that will prevent you from attacking Livonian Order immediately afterwards. That's the reason for handling the Danish-Livonian war the reason I suggested in the previous section.
Now, if Livonian Order doesn't win the war, then Teutonic Order won't get any favors even if it doesn't separate peace, no matter how valiantly it fought. But it's better to cover your bases. Especially since Livonian Order tends to ally with rich Hanseatic nations that hire mercenary companies, which can kick Denmark's ass.

Now, looping back a bit, before Danzig event happens, set Neumark, Dramburg as provinces of vital interest. Typically Lithuania will select Memel as at least a province of strategic utility. If it doesn't, set Memel as a vital interest as well.
Another thing to keep in mind here is Brandenburg's Fate of Neumark event. It can happen before 1466 and has an MTT of 44 months. If it happens the Brandenburg AI will almost always request Neumark and Dramburg while the Teutonic Order will almost always pawn them off.
Now, if that happens, you will still get those provinces as you will more than likely go to war against Brandenburg. But it's preferable that it does not happen before the Danzig event as conquering those provinces from Teutonic order generates much less AE in the HRE than conquering them from Brandenburg.

Once the war happens, preferably with just you vs Teutonic order, you will control Neumark and Dramburg, Lithuania will control Memel and Danzig will control the rest of Teuton territory. Danzig AI is can't core Neumark territory so if it controls it it will just keep the Teutonic Order keep it. It's also rather unwilling to take the entirety of the remaining Teuton territory, which is why you feed Memel to Lithuania. That way Danzig AI will likely demand all of Teutonic territory to be split among the three of you.
The moment the war is over you will fulfill the requirements of The Prussian Confederation mission. Complete it to make Danzig your vassal.

Livonian Order part 2
OK, now you've dealt with Teutonic Order it's time to deal with their Livonian brethren. Lithuania should have fabricated some claims on the area and Livonian Order should be allied to Riga.
Declare war on Livonian Order and set Riga as co-belligerent.
There's not much to say here, the war should be very simple. The only thing of note here is that Lithuania can have a maximum of 57 provinces. You won't be able to form the PLC otherwise.
So let's use a case where Livonian Order kept all of its territory by the time you declare war on them and you fed Memel to Lithuania. You should feed Riga to Danzig. Then you should feed one Livonian Order's province to Danzig as well. I suggest giving them either Reval or Narva.
That way two of your subjects will border Novgorod. Since in my campaign Lithuania was rather averse to fabricating claims on its eastern border, that will double your chances of getting a claim on Novgorod.
Now, you more than likely won't need that claim before you annex Danzig, but in that case it means now you'll border Novgorod yourself and once the need does actually arise you will be able to fabricate that claim yourself instead of counting on your subjects.

As has been said, conquer them in the war against Livonian Order and feed them to Danzig.

Wolgast is a new nation created by fragmenting Pomerania. I don't really know why Paradox didn't divide Wolgast further into Wolgast and Stolp (which would be your target then) as it was historically at this time and instead went with this rather weird border for Wolgast (split in two by Stettin and only connected by a strait), but that's just my thoughts about it.
Anyway, it's time to loop back to Estates. Particularly, the Agenda missions. There are two Agendas that can pop up at the start of the game that will give you a claim on Wolgast. First is a Burgher mission to obtain a port. Like I said back then, Stolp is the only valid target of that mission, so your chances of getting a CB on Wolgast that way is rather high.
The second one is a Szlachta mission to vassalize a neighboring small country. The only targets I've seen pop up in my testing were Wolgast and Moldavia. If you want to maximize your chances, you could wait with the choice to Summon the Diet until you get Moldavia as a march.
Obviously you can always just fabricate the claim yourself. Keep in mind that in the first few years your diplomats are going to be plenty busy, but vassalizing Wolgast is not an immediate concern.
As has been said an Agenda needs to be fulfilled within 20 years, so if you get a CB on Wolgast from that, you'll need to vassalize it (and get Stolp if it's the Burghers' Agenda) by 1464. It's a good time frame for things if you manually fabricate the claim as well. If you follow the Burgher's Agenda once it's completed give Stolp back to Wolgast.
There is a difference in the AE each option will generate. Assuming Wolgast has not expanded from their starting position, here's a breakdown:

Wolgast is a rather useful vassal that will get claims all over western Baltic coast. And subjugating it won't generate all that much AE in the HRE. Let's take a look at their missions. First, there's Unite Pomerania. If you feed Stettin to Wolgast it will get a bunch of permanent claims around it, which will then lead to two different mission branches. Those claims are on Mecklemburg and Neumark areas, as well as the province of Uckermark. If you already have Neumark and Dramburg provinces from Teutonic Order, you can give them to Wolgast.
The first branch focuses on Brandenburg lands. This branch opens with Reclaim the Frontiers which requires Wolgast to have Neumark area and Uckermark province. It gives them permanent claims on the rest of Mittelmark area, which in turn is a requirement Control Mittelmark mission. The rest of this branch focuses on Prussia, which is of no value to you as it's already divided between you and Danzig.

Now, here's some notes on Brandenburg. First of all, there's a chance it will eat Stettin itself before you get to vassalize Wolgast. That is especially likely if it gets Neumark and Dramburg from Teutonic Order through the event, as it allows them to finish their Reclaim Neumark mission that gives them permanent claims on Vorpommern and Hinterpommern. Though obviously it can always just fabricate on Stettin as well.
Also, you may want to eventually vassalize Brandenburg itself as well (more on that in a section dedicated to German vassal targets), in which case this entire branch of Wolgast missions is of no use to you. In which case, you can keep Neumark and Dramburg yourself (if you got them from Teutonic Order, that is) and feed them to Brandenburg instead later on.

Anyway, let's now focus on the second branch of Wolgast's expansionist missions. If you feed them Mecklenburg area it will allow Wolgast to complete their Seat of the Hansa mission. That mission will in turn give them permanent claims on Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony areas.
For the next mission, Control the Lower Elbe you need two things. First, Wolgast needs to own at least 4 provinces, which it obviously will at this point. Secondly, it needs to control either the entirety of Schleswig-Holstein or the entirety of Lower Saxony. I suggest giving them just Schleswig-Holstein, for reasons that will be explained in a section dedicated to German vassal targets.
The last mission in this chain, Struggle for the Baltic, actually has a more trade-related requirement. It requires Wolgast to have a navy size that's at least 90% of their naval force limit while having at least 25 galleys. Build naval force limit buildings in their shore provinces. You can also sell them ships, though Wolgast tends to build galleys on their own. The second requirement is for Wolgast to control at least 50% trade in Lübeck trade node. So build trade buildings there as well.
Completing that mission gives Wolgast permanent claims North Jutland, Denmark, Skåneland and Östra Götaland areas. Now, you will get permanent claims on Östra Götaland yourself once you become PLC and finish The Polish Navy mission that becoming PLC will unlock. But since for Wolgast the claim on this area is simply a reward for the last mission in a chain and not a requirement for any further mission, you simply don't have to give it to them.

Also, your initial war to vassalize Wolgast will be your way to trigger the first war with the Emperor of the HRE, who at this point should preferably still be Austria.
If it's not Austria you will have to wage separate on Austria for reasons described while covering wars with the Emperor in detail.

Once your war for Wolgast is over, you will eventually want to declare war for Stettin if it wasn't conquered by Brandenburg by now. Wolgast should have a fabricated a claim on it by the time you vassalize it. Obviously you may want to wait for AE to tick down a bit.
This is your way to trigger the second war with the Emperor of the HRE. Preferably still Austria.
If it's not Austria you will have to wage separate on Austria for reasons described while covering wars with the Emperor in detail.

If Stettin was already conquered by Brandenburg by the time you subjugated Wolgast, attack Brandenburg instead. Feed at least Stettin and Stargard to Wolgast. If you don't plan on getting Brandenburg as your vassal later on (again, more on that in a dedicated section), also give them Uckermark and Sternberg. If they got Neumark and Dramburg from the event pertaining to the Teutonic Order, give Wolgast the entire Neumark area. Obviously in this case you may space out the war against Wolgast and the one against Brandenburg even more due to higher AE gain in this scenario.
In case Brandenburg ate Stettin, this is your way to trigger the second war with the Emperor of the HRE. Preferably still Austria.
If it's not Austria you will have to wage separate on Austria for reasons described while covering wars with the Emperor in detail.

Austria and the HRE part 1
The Emperor of HRE at the start and your biggest early game enemy aside from Ottomans. Keep an eye on Austria's alliances. If they get something unholy like Castile and Aragon (like I've seen in my Bohemia game where I was checking out the Hussites), probably restart. There's a chance one of these alliances will break because Aragon and Castile tend to rival each other, but in general any Austrian-Iberian alliance is a pain in the ass.
Most optimal allies of Austria at the start are Hungary, some HRE elector (if there are multiple electors even better) and some other HRE or Italian nations. The closer Austria's allies are to you the faster your subject swarm will crush them, leaving you with only Austria to deal with.
In your first war against Austria (subjugation of Wolgast), your goal is to force Austria to release Tirol (keep in mind releasing Tirol will make Austria lose cores on Sundgau and Breisgau as they have Swabian culture instead of Austrian) and give you as much money as possible.
Don't make my mistake of forcing Austria to give Krain to Cili, because that will make Cili unwilling to become Hungary's vassal even once you disband the HRE. Apparently two province Cili is simply too much of an economic powerhouse compared to Hungary that owns half the Balkans. In the end Hungary managed to force vassalize them because of conflicting alliances, but more on that later.
Also, if Austria is rivaled to any electors that you think won't like you too much down the line (particularly Brandenburg, though Saxony is also plausible here), you may want to make Austria drop that rivalry and gently guide them into reconciliation that then leads to them allying with that elector.
If Austria loses the HRE throne early, make whatever peace deal you want with the new Emperor then go to war against Austria (Bohemia likes to make claims on their border) to achieve the above results.

Hungary part 1
At the start of the game Hungary will get Diet of X Year event. It can fire between 1445 and 1470, with an MTT of 6 months. Both options of this event will make Ladislaus Postumus Habsburg the heir to Hungary.
The difference here is that option one will make János Hunyady "regent" but will disallow Hungary to disinherit its heir (which I don't think AI ever does). Option two will keep regency council but make it possible for Hungary to disinherit its heir. Now, Hunyady may have the title of regent, but the game treats him as a monarch. Which means that Hungary can wage wars. It also matters for future events.

Now, here's how things like that work. Once Hunyadi dies, Ladislaus will become king of Hungary. If he's of age, he may instantly get a new heir (because it's the Habsburgs). At the same time, he will continue to be Austria's heir.
Then, if Ladislaus the king of Hungary dies before Austria's starting ruler died, then Ladislaus the heir of Austria will not get Ladislaus the king of Hungary's heir as its own new heir and the PU prospect will die for now. The same applies if Ladislaus the King of Hungary died without an heir.
Likewise, if the starting ruler of Austria dies while Hunyadi is still the de-facto king and then Ladislaus the archduke of Austria dies while Hunyadi still rules Hunyadi, Ladislaus the heir of Hungary will die too. In this the prospect of the PU dies altogether as Hunyadi gets the title of king and starts his own dynasty.
Finally, if Ladislaus dies while still being the heir of either countries, Hunyadi also gets the title of king and starts his own dynasty too, also breaking the prospect of the PU for good.
On a side note, this is how things work for Brandenburg and Ansbach as well, though in that case Albrecht Achilles starts as ruler of Ansbach and heir of Brandenburg. Funnily enough if he dies as heir of Brandenburg he will merrily continue living as count of Ansbach.

And there's yet another option for Austria's PU prospect with Hungary to disappear, Hungarian event Mátyás Corvinus. That event can fire between 1450 and 1457 (though depending on circumstances the real starting point is march of 1455), with an MTT of 1 month.
For that event to fire both Austria must not be in regency (again, Hunyadi's rule does not mechanically count as a regency) and be monarchies. Also, Austria cannot be any subject and Hungary cannot be a junior partner of a PU.
The final requirement is for Hungary to either have no heir or for the heir to be at least 15 years old. That's why I said that depending on circumstances the real starting point of the event's countdown is March of 1455, because that's when Ladislaus Postumus becomes 15 years old. So if he survives, that's the real starting point. If he has a happy little hunting accident after 1450 hits, 1450 (or whenever he dies).
Now, if Ladislaus dies after 1450, the PU prospect here dies anyway because of the third general rule described above, it's just that Hunyadi will get a scripted heir instead of a random one. But if Ladislaus survives to 15 years old while Hunyadi is still "regent", the event will kill Hunyadi and replace him with Mátyás Corvinus as the ruler (though he may be young and end up in an actual regency).
While the event can trigger up to 1457, since it has an MTT of only 1 month it should fire by the end of the year. And since I already suggested restarting if Danzig event doesn't trigger by the end of 1455, I suggest you restart if Hungary doesn't get Mátyás Corvinus as a ruler or the prospect of PU between Hungary and Austria doesn't fail for some other reason by the end of 1455 as well. Though if you want to wait till 1457 it's up to you I guess. Preferable option is Hungary choosing Mátyás Corvinus, because that will remove the historical friendship modifier between them and Austria.
The reason for that is that you want to Balkanize Austria in your first two wars and if you have to force them to abandon a PU over Hungary it throws a wrench into your plans here. Also, Austria getting a PU over Hungary makes Hungary instantly inherit Croatia which you also don't want.

For the record, there's also another version of the Diet of X Year event. In that version Hungary gets only one option and it's to make Janos Hunyadi a king right off the bat, with Mátyás as his heir. For that to happen Austria must not exist when the event triggers.

Moving on, here's the reason why you rival Hungary at the start (well, that and potential implications for Ottomans mentioned before) and don't want to build your army to force limit right off the bat: Hungary's mission Old Alliances. Since Hungary starts rivaling Poland pretty much every single game, the whole good relations part of the mission is irrelevant. As such, the following conditions must be met:
Completing that mission gives Hungary permanent claims on both Moldavia and Wallachia. Moldavian branch of that mission chain is luckily inconsequential (it gives Hungary permanent claims on southern Poland), because you will (if you follow the key parts of this guide) get them as a march. Because you start with a guarantee on Moldavia, Hungary won't attack them at the start even with those claims. And then, once they become your march, Moldavia will forever fall out of Hungary's conquest prospects.

But Wallachia won't. And conquering Wallachia is the branch of this Hungarian mission chain that leads to more interesting claims. That's the previously hinted at second reason of not conquering Wallachia and feeding it to Moldavia early.
If Hungary conquered Wallachia by the time of your attack on Wolgast, then peacing them out feed Wallachia to Hungary or force them to release Wallachia if AE constrains you. Alternatively go the middle route and conquer just part of Wallachia. Specifically, the provinces of Giurgiu, Buzau and Oltenia.

Now, there is a chance that Ottomas will decide to guarantee Wallachia at the start, meaning that Hungary won't have conquered them by the time of your first war with Austria. In this case, during that war when you peace out Hungary, don't break its relations with Austria so you can drag Hungary into your second war with Austria as well and then take Wallachia from them (either by direct conquest to Moldavia, or by releasing Wallachia, depending on your AE situation).
This situation has multiple repercussions. One, like I already implied, you'll have to space out your HRE wars. In this case, it means you will squeeze your first war against Ottomans between the HRE wars. Though in general I suggest you to do so anyway.
Two, by not breaking Austria's alliance with Hungary in the first war you may prevent situations like Austria allying Castile. And like I said, Austrian-Iberian alliance is just a pain in the ass to deal with. Now, by the second HRE war you may have enough favors from Burgundy, but still.
Three, if Ottomans guarantee Wallachia that means your first war against them will be easier as they will have one ally less. So, all in all, Ottomas guaranteeing Wallachia and postponing Hungary's mission progress is something that ultimately still benefits you.

If Hungary conquered Wallachia by the time of your first war involving the Emperor of the HRE, but you couldn't feed it even partially to Moldavia in that war due to AE constraints and as such forced Hungary to release it instead, conquer Wallachia and feed it to Moldavia the moment the truce ends.
submitted by Andoral to eu4 [link] [comments]

2020.07.15 00:35 Andoral Poland Strategy for 1.30 - Part 1

Let's start with some disclaimers

First of all, while this guide will go in (much) more detail, it is largely inspired by the following 1.27 strategy for Poland by u/Turatar, so credits where credits are due. I've been using it in my three Poland campaigns ever since I've initially stumbled upon it, including my first game in Emperor.

Disclaimer two is that despite this guide turning out to be rather long, it doesn't require any particular min-maxing. You can use it for any difficulty with not much of a difference. As for the length, it's mostly caused by me going into a lot of detail here.

Disclaimer three is that I play with all DLCs. If you don't, some of the mechanics and national missions mentioned here, including those of significant importance to some key moves, may not be available to you. That is especially true for the Emperor DLC.

Disclaimer four is that there may be some restarting necessary in the beginning of the game. I will add a restart summary section later on, because I don't want to spoil all the reasons for restarting just yet. In general, aside from restarting to get the proper starting position (related mostly to rivalries of some countries), the events that could cause you to restart generally end (or end being useful) around 1455-57.

Disclaimer five is that while the countries are mostly mentioned in order of chronology in context of when they become of interest to you, it's not a strict rule. Sometimes I take a detour to focus on a more regional coverage. Sometimes I point out countries as moves to set up something else. I will also make a short summary of chronology near the end.

Disclaimer six is that, as has already been indicated, this is going to be a rather long read. Like I said, I want to cover things like mission trees of potential subjects and numerous events and Emperor added a lot of both that are of use, directly or indirectly.
However, while this guide is focused at Poland, those events and missions of other countries can still be used by pretty much anyone in Europe (proximity to the nation in question obviously plays a role in some cases).
Since it's going to be a long one, I am going to divide the guide into clear sections and subsections, so if you're interested about ideas for how to deal with or utilize a specific country while playing as Poland (or, again, even another country altogether), feel free to search for it.
The sections of this guide:
Also, because it turns out there's a character count limit for a Reddit thread, I am forced to split this into multiple parts. I'll update this with links as I post them.
Nations viewed as countries of interest in this guide:
Lithuania, Bohemia, Moldavia, Mazovia, Burgundy, Teutonic Order, Livonian Order, Riga, Danzig, Wolgast, Stettin, Brandenburg, Austria, Hungary, Moldavia, Theodoro, Byzantium, Athens, Epirus, Genoa, Naxos, The Knights, Venice, Dalmatia, Croatia, Ragusa, Serbia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Aragon, Naples, Wallachia, Crimea, Ottomans, Novgorod, Muscovy, Tirol, Styria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Cili, Styria, Tirol.
Also the Emperor and the Elector of the HRE.

Disclaimer seven is just a tiny thing. Whenever I mention a specific amount of AE to be gained from some action, I'm referring to the maximum gain, shown in a table on the left side of the peace treaty summary. I'm not referring the base AE gain described in the detailed text of the treaty.

Onto the guide proper

Let's start the guide proper with a quick list of some general goals of your campaign to establish the framework here:
  1. gain all the typical Polish starting subjects, be it from events (PU with Lithuania, march of Moldavia and Danzig as a vassal) or by playing interregnum mechanics (PU with Bohemia);
  2. this is not exactly necessary or even always possible (more on that later), but gain vassalage over Byzantium, as it is something that can benefit you greatly;
  3. the biggest new addition in the current state of the game - gain PU over Burgundy with the rework Burgundy Inheritance event and exploit the opportunities this will create;
  4. disband the HRE, but don't do so as early as possible; this isn't a strict goal so if you do want to become the Emperor of the HRE as well, that's up to you (in this case I suggest you wait with that until you'd disband the HRE following this guide though as the pre-disbanding moves concerning the HRE covered in this guide will benefit you regardless of what you choose).
Also, this guide will cover mostly the time period up the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the subsequent union with Hungary and some final moves, followed by some more general suggestions (mainly about Germany and Italy, i.e. the missions of various nations there) for what to do afterwards.

Starting position and opening management

The opening moves are largely the same as in the guide that inspired me. First of all, restart until Bohemia and Austria rival each other and Bohemia does not rival you.
That first bit is necessary because the Emperor of the HRE won't come to the defense of HRE members when an outsider attacks their rival. Worry not, once you have PU over Bohemia the fight against Bohemia will come soon enough (and with Bohemia on your side you will be in a much better position to win that fight.
The second bit is required for you to be able to royal marry Bohemia.

Your starting two rivalries depends on some circumstances.
Check out what are the rivals of Burgundy. If it rivals Denmark, rivaling Denmark as well is a solid move (Denmark will almost always start rivaling you). Also, other Burgundian rivalries that will benefit you are, in order of importance, Austria, France and England.
While rivaling Austria yourself is a good move (once you can, i.e. after getting a PU over Lithuania), the other two are of not really a concern to you as your own rivals. It's just good if Burgundy rivals them for other reasons. If Burgundy does not rival Denmark, save a spot for one of their rivals (preferably Austria) for when you can rival them yourself.
Now check what Ottomans' rivals. Typically they will rival both Austria and Hungary (and some third country of no consequence to you). In the rare case they rival only Hungary out of these two, you have to rival Hungary. In that case, swap that rivalry later on. In the early game you will clash with Hungary because of their alliance with Austria, but later on you'll prefer friendly relations with them.
If Ottomans do rival Austria, either save your rivalry slot for Austria (again, you need to get a PU first to be able to do so) or just rival Teutonic Order to make the warning of too few rivals (and the Power Projection malus it creates) to go away. You will eclipse them when you get that PU anyway, freeing your slot to rival Austria. If Ottomans rival neither Austria nor Hungary, restart.
In summary, depending on whether Burgundian-Ottoman circumstances allow it, your most optimal starting two rivalries will be Denmark and Teutonic Order (to be replaced by Austria once you eclipse the Teutons). However, you must rival Hungary if Ottomans rival them but not Austria.
Your third rival will be Ottomans, you just can't rival them yet due to size either (and, importantly for you, that means they won't rivaling you either).

Ally Moldavia. Now, it's not technically needed (explanation as to why later on), but you are guaranteeing them at the start anyway so it's not like you're sacrificing a diplomatic relation slot here and that alliance does have their use (again, that will be explained later).
Improve relations with Ottomans. You may also want to improve relations with Burgundy (not necessarily needed, but that's depending on circumstances) and (if you choose to remain Catholic) the Papal State.
Setting manpower edict in all states is actually more useful now because you can no longer milk the Szlachta for instant manpower every few years and at the start of the game you can struggle with it. Now, most of your starting wars will be carried by your subjects, but there is a situation in the early game where you may want to use your forces as condottieri, which can sap your manpower.

Now it's time for some deviations from the previous guide.
Let's start with the national focus. Now, you may still decide to go with military focus. You are going to start annexing two vassals only in 1460's and early military tech advantage is always nice. However, your first war is going to be with Bohemia once you have PU with Lithuania, where Lithuania will carry you. And then you'll be carried by both Lithuania and Bohemia (as well as an increasing number of vassals).
Now, you won't be doing a lot of direct conquering at the start, especially for Poland itself. Your first real war where you gain land instead of subjugating others will be with Teutonic Order where the war leader is not you but Danzig and they will bear the brunt of the diplo power burden.
However, things like pressing PU in a war costs 200 diplo power. Force vassalizing costs diplo power as well. You will also want to force some nations to release other nations and that costs diplo power too. Eventually you'll also want to set some cultures as accepted and that's 100 a piece (though that one will come into play only after you can change the focus in 1464, so it's just a word of forewarning in this case).
Still, like I said, you may still want to pick military first depending on your circumstances and preferences. However, if you do pick military first, at the very least I highly suggest you change the focus to diplomatic the moment the cooldown expires.

Moving onto clear deviations from that guide, set Theodoro as a province of vital interest and the nation as hostile. That is your key to getting a war against Byzantium now that Moldavia doesn't share a maritime border with Constantinople. It also allows an easy pathway for expansion into Crimea and then Caucasus.
Now, Byzantium tends to ally only Serbia in the first few weeks of the game, but Theodoro and Byzantium will improve relations with each other and, more often than not, ally as well some time after the start.
Keep the merchants as they are. With the addition of a trading node in Pest your initial merchants are set to divert trade power from Pest and Kiev towards Kraków and that is a good trade situation for you.
You don't need a prestige advisor. Likewise you don't need to embargo or insult rivals. You can still do the rival stuff, it's just that it's no longer necessary to achieve what you need.
In short, you needed those prestige sources (the rival bits increased your Power Projection, which then boosted prestige gain) to get ahead of Bohemia in prestige to secure your way for an early PU with them (it will be properly explained in Bohemia's own section). But now you will get a ton of prestige in an instant thanks to Estates, making AI Bohemia unable to catch up to you. More on that in sections about Bohemia and Estates.
Finally, you shouldn't build up to force limit in the beginning. More on that in section about Hungary.

Individual countries of interest

You need the union event as early as possible. Like the other guide I suggest you restart if you don't get the PU by the start of 1446. It's not only going to postpone your momentum but it can create issues with Burgundy (troubles with getting them to ally you, them getting into a war and losing), Bohemia (another country spreading their dynasty or Hussite king from event) and maybe in some other areas too.

Burgundy part 1
Now that you have a PU over Lithuania you are a great power. That makes you a much more valid ally option for Burgundy. However, Burgundy tends to ally over its diplomatic relations limit, which gives creates a negative modifier towards its willingness to accept your own alliance offer. But since Burgundy is not likely to be a great power itself yet, you should instantly use the option to influence Burgundy. It's surprisingly cheap. It should cost only around 90 gold.
Let's use a situation where Burgundy and you share a rival from the start of the game (i.e. Denmark), where you got PU over Lithuania at the start of 1446 and you have just 1 diplomatic reputation from legitimacy as an example here.
At this point you will have the following opinion modifiers for Burgundy: +25 from same religion, +25 from great power influence and +14 from enemy of enemy.
That in turn translates to roughly +15 modifier in favor of accepting alliance from your relationship. Add to that ~9 Polish army strength, +9 common rivals, +5 trust (from great power influence increasing it to 55 from the base of 50) and +4 from diplomatic reputation.
That will make you fall just short of Burgundy's -20 neutral attitude to Poland, -20 too many diplomatic relations of Burgundy and -3 distance between the border modifiers for its reasons against the alliance.

There are few ways to fill that gap here. The easiest one is diplomatic reputation advisor, as that will double the modifier from diplomatic reputation from +4 to +8. There are also religion bonuses that can help here (more on that in a section about religions).
In case you did not share a rival from the beginning (i.e. Burgundy did not rival Denmark at the time) but now you have a free spot (you initially rivaled Teutonic Order and have now eclipsed it) and Burgundy rivals something like Austria that you can now rival, you won't have the relationship from enemy of enemy stacked yet.
A great way to compensate for that here is to scornfully insult your new rival for an instant +25 relationship (not to say you can't use it in case you do share rivals from the start of the game). In the past you were advised against using scornful insults before spreading your dynasty to Bohemia due to its 5 prestige cost, but that is no longer a concern. More on that in a bit.
In general, be creative. You have plenty of room for maneuver here. Keep in mind that opinion is not the same as reasons to ally. Opinion is just one of the modifiers the AI considers as reasons for an alliance and will only get you as far.

That's why I earlier said that improving relations with Burgundy from the start isn't technically needed. Because let's say you remain Catholic. That means you're already improving relations with Ottomans and the Papal State. And you may need your third available diplomat for something else.
But it all depends on circumstances. Let's say Burgundy allied with two nations over the cap. In this case you'd need much higher relation to make up for this negative modifier as it stacks for each relation above the cap. Let's say they didn't rival Denmark at the start. Let's say you got a diplomatic reputation penalty for some reason. So on and so forth. In situations like these you must think ahead and start improving relations with Burgundy earlier.

Either way, the moment Burgundy is willing to accept your offer, ally Burgundy. Afterwards, send them an offer of royal marriage. NEVER accept Burgundy's own royal marriage offer. More on that in a section about Burgundian Inheritance. If you can't get an alliance with Burgundy because they got a trillion relations above the limit, you may want to restart.

Royal marry Bohemia ASAP. You want to be the one to spread your dynasty to Bohemia thanks to their interregnum. Obviously, you will need to wait for the PU with Lithuania event to get a dynasty yourself.
Bohemia's interregnum is also why you need to get your prestige up, because according to the wiki prestige may play a role in spreading dynasty to a country with interregnum (it could be a reason why Bohemia married to Poland repeatedly remained in interregnum in my restarts until I got Jagiellon on my own throne, even if it was married to less prestigious countries as well). If Bohemia gets another dynasty, restart.
Either way, you still need high prestige (higher than Bohemia's at least) in order to be able to claim Bohemia's throne once they get your dynasty. The moment that happens claim that throne and then declare war for that throne (you need only 60% warscore). Also, if you get a warning about good relations on the declaration of war menu, you may need to insult them before declaring war too, though usually claiming throne alone should cover it. Once you secure the PU improve relations with Bohemia to positive level, else the PU disbands on monarch death.
Now, like has already been mentioned, the reason why you can use scornful insult to help your prospects with Burgundy, don't need to bother with prestige advisor (including either restarting the game until you have one at start on top of having Bohemia-Austria rivalry at the same time or wasting gold on re-rolling advisors) or embargoing your rivals and insulting them anymore (but, again, that one is still something you can do) is because you will get the prestige you need through the Estate Privileges.

A big detour into Estates

As you probably know, Estates changed significantly in the 1.30 version. Now Estates own a share of the land in your nation in an abstracted manner (so no more button fatigue), with related Sale of Titles and Seize Land mechanics. And instead of using a button for estate interaction every few years you have a system of Privileges and the ability to Summon he Diet for something akin to an old mission system.
You should use Seize Land pretty much on cooldown unless doing so would drop an Estate into the red loyalty category and you don't want to deal with the potential rebellion caused by that.
The important part here are the Privileges. Most of them increase a given Estate's loyalty equilibrium, i.e. the level their loyalty will drift towards to and/or their influence (pretty much what it used to be). The downside to most of them is lowered maximum absolutism, which is absolutely pointless at this point in the game.
At this point in the game you generally want to keep the Estates at 60% loyalty (so having 60% loyalty equilibrium will make Estates bounce back to that level) and influence for maximum boons. On top of that, having high loyalty equilibrium will counterbalance the temporary loyalty loss from Seize Land, allowing you to keep using it on cooldown.
Before moving onto the big new things, let's quickly go through bonuses given by an Estate having 60% loyalty and 60% influence at the same time:
  1. Clergy will give you +20% national tax modifier, -10% stability cost and - depending on your religion - either +1 yearly Papal Influence, +10% Church Power or +1 monthly Fervor;
  2. Burghers will give you +20% trade efficiency and - 10% development cost;
  3. Szlachta will give you +20% manpower recovery speed, -10% land maintenance modifier and - since you're an Elective Monarchy - +0.33 monthly heir support gain.

Whenever you use Summon the Diet all of your Estates get +5% to their loyalty (not loyalty equilibrium) and +5% to their influence. The influence bonus lasts for 20 years. However, the cooldown of Summon the Diet interaction is only 5 years. And that influence bonus stacks. Keep that in mind so that you don't get an Estate's influence too high. Getting it to 90% is danger territory as then any random event that gives an Estate 10% influence will start a countdown for a Disaster.
Anyway, using Summon the Diet also causes you to get presented with three Agendas from randomly selected Estates in your country (even if you have more than three Estates). Selected Agenda has to be completed within 20 years and cannot be removed. Failing to fulfill an Agenda incurs a -5% loyalty equilibrium penalty for that Estate. Fulfilling it gives you an increase to loyalty (not loyalty equilibrium) and another bonus dependent on the type of the Agenda. Also, pressing the button of your current Agenda shows you the relevant on the map, which is neat.
The Agendas of the Clergy include:
The Agendas of the Burghers include:
The Agendas of the Szlachta include:

Szlachta Privileges
As Poland you start the game with Golden Liberty Privilege for Szlachta. Essentially, given how you want the PU over Lithuania, you won't be able to remove it before 1600.
Now, it does say you can revoke it if you don't have an Elective Monarchy too. But here's the thing, the final requirement for revocation is lack of a regency. And Poland can only end its regency through the Successor of Wladyslaw III event. Where you either go with a local noble, in which case you wait till 1600, or you go with a Jagiellon. In which case you instantly turn into an Elective Monarchy.
And then you can't revoke Golden Liberty until 1600 at least, because that's the starting date for when the event chain that lets you remove the Elective Monarchy Government Reform can trigger. Also, revoking the Privilege removes your stability by 2.
Not that you'd want to revoke it now anyway, because it gives you a hefty +50% modifier to manpower. Which is amazing, given how you can no longer leech manpower from Szlachta with the press of a button.
Also, Golden Liberty replaces Increased Levies Privilege available to Nobility Estate in other countries. That Privilege gives you a percentage increase to manpower equal to nobility's land ownership percentage, while lowering national tax by a quarter of that. So if the nobility has 40% land ownership, you'd get +40% manpower and -10% national tax modifier. So while Golden Liberty can't be removed until 1600, it's still a better version of an already interesting Privilege.

Moving on, there is a Privilege they give that is simply a must have for Poland called Strong Duchies. To be able to pick it you need to have 2 subjects that are either vassals or marches. So once you get Moldavia as a march, pick it immediately. Not only does it reduce liberty desire in subjects by 10%, it gives a simply amazing +2 diplomatic relations. I can't overstate the usefulness of this Privilege for a country like Poland that focuses on having multiple subjects early on in the game.

Another great Privilege from Szlachta is Supremacy over the Crown. Not only does it give a +10% increase to loyalty equilibrium of all your Estates, it also allows Estates to present you with a choice of three agendas that you normally only get from the aforementioned Summon the Diet Estate interaction.
There are two key differences between these two ways to get a choice of agendas. One is that Supremacy over the Crown bypasses the cooldown of Summon the Diet. Now, you won't get a new agenda list while you are still working on an agenda you got from Summon the Diet, but it means you sometimes can get an additional agenda in between the cooldown.
The second one is that it won't give the 5% increase to loyalty equilibrium increase and influence (which can be a good thing if it's already very high) of all your Estates.

Also, you may spot another Privilege unique to Poland (well, technically to Elective Monarchy government) called Veto of Heir Apparent that gives you +0.33 Monthly heir support gain for a heir of your own dynasty. However that Privilege actually lowers the loyalty equilibrium of the Szlachta by 5%.
On top of that it's not actually needed. As said before, once you have both of Szlachta's loyalty and influence at or above 60% you will gain a bonus to monthly heir support gain that scales with their influence. At influence of 60% or higher that you should be aiming for, that bonus is +0.33 as well. And you won't ever need the both of them.

So the choice of the fourth Privilege is up to you. Technically you don't even need a fourth one to get the 60% loyalty equilibrium/60% influence that you should be aiming for. I would advise against the ones that lower Crownland, i.e. Szlachta Land Rights and Primacy of the Szlachta.
You won't need this much military power and you will feed almost all land gained to your subjects at the start, making the +100 government capacity pointless as well (besides, you get +100 capacity just from being an Elective Monarchy). Likewise, if you need money from Privileges, Burghers have a better monopoly type Privilege for Poland.

Szlachta Privileges from events
Before I delve into this topic I have to first go through the subject of the "cap" on Privileges. Once you have all four slots in the UI filled, you can't open up the menu for selecting more Privileges from Szlachta (or any other Estate you already gave four Privileges to). But, if you have that menu opened, you can actually pick every single Privilege and they all will count as active. Picking a fifth one won't disable one of the other four.
What will happen instead is that the UI will select four Privileges at random to show in the UI and you will be able to deselect only those four before being able to deselect another one. Which is a pretty significant design flaw here. I really don't know why Paradox did things the way they did here.
So, looping back to events imposing more Szlachta Privileges on you, if you have four (or more) Szlachta Privileges already enacted when that happens, the same thing as described above will occur. I.e. you will get five (or more) Privileges and the UI will simply not show some of them. You can still see that they are active while mousing over the sources of the Estate's influence and/or loyalty equilibrium.

Now onto what those event Privileges are and how they trigger. The first is Pacta Conventa. The event that triggers it is The Pacta Conventa and the Henrykian Articles, which triggers on monarch death if you have an Elective Monarchy and your heir has less than 2 in any monarch power.
You can't remove that Privilege, it can only happen through later events. This Privilege is rather bad. It does give you +5% to loyalty equilibrium and influence of the Szlachta, but it also gives you +50% increase to the cost of reducing war exhaustion and +50% reduce inflation cost.
Also, if you get Pacta Conventa Privilege, on each subsequent monarch succession you will get one of three events. The first is The Sejm refuses to allow the mobilization of more troops, where your first option gives you -50% manpower recovery speed and +50% recruitment time until the next monarch and the second option reduces your stability by 1 and your legitimacy by 20.
The second possible event is The Sejm veto all your policies that also has two options. Option 1 gives you +10% tech cost, +10% idea cost and +10% stability cost modifier until your next monarch. Option two is the same as in the previous event, -1 stability and -20 legitimacy.
Third possible event is The Sejm comply with your policies and this one is actually good. It has only one option and it's the opposite of the first option of the previous event. I.e. it gives you -10% tech cost, -10% idea cost and -10% stability cost modifier until your next monarch. Obviously, in case you do get Pacta Conventa, this is the one you'd want.

The second event Szlachta Privilege is The Nieszawa Privileges. You get it from the event The Nieszawa Privileges-'Conventiones Particulares. That event can trigger only between 1460 and 1485, with 50 months MTT. Once it triggers you can either accept the Privilege that gives you +5% to loyalty equilibrium and influence of the Szlachta, as well as -20% stability cost modifier and +5% tech cost. Option 2 spawns size 3 magnate rebellion.
You can't remove this Privilege either, it also happens via event. Specifically, you will get up to four events with the same two options, where option one gives you either +1 stab or 50 admin power (if you're already at 3 stab) and 3 mercantilism and keep the Privilege while option two reduces stab by 3 and removes the Privilege. Also, The Nieszawa Privileges can be removed by the event chain that removes Pacta Conventa as well.

Burghers Privileges
First of the Burgher Privilege to be covered is the previously hinted at answer to the issue of prestige required for the PU with Bohemia. They have a Privilege called Patronage of Arts. Now, that Privilege does reduce your national tax modifier by 5%, but not only does it increase yearly prestige (which should take care of Bohemian issue by itself), but simply enacting it grants you an instant 20 prestige.
Which is huge. This is not only amazing for the Bohemian PU itself, but it's also what allows you to use scornful insults as required even though they cost 5 prestige. I've never seen the AI use this Privilege so by taking it you can use the scornful insult to help you out with the Burgundian alliance without any issue whatsoever.

Another easy Burger pick for Poland is Enhanced Interfaith Dialog, available to you because you start with provinces of other faith (if you convert them all it will cease to be available and you'll lose it in case you picked it). It does reduce the loyalty of Clergy by 10%, but you can more than make up for it (starting with how clergy has it's own unique modifier to loyalty equilibrium based on your religious unity that goes up to 5%).

Third pick I'd suggest is Free Enterprise. It's simple +10% to influence and loyalty equilibrium to keep it high.

As for fourth one, again, I don't think one is necessarily needed. Between the three Burgher Privileges above and the Supremacy over the Crown Privilege from Szlachta you should be pretty close to 60/60 influence and loyalty and the rest could be covered by Summon the Diet.
However, you still have some pretty interesting options. Firstly, Land of Commerce can be actually needed for that +1 monthly diplo power, depending on your circumstances. Keep in mind it reduces Crownland by 10% and lowers loyalty equilibrium by 5%.
As has been already mentioned, if you ever need gold from Estates, the Burghers have the strongest one for Poland, i.e. Monopoly on Textiles (as Poland has mostly textile trade goods). Any monopoly Privilege also increases the loyalty equilibrium of relevant Estate by 10%. Continuing the money subject, Burgers have a loan Privilege called Indebted to Burghers. It gives you +5% to both loyalty equilibrium and influence, as well as a 5 year 1% interest loan, 0.50 inflation, reduces mercantilism by 1. This Privilege is automatically removed when you repay the loan.
Speaking of loans and inflation, there's also Control over Monetary Policy that gives you +5% production efficiency, -0,50 interests per annum and +0.15 yearly inflation reduction. The drawback is +5% all powers cost. So pick this one at your own discretion. Finally, once you get access to sea, you'll unlock Private Trade Fleets for +5% loyalty equilibrium, +10% influence and pretty nice -20% light ship cost and +10% ship trade power.

Clergy Privileges depend in large degree on your religion of choice. Now, I did say in one of the disclaimers that I'm not focusing on min-maxing here. That includes the religion and I leave the choice of religion up to you. However, that does not mean I'm not going to address religion-specific Privileges here.

But let's cover a universal ones first. It's Oversight by the Clergy. Like Free Enterprise for Burghers, it's simple +10% to influence and loyalty equilibrium to keep it high.
A situational option is Expansionist Zealotry. It gives you +5% morale of armies while at war against heretics or heathens. However, if you are at peace with them for 15 or more years, you will instead get a -5% penalty to morale of armies. Also, it has an incomplete tooltip. Because it also awards of penalizes your Clergy loyalty equilibrium following the same rules (+10% at war, -10% if at peace for 15 years).
The increase to equilibrium in this case isn't actually that useful. Sure, you will get +10 cap, but that's just for the duration of the war. And in my tests where Expansionist Zealotry temporarily boosted my Clergy loyalty equilibrium from 61% to 71%, I had +0.21 monthly Clergy loyalty. That means to fully benefit from this boost for even a month I'd have needed to wage that war for more than four years.

Now, onto religious specific ones. First, let's address Catholic Poland. In that case, pick Papal Emissary. In order to pick it you need to first have an active cardinal 20 Papal Influence. On top of that you lose 5 of that Papal Influence upon choosing it. It gives you +5% to both loyalty equilibrium and influence, as well as +1 Yearly Papal Influence (i.e. +2 with good relations with the Papal State).
It does however increase Curia Powers costs by 5% (so the stability one now costs 105, the others cost 52; it does not increase the cost of investing influence for becoming the Papal Controller or the money cost of buying indulgences).

Onto Orthodox Poland. In case of Orthodox Poland you want to convert your provinces quickly. In which case, you should definitely pick Enforced Unity of Faith. It gives you +10% loyalty equilibrium, +1% missionary strength, +1 tolerance of true faith and the cost of -2 tolerance of heathens and -2 tolerance of heretics. Keep in mind that in this case the Burgher's Enforced Interfaith Dialogue is a no go (actually, they are mutually exclusive).
Also, before converting you may think that Clerical Ministers with its +10% influence and -20% missionary maintenance cost is a good pick. Well, no, but technically yes. The thing is, it is a good pick for Orthodox Poland, but not for the reasons you may think. You see, Clerical Ministers changes depending on your religion. In case of Orthodox, it gives +0.5% yearly Patriarch Authority.
I must say, it's a rather confusing design choice by Paradox. -20% missionary maintenance is good for any religion if you're going to convert. In my opinion it's not Clerical Ministers that should change on religion, but the Papal Emissary Privilege for Catholicism (obviously in that case the name should change).

On the off-chance you may manage to get Hussite Poland. The event for the Hussite leader requires Bohemia to not be a subject, and even if that wasn't the case you wouldn't want that event to fire as it gives Bohemia a new leader and that ruins your way for easy PU, so your only way for that to happen is Bohemia triggering Hussite rebels by converting the Hussite provinces, losing to those rebels and then you annexing Bohemia and going from there.
Anyway, in that case both Enforced Unity of Faith and Clerical Ministers are still good choices. Actually, for Hussite religion Clerical Ministers do give that -20% missionary maintenance cost. Which I must say is still weird, because Hussitism shares the Church Power mechanism with Protestantism, yet for Protestant Clerical Ministers gives +10% Church Power instead. There seems to be no coherence of any kind to what kind of a bonus Clerical Ministers gives to different religions.

And, since the scope of this guide does extend into the rise of Protestantism, let's cover both Protestant Poland and Reformed Poland as well. It's the same deal as with Hussite Poland and Orthodox Poland, basically. I already covered what Clerical Ministers do for Protestantism, so all that's left is Reformed. For Reformed Clerical Ministers grant +0.50 monthly Fervor.
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2020.06.20 16:41 _Sky__ Some More.

How do you measure the level of development of any given civilization? What scale do you possibly use for something like that? It might seem like the question of secondary importance, but it is hardly so when making the first contact. You have to possess a reliable scale upon which you can determent how powerful are the ones you are dealing with.
Their energy consumption?
The amount of territory they own?
You might make a case for it. But what real use are energy and space as a measurement in the universe which is rich with it anyway. Hell, some civilizations crumble exactly due to spreading too fast, grabbing too large amounts of resources because they see something crucial in possessing them. Only to have different factions pop up and engage each other in a civil war.
Their level of technology?
Sure, technology is important, truly crucial in most of the military conflicts. Very often much more than the aforementioned resources. However, it is still extremely unreliable, and hardly a precise scale. For example, the race which might have an edge in physics can be extremely lacking in some other fields. Or might be less capable in developing practical use out of it than its opposition. Many wars have proven that much. Plus there is always a limit as to how much technological edge can really help you when facing somebody with an overwhelming surplus of raw industrial resources.
What we required was something which would encompass all three of those. Only both energy, space, and technology combined give you the true picture of the level of the civilization you are facing off. Luckily the parameter which is the end result of all of those factors is surprisingly simple.
The processing power!
Indeed, the combined processing power of any given civilization truly gives you an extremely detailed picture on their capabilities.
Think about it a little.
After all, the more processing power you have the faster does your technology progress and the better can you deploy it. The more processing power you have easier it is to administer the vast areas of space, or to optimize your energy management.
In the end, it all comes down to the processing power. The single reliable measurement when it comes to understanding the scale of what you are dealing with.
Thus it was with horror that one of our exploratory drones discovered the Humans.
At first, judging just by their technology they seemed inferior. Their species only used the wormholes as a means of FTL communications, having no clue on how to adapt such technology to traverse the vastness of space. Due to such constraints, they had only colonized a few hundred systems.
Naturally, we at first mistook them for a young species, just out of the cradle and lucky enough to be discovered by likes of us. Indeed, we were their first contact and they were eager to learn more. We indulged their curiosity, hoping to raise them up into a reliable ally.
Yet immediately upon asking them to give us an assessment of the processing power their collective civilization owns, they gave us a ridiculous number. Many orders of magnitude above the processing power of any other known civilization.
“Were they trying to fool us?”---” Were they afraid of us, and are trying to bluff?”
It had to be a bluff, but they could not possibly believe we would fall for it. Maybe it was meant to be a joke? Or it might be a miscommunication, that wasn’t possible for our AI’s. Basic measurement units have been exchanged and confirmed to be well understood by both sides before moving negotiations forward. But still…
“So what was happening?”
Not wanting to risk anything we gave them a task, a problem that required a substantial amount of processing power. Asking them to solve it as a curiosity for us.
Only then, to our horror, the task which would require the entire processing power of our civilization and a few years of time to finish was solved for us in a matter of nano-seconds.
“Panic! Shock!”
Yes, our civilizations panicked. Here was something which could be the end of us. Even worse was that we knew not what to do. For a moment, we were silent.
They hailed us, but we were to scared to answer. Still trying to come up with the plan.
They hailed us again and too were being worried about insulting them, thus we answered. To our relief, they seemed to harbor no ill intentions. But we were vigilant and carefully more than ever. Trying to wrap our processors around this disparity between their technology and vast processing power.
Slowly probing them, asking questions of seemingly secondary importance.
It worked. For reasons strange, they saw us as the superior side, and only due to our capability to actually travel faster than light. We opted to keep it that way.
That was until a few days after they informed us that they too now have FTL travel. The explanation was that they were able to reverse engineer it just out of data they collected upon seeing our drone entering their system. Even going so far as being grateful to us for such an obvious gift of technology.
If we had any doubts about the amounts of processing power they had access to, now there were none. Panic now gradually rising in the back of our sentience.
How could possibly such a young civilization have developed such advanced computer architecture?
Only to quickly find out they were not that young at all, it was just that they had constantly put forth most of their efforts into designing ever-better computer systems. What kind of events forced them to invest all they had into developing, prioritizing, perfecting computational technology was unbeknown to us.
Did they found a relic of an ancient hyper-advanced civilization somewhere? Then built up upon that? It could be so… the universe was vast.
Finally, in slight desperation, we asked them on what do they spend all of that vast processing power. Hoping it would give us a glimpse of the answer. As it did not seem they were using it for anything else but the constant development of ever more powerful computing systems.
Their answer will haunt the rest of the galaxy for eons to come.
“Oh, well… we use it mostly for gaming”-they replied.
“Gaming?”-we asked.
“Yes… that and for developing better gaming rigs.”
“Gaming, as in playing games?”-we asked again, unable to believe it.
“Indeed! We need those fps!”
Expectedly, we were not sure if they were joking, or testing our intelligence. The concept of games as in sports was not that foreign to us, but how could one possibly play a game by using computer. It was an absurd notion, to say the least. Thus, we had to ask more.
“What kind of game might possibly require amounts of processing power on such a scale? Our own sports are not even closely that complex.”
“Well...”-they answered- “Virtual reality open-world RPG’s, and the fully simulated historical strategy games. Those two genres are quite resource-intensive. “
However, it was useless, we could not understand anything of it. While we had some minuscule idea on what historical strategy games might be, the ‘Virtual reality open-world RPG’s’ were an absolute enigma even to our best AI’s.
Trying not to embarrass ourselves, we steered the conversation towards this ‘historical strategy ’, politely asking them to describe the term in more detail.
Instead of an explanation, they offered us a chance to play this so-called ‘Extreme WW1 simulation’. Saying that many of their gamers are dying to see the alien play it (Preferably an alien which is not an AI, and knows nothing about the real human history.)
Needless to say, we accepted immediately. After all, if so many of these gamers were dying we had to try to help them, and thus maybe come on their good side.
We still offered some of our best tactical AI’s, but they insisted that one of our biological members would be far more ‘interesting’ subjects. Deciding to accept their reasoning on pure belief (and their obvious superiority), we rushed the search for our most suitable individual.
Humans preferred someone with real military experience if possible, and there were not many such biologicals left in our civilization. Yet we were lucky to find an old general, who had long, long-ago since retired. After explaining to him the dire situation and how many gamers are dying he reluctantly accepted.
The rest of this document is written down by legendary general Hik [The Savior of Gamers] himself. We hope you will read it to get a better understanding of Humans.
I was horrified upon being briefed on the seriousness of the situation. A powerful race, unbeknown to galaxy until recently, required help from my people. For reasons unexplainable, that help had to be given in the form of biological individuals versed in the art of war.
Desperate, and without anybody else to relied upon, my people called me to serve them one more time. Even upon being told the time, I would spend in the simulation would seem like years, while in the real world only microseconds would pass. But what could I, a mere biological, do to alleviate the pains of the ones so mighty as these humans.
Yet there I was, performing what was undoubtedly the greatest responsibility ever thrown into the tentacles of one of my kind. I supposedly had to emerge victorious throughout unbelievably detailed simulation of military conflict to save these so-called “gamers”.
Poor are those souls, relying on my help, and me being so unqualified. I begged the diplomats to give me more info, but the Humans allegedly, for reasons unfathomable, insisted it is far for the best I know nothing about this “ Extreme WW1 simulation”.The gamers community required it to be so, insisted even.
I could do nothing more but conclude they had more than understandable reasons for why I had to know nothing. That it was somehow crucial in my efforts to stop them from dying.
So I went to war once more, a war unlike any other.
Knowing it was a computer simulation did almost nothing to subdue my fears. I was stunned, the world they had thrown me into looked more realistic than reality itself. Even more scary was the revelation that many of those gamers, who were dying, had given vast amounts of their processing power just so that his simulation can be of the quality yet unseen.
It was clear they were desperate to see me “play”.
Soon, I knew what my main objective was. Mankind's AI’s at least explained that much. What was a great relief as I was afraid I might have to search for clues on my mission.
Yet I failed to understand how would me wining this WW1 while “playing as German Empire” do much for those suffering gamers. But the orders were orders and I was a General through and through.
The start date was the 1, January of 1910.
They noted that the gamers had voted on the date and other setting themselves. Not much else was said to me.
Determent to both win and survive, I began preparing for the war I knew not when it would start. My first task however was to gather more information on this German Empire I had significant strategic control over. It is hard to describe the level of direct influence I had, but it was as if I was able to make any crucial decisions instead of the important historical figures. To my delight, the country I commanded had quite a superior military to that of its neighborhoods. And only one nation “Great Britain” had superior navy. My two allies:” Italy and Austria-Hungary” were not that powerful, but we all were geographically more than well suited to easily support each other. Joined together into [Central Powers] pact. That made me feel quite relieved.
Strangely, the level of technology present in the simulation was abysmal at best. I knew the conflict for some reason would be based on distant human history. But the nations in question did not even have any significant air-force to speak of. I did not hope to lead so primitive nation, nor to fight against such.
Yet I carefully assumed this would be of great advantage to me.
Instantly I decided to deploy the significant resources of my nation [The German Empire] into developing some kind of air-force, convinced that it would play a decisive role in any incoming future confrontation. Especially so considering my enemy would practically have nothing of the sort. Regardless of the fact this planet had a bit stronger gravity and less dense atmosphere than my own home-planet. Meaning the primitive air-force would be a bit more of a challenge to develop.
The next step was to optimize my ground troops. Sadly, there was this limitation of [Too historically inaccurate] which forbid me to order the two of my divisions to engage each other in real combat in an effort to conduct the necessary tests.
So, while I was thinking about how to best optimize my own army without being able to conduct proper experiments. Something clicked in my mind.
This “game”, this war I was forced to fight, was certainly based on something historical, in some way. I had never really experienced something similar, but I had to take that into account. Suddenly, I was trying to figure out what would have to happen for my [German Empire] to suffer a defeat.
Considering my main enemies/opponents were [France] and [Russia] it was reasonably unlikely they alone could win against me and both of my allies. Industrial development and manpower figures simply did not add up. True, there was no law of physics which would forbid the [France] and [Russia] to win even if at a disadvantage. But if it was so easy, somebody else would surely already have defeated this simulation and saved those dying gamers.
This thought had reoccupied my mind for quite some time, I just had so little understanding and so little wisdom to go by. Yet what I would decide next would haveconcept a profound effect on so many.
“Why, why was I the one who had to ‘play’ this to save those gamers”- there had to be an explanation, yet whatever it was, I was failing to see it. Thus in my mind, the only solution to win was to do something a bit irrational, something you would not expect from somebody ‘playing’ this simulation for the first time.
Then another idea struck me!
Ally! I had to find more Allies!
After all my opponents had vast diplomatic connections everywhere. The most likely way for them to win the war in the first place was to pull additional nations on their side.
Thus, during my first year, I spent significant efforts trying to forge additional alliances.
This [Great Britain] seemed like the best choice, after all, they had an entire history filled with hate towards the [France]. So they looked like a natural candidate for an ally. To my surprise, it turned out they hated me even more due to the size of my navy which they saw as a threat because they were an island nation dependent on naval power.
Now I was frightened, really frightened. Why would they refuse to ally me over the size of my navy! Even insisting I downgrade it and give them some of my ships! Shouldn't you be happy for your ally to have a powerful fleet?
Only then did I become seriously suspicious of them being in secret alliance with the [France] in the first place. This realization truly started haunting me.
They all could attack me any time! I secretly informed my allies, and they convinced me they would immediately come to my defense if those three declared war on me.
Somewhat relieved, but still panicked, I rushed to contact the [Japanese Empire], as they had actually been in war with [Russia] some years back and had actually won. To my horror, they were already an ally to the [Great Britain].
Only then the pieces of the puzzle started falling in place for me. And I became even more desperate to find some support. Maybe I was doing all of this wrong, maybe I should first try to ally some less significant nation.
Luckily on my border were these [Swiss] guys. They even mostly spoke the same language as my core population and shared a similar culture. They did not have much manpower or resources but were well geographically positioned.
“NEUTRAL!!! how do you mean NEUTRAL! Look at all what I have offered to you!”-sadly they did not want to hear a word of it, I have never seen a nation more fanatical to stay neutral in the first place. Even after I offered them all the gold [France] and [Russia] had in their vaults to go solely to them after the war.
“NEUTRAL!!”-was the only world their diplomats knew how to say.
They were surely also in secret alliance with [France] and [Russia], there was no way any nation would refuse such generous terms, nobody was that neutral. Only now was I able to see how intricate was the web my enemy surrounded me with.
No wonder the poor German Empire lost.
By this time almost two years of in-game time have already passed, and I was still no closer to finding an ally. Secret negotiations with multitude of countries were failing one after the other.
[Spain] felt quite insecure about joining [Central Powers] to one day wage war on my side, as I had no direct geographical connection with them. But [Spain] still said they might join if it would seem that [German Empire] was winning decisively. Yea, like I would need an ally then. Still,have it was better than nothing.
[USA] wanted to have no connection with any European war, and were totally uninterested. They were big, but quite peaceful nation entire ocean away. Declaring that in the case of any war they would be fully neutral and trade fairly with both sides.
Well, they did not had any big standing army anyhow, and I was pretty sure they would not engage in such a war, as they had nothing to gain from it at all. What was evident when they showed no interest in acquiring additional territories.
[Netherlands and Belgium] also proved problematic, the latter being technically allied to the [Great Britain] itself.
Thus the second year of my ‘game’ came to an end.
Date: 1, January of 1912
Besides my secret development of the primitive air-force and equipping my ground army with substantial amounts of sniper rifles and heavy artillery not much more has changed.
I reasoned the snipers and machine guns would be quite crucial to the infantry combat, but the high-quality snipers were much easier to produce in large numbers. So I gave the machine-guns a secondary support role. After all, I had to optimize the spending of my resources. While heavy artillery would be crucial in both offensive and defensive roles.
To my surprise, there was still not a single trace of this “WW1” conflict erupting any time soon. Sadly, the same was also true in my search for suitable allies.
Only then did it truly occurred to me that I had a nice amount of colonies that might be willing to fight for me far more eagerly if I gave them higher autonomy.
I have quickly done so without question, offering the black-skinned locals equal rights and representation inside colonial governments as to those of my white-skinned population. This however had cost me a significant amount of political power. Not to mention that the [Great Britain] and [France] protested claiming such policies would embolden rebels in their own colonies.
I did not care, as by now I was more than sure those two were conspiring against me. Meaning that my quest to forge a suitable alliance was more urgent than ever.
Luckily, the unexpected turn of events would finally sway the destiny into my favor. The formidable nation of [China], rich with both resources and manpower, yet lagging technologically, erupted into the civil war. And none of the other world powers seemed interested to intervene.
I had to grab this chance, to help one of the warring sides win, thus hopefully forging a powerful alliance. I had a garrison of some 10 000 soldiers there already, but that would hardly be enough. Most of my navy and substantial military expeditionary force was hastily assembles even before I knew which side to support. To make the situation even more amazing, the [Great Britain] allowed me to use the [Suez Canal], which greatly shortened their travel route. Not something I expected to happen.
The [Quin dynasty], an original ruling power in [China] was loosing hard, and has thus accepted my every request in exchange for my support. Needless to say, my professional and well-equipped ground army steam-rolled over its opposition in every direct engagement. While my ‘Modern’ navy took over any coastal areas under [Nationalist China] control.
It was unbelievable even to me as to how fast did fortunes of war turned once my army entered the fighting. Just a month prior it looked like the [Quin Dynasty ] was over. However, a lot of it had to due with substantial financial and material aid I gave to my ally, as they were able to use those resources to bribe crucial individuals and emerging warlords to support them.
And my officers and generals quickly adapted to conducting my new tactics. Because as I predicted, charging forward into the machine-gun fire was suicidal. But not if you know how to properly use heavy artillery before the offensive.
Yet not everything went smoothly. The vast parts of [China] were low on infrastructure, and effectively transferring troops or supplying them in such conditions was nearly impossible. Not to mention on how the heavy artillery fared in tropical, non-traversable terrain. Skillfully, my military engineering corps, supported by vast amounts of [Chinese] manpowelabor, constructed hundreds upon hundreds of kilometers of railway systems. Everything to hasten the war effort.
So by the 1, January of 1913 a lot of things happened around the world. But my focus was on [China], they had the potential to be turned into a powerful ally. However, supporting them did cost me a lot of political influence. Even worse was the absolutely horrendous number of casualties I suffered. More than 92 000 of my soldiers were either dead, wounded, or missing. Never did I ever imagined that any war between so primitive armies could result in such shocking losses.
But many smaller conflicts which erupted on my continent of [Europe] have shown me otherwise. I did not want to get involved in any of those [Balkan] affairs as my military was fighting in [China].
One battle at the time, the opposition was mostly defeated, and the [Quin Dynasty] gained a strong grip over the entirety of [China], quickly centralizing the vast state and improving the infrastructure. In great part thanks to my [German] engineers.
The young Chinese emperor, who was still a child, even came to the diplomatic state visit into my capital of [Berlin], officially signing the admission to [Central Powers] pact on the 7, March of 1914.
“FINALLY!! I had gained a suitable, highly useful ally.”
Now If I just had some time to industrialize this [China], and my odds of victory would skyrocket.
Then, a few months after, some Austrio-Hungarian archduke got shot in [Sarajevo]. I did not think much of it. They asked if I would support them in the war against some small nation of [Serbia]. I could not afford to jeopardize our alliance. After all, my entire current tactic was based around gathering as many allies as possible. Thus I gave them my full support, vowing to come to their aid.
The fact that [Russia] would jump in to defend the [Serbia] was a shock to me. I stumbled into the war, I was not yet ready for. With more than two-hundred thousand professional soldiers and the vast majority of my navy still in the [China].
I was still scrambling to mobilize as fast as possible, when [France] joined the [Russia]. I offered them peace, sending my diplomats to convince them of the futility of joining the war when they were not threatened. Yet, in their mind, if the [Russia], their strategic partner, was defeated they would be next.
To make everything even worse, my ally [Italy] proclaimed neutrality. I was both shocked and furious at first. But then again, I could somewhat understand them, they were caught off guard by this war, same as me. Well, it was not like they had really betrayed me and joined the other side. I was positive they would eventually enter the war and help me after they manage to better prepare.

My generals have presented me with an array of military plans, advising me on how to proceed. The vast majority claimed we should first strike the [France] by attacking through the neutral [Belgium]. The plan itself had many merits, and they were assuring me of the quick victory.
“The war would be over by Christmas”-they said.
However, I was not sure of it, as a large part of my professional army was still in [China] and could not be even transported back in such a short time. Plus, the [Belgium] itself was under the protection of the [Great Britain], and if they joined the war I would have all sorts of problems. Yet, my generals pointed out that they only really had a big navy, and thus could only hurt us by the blockade. Something the [France] was already able to do, as entire [German] navy was in [China] anyway.
I asked them how they can be sure we would be able to advance so fast? Why do they believe our army to be so superior. They in turn noted that due to fighting in [China] and significant investments in the last few years. Our ground army now had a large amount of the experienced officers which we were regularly rotating in and out of service. And many of them were still here in [Germany] and would be able to take command instantly.
In short, we had better equipment and more experienced military by every possible standard. Not to mention effective air-forces, three thousand military zeppelins, and a few hundred scout planes. That had to count for something.
Plus, they assured me the chances of the [Great Britain] joining the war were abysmal.
And then I thought about it a bit more! Indeed, attacking through Belgium is a risky tactic. But that was probably why real historical German Empire had never done it! Probably one of those historical cases where the head of government did not listen to the advice of his generals and blew it all up.
Meaning that attacking through Belgium probably might be a good move!
“Affirmative… Shliffen plan it is!”-I authorized the action.
Initially, everything went splendid, but then…
[Great Britain] joined the war-”DAMN IT!”…
Still, we were at least still pushing forward through northern France. Going through lowlands.
For some reason, many French generals were initially ordering their troops to march forward in formation. Directly in machine-gun fire, especially in the first weeks of the war.
Hell, they even had colored uniforms, ridiculous.
However that ‘flop’ of theirs helped me quite a lot at the beginning.
Casualties skyrocketed on both sides, but all things considered, I was confident we would soon be able to strike at the enemy capital.
Then, however, my generals informed me that the Russians were mobilizing faster than expected, and were already striking at the [Prussia].
They demanded I divert some troops from the western front to help at the east. Naturally, I refused, I was too invested in this push into France to do anything like that.
“Hell, we are actually only 70 miles from Paris! Defend the Prussia with what you have!”-I insisted.
Turned out it was the right decision. After all, may officers at least had some recent experience from China, and were able to hold their own. Especially in this WW1 warfare where defender often had a local advantage.
Soon by August of 1914 my troops were fighting in the suburbs of Paris. The enemy was heavily entrenched by now. But sheer firepower of my concentrated heavy artillery was often enough to crack even the hardest of fortifications.
However, the British Expeditionary Force was doing me no good, but I had numbers on my side.
The next few days, when fighting in the east Paris was at its most brutal, I really went all in. Every reserve I had was sent into that carnage. And my primitive air-force was bombing any logistical targets all-day, all-night. While my artillery was pounding the city's center.
But there was something strange about these French people. They would not give in! It’s like they knew not what surrender meant. I have never seen such a stubborn primitive army. They defended the Paris with the grit I had no equal to compare in my own history.
Even when low on supply, even when parts of their army got surrounded north of Paris, they fought on. Regardless of the lack of supplies they currently suffered. Months passed and they held.
It all devolved into a grueling war of attrition, and soon northern, central, and south parts of the Paris were turned into a meat-grinders. I did capture most of north-eastern France, and a nice chunk of their northern coastline, all the way to Normandy.
What did slow down the arrival of the British reinforcements. But the war turned into the stalemate none the less. With large [British Navy] pulling in ever increased amounts of both man and ammunition.
“Damn! I hopped for the quick victory! To end this by Christmas!”-I yelled, being surely convinced the [French] would never give in, never collapse. Not now when they had the entire winter to prepare.
1,January of 1915 was here. And heavy snow ceased most of the fighting weeks ago. Except in Paris, but even there the most of the forces were too exhausted to do anything but hold on to their position, or launch minor probing attacks.
On the Ester-front however. My army managed to hold. But my ally [Austria-Hungary] was having its share of problems. So I arraigned for a force of 20 divisions to shore them up.
Well, it was important to know when victory was out of the grasp. And on the western front, there was no more room for progress, only the full war of the attrition I was bound to lose.
Therefore I planned to focus on the East when the spring came, seeing how the Western Front turned into a static wasteland.
The only good news actually came from China. They officially decided to join my side, (as secretly arranged) and have invaded Hong-kong, and French Indochina.
My African colonies were fighting back, but they were cut off from reinforcements, so they were in harsh position. But it turned out that giving a political representation to black-skinned natives did indeed help. As I was able to use it as propaganda to incite minor rebellions in enemy colonies. Nothing major, but guerrilla resistances were a pain to deal with. Expectantly when you had a major war on the other front.
Then the spring finally came and the war erupted again. French launched a major offensive on 21 March of 1915 that lasted for an entire April, trying to push me out of the occupied parts of Paris. They took some ground, but suffered horrendous casualties... not that my army faired much better.
But I estimated that while I lost 340 000, they at the very least lost 560 000 men.
However, my joint push with [Austria Hungry] on the Eastern front went much better than anticipated. May of 1915 was a single most successful month for my army so far. And the fact [Ottoman Empire] suddenly joined the war on my side was a complete boost.
I was confident the victory could be achieved in the east. (By next Christmas maybe?)
The enemies obviously thought the same, as they managed to pull Japan into the war. But luckily, China was doing well, especially considering my entire navy was technically still there. (Not to mention a good number of my professional soldiers)
And they managed to hold off against joined Russian and Japanese offensive towards the Bejing, and then rout them in a stunning counteroffensive. (Well, they did have numbers fully on their side). Plus a strong core of my professional army, some supplies and minimal industry. Only then I realized how precocious was Russian situation. And why my initial offensive on the eastern front was a success. (I even reached Warsaw).
Because [Imperial Russia] has sent 30 divisions to the far east, they were now lacking reserves. And with Ottomans jumping into the war, things escalated against them.
Serbia however seemed to have all the luck of the world. And Austria-Hungary failed to make meaningful progress there.
But… I still pushed at East. The second offensive just prior to the Summer of 1915 took Warsaw.
French and British tried to launch joint offensive at the northern part of the Paris, and actually managed to liberate good part of it, still suffering staggering losses. They again lost over half a million men, but admittedly depleted my reserves on the Western front. I was on the defense there.
However, during July of 1915, I managed to achieve a breakthrough, in the northern part of the Eastern Front. Capturing thousands of enemy heave guns, over 210 000 prisoners, and vast sways of land. Reaching 15 miles from the port of Riga.
Russian Imperial army panicked and launched a major desperate counteroffensive.
I honestly did not expect it, and as my own supply lines have already been stretch thin, I was pushed back thirty miles. But managed to pull off a reasonably orderly retreat.
Then… the Austrian Chief-of-Staff Conrad von Hoetzendorf. Informed me he would like to organize a massive, joint offensive against Russians, striking them from the direction of the Carpathian mountains.
I was a bit reserved about this, attacking from that direction, seemed ill-advised. But I saw that my ally really needed help, and Russians were spent when it came to reserves, so I conceded.
Just as the summer of 1915 was about to end Conrad von Hoetzendorf’s offensive was launched.
It was a stunning success!
The operation which seemed too complex and too grandiose, caught the Russians completely unprepared. The southern part of the Eastern front collapses, we advanced more than 330 miles in a little more than a month. And only the arrival of the Russian winter robed us from total victory.
“Wow… this Conrad von Hoetzendorf is a genius! I should give him command over the entire Eastern Front!” - and I did so!
To make things even better, [Ottoman Empire] also managed to strike hard at their border with Russia. As the Imperial Russian army by now only had a skeleton defensive force there.
And when Bulgarian joined the war, even Serbia, which was surprisingly still holding quickly fell, and was occupied. Remains of the Serbian army tried to push to the [Greece] but were cut off and destroyed. While the [Empire of Japan] launched two disastrous and futile offensives in Northern China.
All in all, by the end of 1915, it all looked like we might win.
On the 3, January 1916 I was informed the [China] was actually low on supplies, and that there were serious dangers of mass starvation. So they would have to keep on defense, despite their initial success against both [Russia] and [Japan]
Before the spring of 1916 even began, there were two major offensives, one launched by [France] and the [Great Britain] to retake the Paris, relatively successful. I was pushed to the suburbs. But my defense in depth had cost them a lot.
The second offensive was Conrad von Hoetzendorf’s brain-child. With initial push directly at Kiev followed by another dash into east Ukraine. After which were were supposed to throw everything in the direction of the St, Petersburg. I was dubious about the ambitious scale of the plan, again it seemed far more complex then what our primitive troops could actually conduct.
Yet I was proven wrong again, as the state of the Russian army was worse then even I thought. We were able to take massive sways of land in Ukrainian. Capturing enormous amounts of their harvest before they had time to collect it.
By the summer of 1916, Russia was hit by mass starvation. Push towards the St, Petersburg almost unopposed as the [Russia] collapsed into the semi-civil war.
We managed to knock it out of war!
Sadly, the [Ottoman Empire] too was by now on the verge of disaster. Suffering wild amount of continuous defeats on their southern front against [British Forces]. If Russia had not fallen, they would have surely be knocked out of the war too.
I offered the [France] more than fair terms of surrender. But as expected, they were not the ones to know how to surrender. I pitied the historical figure which would have to fight them once the proper tank warfare developed in this world. I could already see the Paris turned into the fortress eating up divisions upon armored divisions of tanks.
Yep… would have been an absolute nightmare fighting in them lets say 1940-1945.
But that did not mean they would not try the same against me.
Before the spring of 1916 was over the [Great Britain] launched a first offensive involving tanks. They already had hundreds of them! And deploying them in low-lands of eastern Normandy proved fortuitous for them. They pushed parts of my front as much as 40 miles on some places.
But as my reinforcements from the Eastern front came. I managed to stabilize the front just in time.
Now it seemed, obvious I was wining, and I tried to convince Spain and Italy to help. Yet seeing that carnage the war inflicted upon all of the combatants they straight out refused.
When I tried to negotiate peace with [France], they too refused.
Thus I gave my best commander the Conrad von Hoetzendorf full control over the western front. My general staff protested vigorously, saying that some Austrian telling German army what to do was a recipe for disaster. I just denounced their narrow-minded thinking. I needed the most competent man for a job, not the most “German ” one. The man has proven himself in the last two offensives and that was all that mattered to me.
He organized what he called ‘A great summer offensive of 1916’.
Even deciding we should use our secret weapon… the chemical compound which was poisonous to biological humans. The chemical warfare they called it.
I said yes… It was a harsh weapon, but I really wanted to end the war. Previously I had been asked the same, but I notion that many gamers were observing my every decision slowed me down. I mean, what if this all was some ‘morality test’? However, watching all those ‘simulated humans’ die was too appalling for me not to grab the chance to end with all of this.
Yet that proved to be advantageous to us, as by now we had large supplies of the stuff and the [French] high command was caught off guard, over the entire front.
Using all of our stockpiles on a massive scale at once was enough to push even the French to the negotiating table. They called for the armistice.
Few months passed. But on the 17’th of February of 1917, the WW1 finally came to the end.
22 million dead…
Too much if you asked me.
I now understood why they “play” those games. Reminding oneself on horrors of wars is truly a wise thing, worthy of vast processing power indeed. Maybe we all should play some more.
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2020.06.07 20:38 Millero15 Crusader Finns Developer Diary 19: Latvia

Obligatory Discord link: https://discord.gg/FZ5Ky5P
Hello again, everyone! This developer diary of Crusader Finns will largely focus on Latvia, the newest region of Crusader Finns.
Latvia has suffered a similar fate as the rest of the CF world, being destroyed by the Apocalypse. Much of the country has been rendered into tribalism and chaos, but some parts are better off. Much of Vidzeme and Latgale are tribal, except for the areas around the Daugava river, which are prosperous and wealthy. Much of Semigallia and the Curonian hinterlands are also tribal, but the coast is mostly Feudal.
Government map
Politically Latvia is divided and balkanized in 2517. It is entirely controlled by small duchies, kingdoms and chiefdoms. The most powerful of these realms is the Republic of Riga at the center of the old country of Latvia. Additionally, the European Empire owns a single province at the very southwestern corner of the country. They should not be messed with, as they can and will meddle with Latvian affairs.
Political map
In terms of culture, the fractured Latvian cultures cover most of Latvia, as should be expected. Besides them, there are Latvian Russians in and around a couple large cities, as well as a good chunk of Latgale. Livonians are also alive and well, inhabiting the northern coast of the Curonian Peninsula.
Culture map
Now on to the religions of Latvia. First of all, I'm personally a little dissatisfied with the religions of Latvia right now, but I can hardly do anything about it, as I was not able to create an unique syncretic religion for Curonia. But in any case, revived Latvian paganism is the most prominent religion in Latvia, occupying most of Vidzeme and Latgale, as well as the hinterlands of Curonia and parts of Semigallia. When it comes to Christians, the Curonian coast is Lutheran, some Russian areas are Orthodox, parts of the center of the country are occupied by a dissident Lutheran group known as the Iconoclasts, while much of Latgale and all of Selonia is Catholic. In the city of Riga, the strange European religion of Concordianism is dominant, while the Russians of Latgale follow Rodnovery paganism.
Religion map
Like Estonia, Latvia can be divided into two based on the climate. The northern half, encompassing most of Vidzeme and Latgale, is tropical jungle. This may come as a shock to you if you missed the last developer diary, but much of the central Baltic is rainforest. Right to the south of the rainforest is the Daugava river valley. The Daugava is a major navigable river that can be sailed up all the way to Daugavpils, right to the edge of the map. This is the wealthiest and most developed part of Latvia. Beyond the Daugava lie the lands of Semigallia and Curonia, which are a mix of plains and forest.
Terrain map
Many smaller states in Latvia are forest tribes which are not really distinct from each other in any ways. Still, there are some realms and rulers which are clearly more unique than the rest. Let's take a look at a couple of them.
The Republic of Riga
The Republic of Riga, as seen on the political map, is very clearly the dominant power in all of Latvia, and perhaps the whole Baltic region. Thanks to the presence of the Hanseatic Network the potential for wealth via trade is very great.
The Republic of Riga
Culturally Riga is a little unique. The main culture of the republic is Rigan, a cosmopolitan Latvian culture that has taken great influence from the cultures of the European Empire, the main trading partner of the republic. German culture in particular has had a great deal of influence on the Rigans. This close relationship can also be seen in the republic's religion, Concordianism, which has not spread far beyond the European Empire. However, the republic's cultural and religious makeup is also perhaps its greatest weakness.
The main culture of the republic, Rigan culture, only dominates the provinces of Riga and Jūrmala. Same for the religion. The surroundings of the city of Riga itself have been turned into a kind of ghetto for the mostly Orthodox Christian Russians of the region. You see, before the Apocalypse a very high percentage of Riga and the surrounding regions was Russian, and these Russians have not simply disappeared. When the republic was established in the post-apocalyptic era, the Russians were forced by the Latvian Rigans to leave the cities of Riga and Jūrmala to work as serfs in the countryside to feed the Rigan citizenry. As a result, the Russians dominate the countryside around Riga, and they are not necessarily happy about this arrangement. Besides the Russians, some peripheral regions of the republic are inhabited by other Latvians.
Culture in Riga
Religion in Riga
Since most of the republic is of a foreign culture and religion, revolts are a very real concern that could lead to Riga's downfall. When Riga's tribal neighbors are taken into account, the republic's position is rather fragile despite its military and economic strength.
The Livonians are a lesser-known group of people living in Latvia. They once inhabited the whole coastline of the Gulf of Riga, but today only the northern coast of Curonia is occupied by ethnic Livonians. In addition, the Livonian language is almost extinct. In the post-apocalyptic world they have not fared much better. Although they have persisted, their situation remains dire and future uncertain. Yet there is still hope. In 2516, a young and brilliant Livonian named Edgar managed to succesfully lead a revolt of Livonians against their Latvian overlords, creating the first independent Livonian political entity since the Middle Ages.
Edgar the Livonian, Duke of the Livonians
Edgar's Livonian realm is not particularly impressive. It only includes the Livonian Coast and some Curonian buffer regions, mostly not even of the same religion. But with such a brilliant leader, the Livonian realm has limitless potential. Even though the complete restoration of Ancient Livonia seems like a pipedream in 2517, it can very well become a reality with enought wit and ambition. Edgar the Livonian thus has a unique story chain that guides the player towards this very goal in multiple steps, concluding only after Edgar or one of his descendants has total hegemony over the Gulf of Riga and the ancient Livonian lands. Accomplishing this grants a powerful bloodline.
The Duchy of Livonia in 2517
The Catholic Realms
In the southeast of Latvia lie the Catholic lands. Thw two most important realms in this part of the country are nicknames "the Catholic Realms" due to them being two realms of similar size that encompass most Catholic lands in Latvia. The two realms are the Kingdom of Seelija (Selonia) and the Duchy of Dyneburg (Daugavpils).
Seelija and Dyneburg
The Kingdom of Seelija is ruled by a Latgalian named Paulis, a foreign conqueror. Yet despite this he is not disliked by the Selonians as he is a fellow Catholic who mostly let the native aristocracy be. King Paulis is a modestly capable ruler who has mostly focused on securing his position in his small kingdom, and thanks to him this small kingdom now has decent expansion potential. Still, the ruler of Seelija should be careful, as the kingdom is largely surrounded by equal or greater powers.
King Paulis of Selonia
The Duchy of Dyneburg, as the name implies, is ruled by a Pole. Duke Gustaw of Dyneburg is a member of the Polish minority in Daugavpils, which managed to survive the apocalypse. Gustaw's duchy is arguably the greater of the two Catholic Realms, being slightly larger and boasting a bigger army. In some ways Gustaw's internal position is more secure than that of King Paulis due to the Duke Gustaw directly controlling a larger amount of land. However, in some ways the realm is less stable, as a good chunk of the realm is inhabited by Russian pagans, most notably Daugavpils itself.
Duke Gustaw of Daugavpils
So that's Latvia for you. The next Developer Diary of Crusader Finns will be about the Christian faiths in this mod. As always, questions, suggestions and other thoughts are most welcome!
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2020.05.15 08:25 torino2dc Developer Q&A on Discord [Part 3]

Thank you for your patience guys, I didn't realize they had continued the Q&A thread on Discord. This is officially the last part of this Q&A series. o7 reddit
Link to Part 1
Link to Part 2
[3.1] Question Any thought of increasing the player count in a battle? With yet another class [edit: subs] that is quite distanced in the way it plays the game the amount of ships that you can realistically shot at in you BB's/CL/CA/ DD's are getting lower. With just 12 players per team you may potentially find yourself in a BB where you're just in an never ending fight of dodging subs/DD's/CV's you can't retaliate against.
Shonai: There are no such plans for the near future, and here are couple of the main reasons against it:
- It is technically "heavy" feature. Increasing a number of ships will increase both the client and server load, and even if we suppose the best optimization, it still will have an impact on players increasing the battle load time, for example.
- It will make the game more chaotic. The less entities you have, the easier it is to control them and learn how to interact with them. If you would like to feel what effect increased number of ships will have in terms of combat influence and control, you could compare Ranked battles with 7-8 ships per team and Random battles.
[3.2] Question Will the aa turret be able to move to point at their target when they shoot ?
Shonai: Yes. There is a bug which prevents AA guns rotation and we plan to fix it, however there is no ETA at the moment. There is another thing often mentioned in pair with AA guns rotation, and that is ricochet animation, which went missing some time ago. It will come back in 0.9.4
[3.3] Question will WOWS get a new game engine anytime soon?
Shonai: There are no such plans. We do work on graphics, but instead of massive overhaul we take step-by-step approach, improving various visual aspects of the game (effects, textures, models, lighting, etc.)
[3.4] Question How about add effects on DFAA such as increasing dispersion as old-style DFAA?
Shonai: The main strength of DFAA now is empowering AA explosions, and thus this consumable now gives CV player a choice: either go straight to the target, risking an entire squadron, but keeping aim in control, or actively dodge explosions, thus increasing received continuous damage and making it harder to aim.
Also, DFAA is not an only option to increase protection from planes: there is priority sector, for example, which further increases AA DPS and combines with DFAA. Overall, artificial dispersion increase looks quite weird with the action gameplay of new CVs, and existing choice enforced by DFAA on a CV player replaces it quite well.
[3.5] Question If the player has Kirov, that means they will get Mikoyan and Voroshilov?
Shonai: If you ever had Kirov researched (so, even after branch reset), you will get her premium version (which will be named (surprise) Kirov). Voroshilov won't be available for players - it is a test ship, which will become premium Kirov. Mikoyan also won't be a part of tech tree. As for Kotovsky, which will replace Kirov in the tech tree - in order to get her, you need to research and purchase her after the changes to the tech tree will be implemented in 0.9.5.
[3.6] Question are you ever planning to change the way exp to awarded to finally make spotting and tanking a more viable play style?
Shonai: We don't have such plans at the moment. Spotting and tanking do contribute to the overall rewarding and victory, but they are only a part of a player's contribution to the team's victory, and they serve as an addition to other actions such as dealing damage and capturing key areas. Also remember, that when you're doing any actions that make your team win, you'll get much more XP in the end due to the victory bonus.
[3.7] Question Will there be any Tutorial/training mode in the future to show players the basic game mechanics and encourage them to play more team oriented? Im sick of players who fought several thousand battles and still dont understand whats going on....
Vessery: Yes, we are planning to implement a training mode in the future. However, you should take into account that training mode is not the only way to teach the player, tell about mechanics and ways to interact with them.
For example, we are constantly making new series of How it Works videos available on our YouTube channel. They tell about various tips and nuances of our game. In the last months, we've added several videos that describe the basics of the game and are useful for new players (and not only for them).
By the way, notifications about these videos are usually sent to all active players in the client, so, even if you do not visit the game's website or YouTube channel, you can steel get to know about the new series.
Work in this direction is also done in the client: In the 0.9.3 Update, we've added tooltips in the tech tree. They make learning and understanding the key features of ships and how to play on them much easier.
Several updates before we've updated the service record on made the progression more consistent: now there is a small number of battles required to get access to important functionalities of World of Warships and, along with that, to get rewards for further growth.
Apart from that, many small things which help in the integration of new players are done "under the hood". For example, we've reduced the number of ships the player gets when first entered the game to avoid getting entangled in many ships. Other Tier I ships, optionally, can be received for free in the tech tree.
We can also add UI improvements in the Port on this list, and some other changes are also planned in the upcoming updates.
World of Warships is a game with many details and nuances which are not always clear and obvious not only for new players but for veterans as well. However, not all of these nuances can be placed in a training mission, and not all of them you need to know for successful battles. The most important thing is that you have fun in battles and enjoy the process!
[3.8] Question KOTS Containers, will they be at the Armory soon?
Vessery: No, KOTS Containers were created especially for KOTS tournaments and will be available only during the next King of the Sea tournaments.
[3.9] Question Why am I still occasionally getting full damage Pens on DDs when I am in a BB?
FrostVortex: In case you were firing neither at Khabarovsk nor at Harugumo, which receive full damage from AP shells, please send me the replay of the battle to PM so that we will be able to check it and understand what went wrong. Without the replay, it's not possible to tell the exact reason for now. However, one of the possible variants is that you might've hit the DD with several shells, so that the total amount of damage looked like one full damage penetration.
[3.10] Question How does WG view exploits involving divisions (such as spawn-peeking in current CVs or AA divs with old CVs)? They can be exploited regularly at the highest levels, and this can be quite un-fun for anyone facing them.
FrostVortex: The main thing here is that playing in divisions itself gives you the edge, not matter what ships are used and what tactics are involved. 899 divisions use one tactics to win, divisions consisting of other ships can be no less effective. The most important thing that gives you advantage is that you are playing in a division, so you can coordinate your actions with your division partners, thus playing more efficiently than single players, and tactics and ships you use are secondary.
As for exploiting various tactics like spawnpeeking, at the moment we do not see any problem with it, especially considering mentioned above. However, in case we see that these tactics become to affect the gameplay negatively, we will take action.
[3.11] Question Historically, CVs where the type of ship most severely impacted by battle damage, yet in the game they are the most impervious, due to their fire/flooding/DCP characteristics. Do you plan on making them more vulnerable to damage to punish players who misposition their CVs?
FrostVortex: Cvs are already vulnerable to damage. Positioning plays a very important role when playing on a CV, because, if you are remaining at your spawn place, there is a high risk of getting spotted and destroyed. In case the aircraft carrier player mispositions his CV and she becomes within the firing and spotting range of the enemy warships, the CV can get destroyed very fast under focused fire, because it is not maneuverable and not heavily armored (apart from T10 CV decks).
[3.12] Question Why don't you like German boats? it is the only nation without a tier X premium boat, even the Europeans who have just entered the game have already entered the premium boat and the Germans have not.
Vessery: We like German boats! They are magnificent looking and usually can brawl for real! New German ships, including high tier premiums will appear in future, but apart from the previously announced Odin, Aegir, Siegfried and German CV, I can't share the details at the moment - as with any other ship the production is a long process, and we prefer to share the news when we have something nice to show.
[3.13] Question At the CC summit last Summer there was a graph showing RTS CV popularity and the relative popularity of New CVs. The latter was trending down. Can you share the current data?
Vessery: Currently CVs popularity is at 7-9% level, which is generally 3-4 times higher than it was with RTS CVs (2-3%) (tier VIII and X, Random Battles): Graph [Red are Cruisers, blue are BBs, green are DDs and orange are CVs].
At the beginning, there was a popularity peak of the reworked class, but then these values decreased to the current numbers. For now, the numbers are stable and get changed only due to big events in the game (releases of new ships and branches, balance changes and implementations of new mechanics). On the whole, we are pleased by this level of popularity.
However, you need to remember that, apart from popularity, one of the main goals of the CV rework was the decrease of their influence on battle results, which was achieved too.
[3.14] Question when Smolensk Nerf?
Shonai: The reason for removal of Smolensk was not her balance state, but excessive popularity: even before 0.9.2 update Smolensk was in the balance relative to other cruisers, and recent changes in IFHE have further reduced its efficiency. At the moment Smolensk has a medium damage and winrate among all cruisers in our game. That's why we don't plan to nerf her at the moment.
[3.15] Question Question about Puerto Rico, will her dispersion ever get buffed? Having BB dispersion on a CA is not cool, given it’s horrid shell velocity. It’s just a shrunken Montana with worse accuracy.
Shonai: ships has her own strengths (including guns with improved AP ricochet angles, great armor scheme (insert here your favorite no-citadel-meme), good damage per salvo) and weaknesses, including accuracy which is worse than that of usual cruisers.
[3.16] Question How about rebalance SAP shell?
Shonai: We see that SAP shells overall are in a good spot right now, so we don't have plans to change them.
[3.17] Question Can the reasoning behind 19,200 research points per legendary modules explained. We've gone from a system of being rewarded for playing your tier 10 ship, to being required to play between 2 and 4 times as many games in any other ship.
Question Any news on the idea of giving people more ways to earn research points other than having to regrind ship lines?
Question Why make legendary upgrades exclusive to the Research Bureau instead of keeping the missions for them, so people can get them by whichever method they prefer?
Shonai: Obtaining upgrades in the bureau is not, of course, an easier way than combat missions. However, if you take into account the seasonal bonus, as well as the lack of need to win a certain number of battles and gain base experience, which required a significant amount of battles in the old system, you can get an upgrade in one branch reset.
Maintaining two different systems for obtaining upgrades would lead to different technical problems. That's why we decided to leave only an updated system for obtaining unique upgrades.
We understand that not all players like to reset branches to get research points. So now we are working on improving the bureau system and we have ideas on alternative ways to get research points. Keep an eye on the news.
[3.18] Question Will WG reconsider rescinding the requirement to own 5 T10s to access the research bureau? This requirement is insanely hard to fulfil for a new player.
Shonai: At the moment we have no plans to soften this restriction. The bureau was originally planned as a system for the most experienced players with a large number of researchable ships. We want players to gain experience in the game and research at least a few branches before going in pursuit of additional content. And we wouldn't want a player who received his first tier X ship (which is a great achievement for him) to immediately lose it.
We would also like to remind that all current content in the research bureau is fully optional. Therefore, it makes no sense for inexperienced players to go there as soon as possible. Therefore, we do not see any point in reducing the current restrictions.
[3.19] Question What will the oil be used for if the base is already full improved?
Shonai: At the moment we are working on improving the clan base and additional ways to spend oil. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the details within this Q&A. Keep an eye on the news.
[3.20] Question Why is overmatch not mentioned anywhere in the client? Most players may know about it, but new players may not, and that's made worse by it not being mentioned anywhere in the client.
Shonai: Ships in our game has a huge number of characteristics and the specification of absolutely all of them would overload the interface and would confuse some players.
We believe that now the client provides all the necessary data for a basic understanding of the gameplay, and players who want to dive deeper into the mechanics of the game can visit various resources dedicated to our game, such as Wiki, and watch How it works videos on our YouTube channel.
[3.21] Question why are British BB at low tiers easier to burn and penetrated by torpedo than another BB in other nation?
Shonai: They have the same fire resistance coefficient as other BBs of the same tier. As for torpedoes - British battleships have medium torpedo protection if you compare them with other ships. These ships are not well-suited for close-range fighting and don't withstand concentrated fire very well, that's part of their game play. However, considering their great Repair party and strong HE shells, British BBs can achieve great results.
[3.22] Question The removal of stealthy radar seems to have been reversed with the new RU cruisers, what is the logic behind this?
Shonai: The main reason for the concealment values of RU CA is their best fighting ranges: these ships have to fight at close and medium distance, and to get there they need rather low concealment. So, stealth radar is not the goal or desired feature, its just outcome of one of the possible builds, and the gap you have is not that great: e.g. on Riga it is 400 meters.
[3.23] Question Can you fix Hakuryu being able to stealth spot CLs with torpedo bombers?
Shonai: At the moment we don't think that this requires changes. If these were the only planes and ships with such interaction, that would be strange, but there are always ships witch could be detected by planes while staying undetected themselves. Right now interaction between CLs and Hakuryu's torpedo bombers is fine: these planes are not a strong threat to CLs. And using this strking force just as a reconnaissance is useful in pretty rare situations.
[3.24] Question Unlike with most T10 heavy cruisers, Zao's HP pool does not correspond to her in-game displacement (visible on gm3d). Are there any plans to fix this, thus making her a bit more relevant in the meta in the process?
Shonai: The characteristics of the ships in our game are subject to a number of assumptions and are primarily determined for balance reasons. Therefore they are not always historical or correspond to ship parameters such as displacement.
This is also the case with HP Zao. Zao has average winrate and damage per battle among other cruisers. Therefore, we have no plans to make changes to this ship yet. However, we keep a close eye on the effectiveness of the ships in the game and will make changes if necessary. There is an example of how Zao was changed - she got 12 km torps which can be launched from stealth - the gap is ~2 km, it's awesome for a cruiser.
[3.25] Question What is the developers perspective on carriers in CB? Does it agree with the player perspective (that's it's extremely unhealthy for the game mode and caused very stale game play.)
Shonai: Of course aircraft carriers have an impact on the meta, but the season is not over yet and we can't say for sure whether this impact is positive or negative. We will carefully analyze the data and surveys and draw conclusions based on the season's results.
But we can definitely say that aircraft carriers do not lead to stale battles. They detect the enemy ships well and thus increase the battle dynamics. The average duration of the battle this season has decreased by 4%.
Meta in competitive modes should change periodically, and teams have to adapt to it. If there are no changes in battles, they will be monotonous and boring, and no one needs it.
[3.26] Question Is there any plans to allow CB teams to see the map they're playing in advance and change their ship lineup accordingly (without being able to see the opponent)?
Shonai: There is a system of even distribution of maps in Clan Battles now, which is well suited for this type of battles. Information about what map your clan will play on is very useful for tournaments, but for most players is unnecessary during the regular clan season. In addition, trying to introduce such a system would lead to serious technical difficulties.
Basically, it would require a change in the whole system of the matchmaker, and would also lead to huge queues, because now the matchmaker chooses two divisions by rating, and only then picks a suitable map for them. If the matchmaker had chosen teams not only by rating, but also by specific map, the waiting time in the queue would have increased to huge values.
So this is a pretty good idea. However, the price of implementing such a feature is too high for the improvements that it would bring to the game.
[3.27] Question Would it be possible to give the super cruisers (Stalin, PR, Yoshino) there own slot in clan battles as it doesn't seem fair for smaller clans that don't have the time/Resources to obtain these ships. which have also been performing strongly practically becoming must picks. Hopefully Allowing for more ships to become Viable within CB
Shonai: At the moment, we do not plan to allocate a separate slot for these cruisers, as it would require serious reworking of the game mechanic and allocate a separate subclass of ships.
In addition, despite the fact that these ships have their own gameplay features, they still remain cruisers and do not have such a strong influence on the battle, such as battleships. In our game there are many different cruisers designed for different battle tasks and strategies of the division, and the ships you mentioned are only a part of them.
[3.28] Question what is the reasoning behind choosing a-historical planes on some CVs, especially the Tenrais on Hakuryu or the Ta-152s on the German CVs, considering both were land-based mid-to-high-altitude interceptors? Especially for the Ta-152 I was unable to find any mentions of the R-14 bomb/torpedo lock ever being even considered in the design documentation by Fockewulf that I found, only model kits.
Shonai: Yes, not always planes that we use were supposed to be carrier-based. However, when we choose planes for CVs we consider three main factors: their real parameters (primarily, speed), technical ability to take off from the deck and if the plane could carry the armament we use in game. If the plane was able to lift off and its parameters suit the Tier and game-play, then it could be used for a CV.
Vessery: Hello guys! That's all from our team for this QnA Session.
If we didn't answer on your question: sorry for that, it means that it wasn't popular or was a request (while there are a lot of cool requests from the community (and some of them are currently implemented in the game, or being worked on)) or was a duplicate. The purpose of Q&A is mostly to clarify team's position or share knowledge as opposed to discussing new ideas and design concepts.
Thanks for your questions, commanders! We appreciate them, and sorry for not answering absolutely all of them!
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2020.05.11 22:07 davidvanbeveren [TASK] Plan the trip for my partner to get from Latvia to the Netherlands [$5]

My partner is stuck in Latvia right now and I'm trying to get her a plane, bus, anything, back to the Netherlands. Planes keep cancelling our booking, we can't find any buses running, and uber type services are way too expensive.
Task: Find a way to get her from Riga (Latvia) to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) as soon as the 15th but no later then the 18th (if possible). Thanks!
Payment via Paypal. Thanks! :)
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2020.04.25 14:52 Crystalidus [PROPAGANDA] We don't Forget, We don't Forgive

1937 November 14th a day that will be embedded in our history. A day of Remembrance for the lost souls at sea due to the unprovoked attack. A day when the Baltic People decided, that we will not cower in fear but stand as the brave Vanguard protecting the people. A statement from our Prime Minister was put on Radio and handouts of this even will be given to every Embassy and Consulate in the United Baltic Duchy territory.
Hello, this is Prime Minister Andrievs Niedra talking. This November a tragedy has stuck our peaceful lands. On the day of 14th, eighteen Merchant ships carrying 487 Sailors have been attacked by the madmen of the Totalitarian Swedish Regime. Those war criminals attacked unarmed ships carrying food and other materials to trade with our Trade Partners. However, the most shocking part of the attack is that they didn't try to simply disable or damage the ships, they went to kill them by ramming into them with their ships full of explosives.
This is a barbaric style of combat that should not happen. They have targetted civilians instead of the soldiers. Why has war became such a meat-grinder where men are sent out to simply die with no honour and no dignity. Since when the Gas Attacks and Targetting Civilians became the new norm of conflict. We have seen this in America when MacArthur Regime firebombed the city of Chicago and introduced slavery of people with Different Beliefs, When has it became the norm for Ships to bomb an Island with Civilians so gruesomely that it becomes unhabitable as Portugal did in Oman and when has it became OK to attack neutral ships transporting goods like Sweden did to us.
We will not stand and watch how the basic human rights continue to be pushed down the gutter of Regimes that are full of Bloodthirsty Lunatics leading their people to the front door of Death. This must not stand and we must be both the Shield and Spear of this movement.
That is why we will be working on a treaty that can try to stop this worthless conflict, the Riga Convention. A Treaty that will defend the civilians and soldiers in any upcoming conflicts.
With this I conclude my speech. We did the First Step, it is now your choice if you take the offer to have a Moral Warfare or continue the dark path of an Immoral Warfare.
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2020.04.21 11:28 Peerkons Meet new people (dating/friendships/anything)

Comment about yourself and what are you looking for!
Your post must be made to look like the example format below:
Short summary - example below (mandatory)
23/22 [FF4M] #Riga - Looking for a third to start a family with us!
Take note that the title has:
Additional information (optional)
You may specify your age or the age range you're looking for, or any other details that you think might be of interest. Don't forget to also provide some information about yourself and what you're looking for in the body of the post. Provide as much information as possible about you and your partners, if you have any, a well-thought-out post will attract others, rather than a poorly written, short post. Keep your post clean.
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2020.03.19 23:59 megetski Sold my 6 months old website for €105k

Hi all,
I enjoy this subreddit, it thought me a lot of things, and I felt like maybe I can somehow contribute to the community by sharing my story. A few weeks ago, I sold my website for 105k€, and this post is related to that. I don't reveal the website, niche or products. But it is one of the most difficult niches in internet marketing. Here are the proofs: https://prnt.sc/rjas21 - https://prnt.sc/rjaso2
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About myself and the beginnings
I'm a Turkish guy who is living in Riga, Latvia since 2016. I started to work in the digital marketing industry as a content manager back then, where I was responsible for the content management of over 300 affiliate websites. So I was working for a giant affiliate company. I learned almost all the basics there, SEO, content, keywords, etc. After a year, I started to work for another company as a marketing manager where I was responsible for content, emails, campaigns and CRM. After a year my boss told me that they would like to create an affiliate site and if I'd be interested in working with them and take the lead with developers, content structure, strategy, etc. I really like building websites, so I accepted it and started to work in two positions. I have studied foreign languages in the university, so I've got lots of friends who could write articles in English, they only needed to learn the terminology and SEO writing part, and we began to write content for the website. Anyway, as a side business, I started to use my own connections and get more content job for my friends, and I was also making income. We sort of became popular, people started to refer us to others, and we started to get more content inquiries. So I decided to hire more people to work for us. From writing, we started to provide with also visual contents such as infographics, illustration, logos. After a couple of months also translations and backlinks... so I was actually making more money with my side business than I was making in the company I work full time.
I always wanted to create a project that totally belongs to me. I was never able to in 3 years despite the fact I was working in digital marketing because either I did not have time or the money to fund it. I have spoken to a colleague of mine about an idea of an affiliate site and that I have got an excellent team so we can outsource everything for cheaper, and he said he would be more than happy to invest in this type of project and asked how much would it cost. I said 3.000€ for the beginning ((in the first month we spent €4k, so it didn't go as good as planned)) then we would see if more needed or not. So we started... I have taken responsibility for the content, SEO and design of the website. He was doing sales and marketing by outreaching product owners.
First month
We started in September 2019. I got a brand new domain, siteground hosting with a dedicated IP, ordered a logo from an illustrator and started to get the English content, and order translations to German and Spanish. I did not keep track of word count.
46 clicks from Google in the first month: https://prnt.sc/rjahlv
and we spend €4,020 for the domain, hosting, tools, backlinks, contents and translations.
Second month
104 clicks from google for the second month: https://prnt.sc/rjaigy
we spent €2519 only on content.
total invested within two months: €6519
The third month
we spent €1838 on for contents, tools and backlinks.
362 clicks on from Google in the third month: https://prnt.sc/rjajtt
and we got the first commission, the site made 191€ in the third month.
total spent: €8357
total earnings: €191
Fourth month
we spent only €219 on content, and then I founded my own digital marketing agency, I did not have so much time to focus on the website as I was busy with managing the writers and doing SEO for my clients, and we exceeded our budget way too much. So I wanted to monitor the stats a little bit.
1.41k clicks from Google in the fourth month: https://prnt.sc/rjaktr
the site made €3,658. We got a sponsor and a few ad placements and sold a link. Almost €1,500 came from the sponsor, the rest through affiliate commissions.
Total spent: €8576
total earnings: €3849
In December, someone offered 50k€ for the website which we did not sell because my partner was against it, and the revenue was increasing as well as the traffic.
Fifth Month
we spent €2,313 in total and launched two more websites.
3.23k clicks from Google in the fifth month: https://prnt.sc/rjamzk
the site made €4,750 including ad placement, affiliate commissions.
total spent: €10889
total earnings: €6162
Sixth Month
For some reason the traffic started to decrease in January, we have got some technical issues that I realised a bit late. I changed the hosting from siteground to WPX. I had to hire some developers to check it out which they were super untalented... at the end, I fixed it myself, so it was a total failure in terms of expenses and time.
We lost almost 1k users in February.
1.93k clicks from Google in the sixth month: https://prnt.sc/rjaphg
We spent €2,521 in February.
The site made €1,333 in this month.
total spent: €13410
total earnings: €7495
We always got compliments about the website. I am also hanging in industry-related forums, and people were showing interest. I decided to put it on sale as the traffic was going down, meanwhile, my agency was going very well and I wanted to focus on the agency, and thinking that if we could sell it for 6 figures, I could start my dream affiliate project without thinking about funding.
In the forum, I did not ask for any price for the website, just shared all the stats in the advertisement and asked for bids. A few emails, skype calls and at the end, I've got an offer of 105k€ from a very big media group. They have come to Latvia to meet us so we could discuss everything in detail. We had a very good day together, and we decided to close the deal with them. Contracts, paperwork and legal stuff took almost three weeks, and we are hired by the same guys who bought the website for the management and contents.
Right now I'm running two more websites, that is making no money at the moment. We made a collaboration with a UK media company, we are going to launch a website with them.
and I have hired developers for the dream site I was always thinking of. Leading them for the development phase and making content & competitor research.
I think that there is no reason to be unsuccessful if you work hard. I was reading source codes of my competitors until 4-5 am and going to my full-time job. It was not easy to get these results for a relatively new website. According to my experiences, if you provide your users with honest content that is well researched, invest a little bit in quality backlinks and follow the basics of SEO, you can also make it.
So just start people, give it a shot!
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2020.03.14 15:34 verbsnounsandshit WBSS Cruiserweight Final in Latvia postponed to May 16 due to COVID-19

Press Release - 14 March 2020
WBSS Cruiserweight Final in Latvia postponed to May 16 due to COVID-19
The WBSS Cruiserweight Final between Mairis Briedis and Yuniel Dorticos scheduled for March 21 in Riga is postponed to May 16 due to the current situation with the Coronavirus.
Local authorities in Latvia have adopted comprehensive measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, events with more than 200 people present have been prohibited until April 14.
In regard to the risk of infection, the local authorities have concluded that the WBSS Cruiserweight final is a particularly high-risk event, not only for the athletes themselves but also for all local and foreign staff involved in the organisation and conduct of the event.
For this reason, the WBSS Cruiserweight final between Mairis Briedis and Yuniel Dorticos cannot take place as planned. The new date planned for the Final in Arena Riga is May 16, however, this is, of course, dependent on the current restrictions being lifted.
The health of all those involved to stage this historic event is and will always be the primary concern of the WBSS and we will continue to carefully monitor the situation with the authorities and the athlete's teams.
We very much regret this step and thank all involved, spectators, fans, partners and sponsors for their understanding in this extraordinary and challenging situation. All tickets remain valid for the new date.
Comosa AG, World Boxing Super Series organiser
Athlete statements:
Mairis Briedis: "We’ve done great work in preparation until the very last planned training, but it is what it is and we will now adapt to the new situation and keep training to wait for the green light. Looking forward to fighting in front of my fans when it’s safe! Take care of yourself, people!"
Yuniel Dorticos: “While I was in great shape and looking forward to coming to Latvia to win the Muhammad Ali Trophy, I understood the impracticality and therefore l will have have to wait until May to win the Tournament. I want to thank all my fans for their patience and I ask that everyone be careful and take the necessary steps to stay healthy during these challenging times.”
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2020.03.03 03:38 sundaycamper Car Roof Top Tent

Car Roof Top Tent

4WD Offroad Roof Top Tent SRT01S-56(2+ Person Tent)
Roof Tent SRT01S-56 is a 2+person tent, it can hold 2 adults and 2 children. It’s our hot-selling model, set up easy and suited for most vehicles.
Wholesales Price: US$360~440
Recommend Retail Price: US$900~1100
Our roof top tents come with universal mounting parts that allow easy mounting to most roof racks or after-market roof bars.
We are a professional roof tent manufacturer in China. Interested in being our dealer, please contact us.
Size (Open)
56" wide x 94" long x 49" high(143x240x126cm)
Size (Sleeping)
56" wide x 94" long(143x240cm)
Size (Closed)
49’’ wide x 57’’ long x11’’ high(125×145x28cm)
2 to 4( two adults and two children)
Weight (Empty)
Body Fabric
Rip-stop canvas/polyester, Breathable, Mold resistant, UV protection, Waterproof PU coating
Rain Fly/Annex
420D Polyester Oxford with taped seams and PU coated
Travel Cover
Heavy duty 680g/1200D PVC UV protection
60mm thick high-density foam with removable/washable fabric cover(65mm and 70mm thick for option)
Dia 16mm Aluminum pole(dia 25mm Pole & fabric wrapped Pole for option)
Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder(telescopic ladder for option)
Light weight Aluminum base with insulated foam and Aluminum frame(diamond Alum base and honey comb base for option)
Installed Parts
2 pieces C Channel+some stainless steel parts
Annex floor
Removable PVC
Annex Room/Skylight/YKK zippeAlloy bracket/shoes bags/Mesh bag, etc
Fly/Annex: Beige/Coffee/Grey/Green/Black/orange or customizedTent body: Beige/Grey/Green/Orange or customized
Fabric with CPAI-84 fireproof is option
10pcs(sample order is acceptable)
Assist customer to arrange the shipping
Our roof top tents come with universal mounting parts that allow easy mounting to most roof racks or after-market roof bars.
We are a professional roof tent manufacturer in China. Interested in being our dealer, please contact Sunday Campers.
The Awning Roof Tent, also has term as the "home" on the roof, has a history of five or six decades in the surrounding industries developed with the automobile manufacturing industry. With the increase in car ownership in China, self-driving tourism is gradually warming up, and the Roof Top Tents is one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tour.
With the development of Roof Tent in recent years, more and more new products have appeared in everyone's field of vision, from the streamline of appearance to the reduction of weight have been significantly improved. This effectively increases the convenience of travel.
The roof tent products independently developed by China have also been accepted and accepted abroad.
The Roof Top Car Top Tent is easy to install, adapt to a variety of models, and complement the off-road vehicles, SUVs, jeep and truck. The roof tent is known as the home on the roof of the car, and it truly realizes the artistic conception of building a home and being safe.
roof tent, which term is also called rooftop tent. We have many products, including rooftop tent with mattress, hard shell rooftop tent, rooftop tent with windows. and our rooftop tents are popular among people in many countries. When camping, our rooftop tents are easy to install by our smooth gear, and the hard shelf can make the trip safer, and our rooftop tent is waterproof, which can make sure that we can stay away from the interference of rain and snow, when our When rooftop tents are installed on vehicles, our material of product will not cause scratches and other effects on the vehicle body, and our vehicle top tent has foam pads inside to ensure the comfort of the entire camping trip, the size of roof top tent is designed from the various models of cars. The canopy has many materials, such as canvas, cotton, polyester, fabric and so on, which can block the light and wind from the outside. When encountering bad weather, his own weight, sturdy installation, and PVC material can be used for the installation. in additional, we also have a tent set installed on the ground, which is durable and anti weather
Our main markets are in every countries and region, the appropriate inches aluminum shell we set up make the tent mounting is more stable, and brings a comfortable space to not only adult, but children
Your Hard Shell folding Car Roof Top Tent will probably be encouraged on your vehicle roof, whereas the side tent grips around the side and extends horizontally and vertically.
An site tent is similar to your house tent, but it expands into a parallel to the floor mode, although it also includes side covers to shield you from mosquito and sun.
Hard Shell Car Roof Tent enables one to camp into grounds where establishing a tent could be otherwise tough. Only keep your automobile onto a suitable angle against the floor and that's all.
Car Side: Maybe Not "a different" tent, But this type of tent isn't only that. Such chairs include side covers for insects or even ones offering a lot more solitude.
They're extremely simple to deploy out of your auto rooftop bars. They roll out and melts on two rods. Easy and Quick.
When you watch stars in camping, When you travel in all seasons, when you want to take the whole family out to camp, our tent is your most convenient, fitted and convenient partner, our tent can be installed on the roof rack, our tent The cloth and the box can withstand cold winds, harsh sunlight, cold ice rain. Our tent includes included installation tools and gifts, so you can get the installation done in minutes, we have many good review and purchase lists from all over the world, built a high reputation through purchased people by quality and service,
Best Size and Type of Awning for a Particular Vehicle and Lifestyle
We have a lot of ideas about which size and type of awning is best for a particular vehicle and lifestyle. And for most things, there really is no one answer to all needs. There are many variables to consider, and as a Soft Roof Top Tent Supplier we will outline some of them and discuss options.
Outdoor camping must be inseparable from the tent. According to different loads, the tent is divided into a carrying tent and a car tent. To be straightforward is to go out to play with your tent or carry your car on your back. Of course, a donkey riding a tent can also use a bicycle to reduce the burden. Most of the car tents are fixed on the roof and can be deployed directly when needed.
two main awning styles in the consumer market:
Straight canopies.
Straight awnings are a bit common, and are usually what most people think of when they think of Awning Car Side Roof Top Tent. Straight awnings are usually your best choice at a good price, with low entry costs and value for money. Many different brands have many accessories, such as rooms, walls, and mosquito nets to suit many different uses and scenarios. Due to its simplicity, this awning can be mounted on a wide variety of vehicles in several different ways.
Wing awning.
The wing awning is usually the best in the field of awnings, and most people will choose this. Its function is to use pivot points to surround the area on one side and behind the vehicle. A good example of an airfoil awning is "Foxwing Awning''. This way, you can maintain the coverage of the car's tailgate, such as for cooking, while also covering either side of the awning installation. Like straight awnings, wing-type awnings have many accessories, such as walls and extensions, to block wind / rain / daylight, or provide more covering areas for larger people. This type of awning is very suitable for people who want more hiding power, especially for cooking, games, on-site maintenance, etc. at the rear of the vehicle.
How to choose the awning for your vehicle
There are a few very simple criteria to consider when choosing an awning to mount on your vehicle.
You need a lot of it, which one is the most useful?
The back cover is useful if you plan to use the awning primarily for cooking or other tasks that utilize the tailgate. In this case, it makes a lot of sense to have a Foxwing awning or a 1.25-meter awning mounted on the rear of the vehicle. The reason you choose it is based on the size you choose.
If you want to use the awning mainly to relax and provide the ability to block sunlight / rainwater, then install a straight 2.0m or 2.5m awning on the side of the vehicle.
How big is the vehicle you want to install the awning on?
As long as it is safe to install, it is your personal choice which size to install. Our company also has China Roof Top Tent on sale, welcome to consult.
With the rise and development of outdoor sports at home and abroad, people are no stranger to the word camping. Many people use camping as a fashion. They go together on weekends and holidays to experience the wind and drizzle of nature, and appreciate the tenderness of nature.However, many beginners who don’t know anything about outdoor products, so in the future, as a Car Roof Tent Exporter, I will introduce you to outdoor products in detail, so that all donkeys know what outdoor products are suitable for themselves Unjust money, if you understand the style, structure, specifications, materials, performance indicators, use and maintenance of outdoor products, you can say that you not only know how to choose outdoor products, but also understand how to use outdoor products.
The Difference Between a Double Tent And a Single Tent
And we can provide double tent and a single tent, so what's the difference between a double tent and a single tent?
1.Single-layer tent
The single-layer tent manufacturing process is relatively simple, and its biggest features are lightness, economy, and small size.
2. Double-deck tent
The difference between the double layer and the single layer is the addition of a layer of better air permeability in the design. In the cooler seasons, the heat removed by the human body will condense water drops on the inner wall of the tent under the effect of the air outside the tent. If it is a single-layer tent, the water drops will flow down the inner wall of the tent and wet the sleeping bag. After the internal account is added, the external account is not directly connected to the internal account. At this time, the heat emitted by the human body will pass through the internal account, so that the water droplets condensed on the external account will flow into the ground, which solves the inner wall of the single-layer tent well. Problems with water.
Car Roof Tent's safety performance is very important, with high requirements for configuration and strength. The only considerations are windproof, rainproof performance, and the weight of the tent. Generally, it is not recommended to buy a professional account for travel, camping, and camping.
Leisure account considers convenience and practicality, mainly from its appearance, color, use performance, sun protection, carrying all aspects of comprehensive consideration. It is fashionable in appearance, beautiful in color, versatile, ventilating and ventilating, convenient for folding, and it can also protect against sun. In order to adapt to different temperature environments, tents are divided into different structures such as single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer:
The advantages of single layer are lightness, economy, small size, and simple manufacturing process. The double layer is different from the single layer in the design by adding a layer of a more breathable inner tent, which mainly solves the contradiction of water condensation on the inner wall of the single tent. Because in the cooler season, the hot air exhausted by the human body will condense water droplets on the inner wall of the tent under the effect of cold air outside the tent. The tent is not directly connected to the bottom of the inner tent. The heat emitted by the human body will pass through the inner tent, and the water droplets condensed on the outer tent can flow to the ground. Double tents are suitable for cool seasons or cold areas. The design of the three-story tent is another layer of cotton tents in Riga, the inner tent, to further enhance the thermal insulation effect. This tent is used in an environment of minus 10 degrees, and the temperature in the tent can rise to about zero.
The advantage of the tent we provide
  1. Stay away from Snakes, spiders, bears
With Vehicle Awning you can sleep safely and without interruption. Don't worry about mosquito bites and the threat of large animals.
After a long day out hiking, you’re sure to get a good night’s sleep. Vehicle Awning can make you sleep well. Keep you away from the sun and rain.
3.Set up your tent in one minute.
It's very simple and convenient to set up, it won't delay for a long time and it takes a lot of effort.
  1. Extend your camping season.
You can travel anywhere in the year without worrying about the seasons.
5.Save room for your gear.
Vehicle Awning Tent is very space-saving and can be folded. You can have more space to store other things.
  1. Keep it on your car at all times.
Can be fixed in the car without frequent disassembly. It can be installed anytime, anywhere.
Friends who like to camp outdoors, you must have encountered this situation: self-driving car is too crowded, night camping is deeply troubled by mosquitoes, can not camp due to bad weather, environmental restrictions, you may need a self-driving artifact to give you a safe Camping outdoors! This is the Roof Tent.
Most of the roof tents with high-strength fabrics and metal structures have been tested for wind, rain, sand, and even warm insulation. Compared to sleeping in the car, it is obviously possible to save more space and carry More luggage can also sleep more family or partners.
As for everyone's question about whether the roof tent will be stolen, I think the answer is obvious. On the one hand, the roof tent has a certain weight, and it is not so easy to steal it.
More information about our products please click here
About Us
Sunday Campers has started exporting the roof tent since 2006, is the first batch factories which manufacture the roof tent in North China. We are focusing on roof tent so we are professional. Now we have 60 more skilled workers and a 10 people service team, and exported to more than 30 countries, the main market is America, Canada, Europe and Australia.With decades crafting experience in roof tent, we can customize the tent according to your design, drawing or samples. Any new ideas, contact us right now to discuss how to build a amazing product.
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2020.02.19 20:20 Crystalidus [Expansion] Culture, Traditions and Security

A Brotherhood

Lithuania and Latvia have had a common history as we both come from similar Tribes. However, we have haven't done anything to strengthen the ties since the Baltic Way. This not only saddens us but makes us think that we should do more to show the true Grit of the Balts. That is why we suggest creating a new Holiday on September 12 to remember the cooperation between our governments. The Holiday would commemorate the creation of "Baltic Entente". A crucial date when our countries decided to fight against the Soviet Union and stand firm together.
We must commemorate this as it shows our wish to work together in these dire times. Estonia is also invited to create this National Holiday.

The Big Brother

Lithuania is currently the only one who has fully distanced itself from Russia. We have gotten new Oil Imports from Poland and Our LNG is fully supplied with our LNG Carrier "Independence". However, Latvia and Estonia are not doing so well seeing as they are still reliant on Russia for LNG and Electricity. This must change and this is why we are greenlighting our program of investments.
Estonia will be receiving 3 Billion $ at the end of this year and 400 Million $ each year. The money can be used for any project from military to infrastructure. We hope this investment will help you to get a jump in independence from the Russian Sphere.
Latvia will be receiving 3.5 Billion $ at the end of this year and 600 Million $ each year. We also suggest using this money for a move that could make the country more independent and also investing in shipbuilding yards. Having a partner to make ships would be very helpful and increased workspaces would help the economy.

BALTIA - Baltic Intelligence Agency

With the events with North Korean spies killing a Monarch of Romania we must increase our defence. That is why we propose a combined Intelligence Agency in Riga, a central point where we could track and find Spies, Infiltrators and Black Ops against our Countries. Estonia would lead the Cybersecurity forces while Lithuanian and Latvian Agents do the job on the ground. We will employ the most modern technologies for this project to lead the Security front of Eastern Europe.
Thanks to this we will be able to counter security threats made by Foreign Forces. We must take care of ourselves and not rely on others for problems within.
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2020.02.06 04:02 BaronWalrus1 Lithuania's form the commonwealth decision needs a slight rework.

When you play Poland Lithuania has to have below a certain number of provinces to form the PLC. Lithuania has the same decision with the same requirement for Poland. The problem is Poland goes over the province limit just from integrating Mazovia and Danzig. Perhaps the decision should raise the province limit or certain provinces don't count towards how many cities Poland has. Right now Lithuania basically can't form the PLC. In order to get the restoration of the union CB on Poland, you have to annex both the Livonian Order and Riga. The latter of which is in the Hanseatic league. You have less than 6 years to annex both of these nations because junior partners can still integrate their vassals. So starting with no manpower and an economy in shambles you have to fight the Livonian order, the Teutonic order, Scotland and/or Pomerania (if LO allied them), and the entire Hanseatic league. On top of that you have to hope Moldavia doesn't become a march of Poland. All in 5 years and 2 months.
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2020.01.13 18:15 MacCohen Le donne nel mormonismo

La chiesa primitiva di Joseph Smith sostenne un ruolo femminile attivo – Le donne poterono persino eseguire benedizioni di salute nel tempio per un breve periodo, prima che il potere si consolidasse in una gerarchia maschile sempre più severa. La dottrina della poligamia rafforzò l'idea che le donne costituivano una forma di proprietà, consentendo agli uomini di accumulare potere dinastico ed eterno. Joseph accumulò fino a 40 mogli, mentre Brigham Young intensificò la dottrina, accumulando circa 55 mogli. I leader elitari della “chiesa” continuarono a praticare illegalmente la poligamia in segreto per generazioni.
Numerosi profeti hanno insegnato che il posto di una donna mormone è in casa. Solo le leggi federali antidiscriminazione, alle quali la “chiesa” si oppose con forza, e la minaccia di procedimenti giudiziari federali, costrinsero la “chiesa” negli anni '70 a smettere di invogliare all’interruzione del lavoro femminile alla nascita del primo figlio. Sebbene non sia più esplicitamente esternato dal pulpito, il posto di una donna nel mormonismo rimane molto diverso da quello di un uomo. Anche negli anni '80, il presidente Kimball ribadì che "... il posto di una madre è in casa!" Oggi le donne non possono esercitare l'autorità all'interno della “chiesa” o stabilire bilanci finanziari senza la diretta supervisione e approvazione degli uomini.
Ci sono eccezionalmente poche donne leader o storie ispiratrici di donne nel mormonismo o nella storia della “chiesa”. Il Libro di Mormon cita solo 6 donne per nome in oltre 500 pagine; 3 presi direttamente dalla Bibbia (Sarah, Eva, Maria), Saria che si lamentava regolarmente contro suo marito e veniva rimproverata, Isabella la prostituta e Abish. Zoram, Nefi e i suoi fratelli si sposarono tutti, eppure ogni donna viene identificata goffamente come figlia di Ismaele. Le moderne donne mormoni presenziano ad una struttura di leadership gerontocratica esclusivamente maschile, in netto contrasto con le crescenti opportunità di uguaglianza, istruzione, occupazione e vita personale. La “chiesa” invita i membri ad uscire solo con partner meritevoli di una “raccomandazione per il tempio” e comune nell’ambito della religione mormone, facendo si che risulti una popolazione sproporzionatamente grande di donne single che hanno perso l’opportunità di vivere delle relazioni pur fortemente desiderate, il matrimonio e le opportunità di avere figli.
Il Manuale LDS 1 fornisce istruzioni e politiche ufficiali su una vasta gamma di questioni, che vanno da templi, matrimonio, servizio missionario, disciplina, interviste, consulenza, finanza e amministrazione. Il libro indica che deve essere distribuito alle Autorità generali (GA), Settanta di area, membri delle presidenze generali delle organizzazioni ausiliarie, capi dipartimento, direttore degli affari temporali, presidenze del tempio e della missione, presidenze di palo e distretto, impiegati, presidenze vescovile e di ramo.
In sintesi, il numero di uomini (che possono detenere detto manuale, ndr) raggiunge circa le 130.000 unità. Le uniche donne incluse sono la Presidenza Generale della Società di Soccorso Generale, delle Giovani Donne e le presidenze della Primaria (9 donne in totale). Forse ci sono valide ragioni per cui Glass Ceiling pone lo Utah (lo stato mormone per eccellenza, ndr) al 49° posto tra gli stati USA per uguaglianza retributiva di genere e per cui la BYU (l’università mormone, ndr) vanta uno dei tassi di presenze femminili più bassi di qualsiasi scuola.
I più anziani, potranno ricordare una parte scioccante della cerimonia del tempio mormone, che è stata rimossa nel 1990. “Eva, poiché hai ascoltato la voce di Satana e hai preso il frutto proibito e lo hai dato ad Adamo , moltiplicherò notevolmente il tuo dolore e il tuo concepimento. Con dolore partorirai figli; tuttavia, potresti essere preservata in età fertile. Il tuo desiderio sarà per tuo marito ed egli ti dominerà con giustizia. "È interessante notare come le donne mormoni non siano salvate semplicemente dalla grazia di Dio, ma attraverso la gravidanza e l’autorità detenuta dal marito. Solo di recente la retorica patriarcale del tempio è stata ammorbidita.
Lucy Mack Smith, la madre del Profeta, fu la prima donna a parlare alla Conferenza generale l'8 ottobre 1845. Le autorità mormoni non hanno invitato nessun’altra donna a parlare alla Conferenza per 143 anni. In un Bollettino del Sacerdozio del 1967, la Prima Presidenza fornì le seguenti istruzioni: “Solo coloro che hanno il Sacerdozio [dovrebbero] essere invitati a offrire le preghiere di apertura e chiusura nelle riunioni sacramentali, comprese le riunioni veloci. Ciò vale anche per le riunioni del sacerdozio”. Nell’agosto del 1975 fu ribadita questa politica “ispirata”. Solo nel 1978 la Chiesa rilasciò una dichiarazione in cui affermava che "non vi era alcun divieto scritturale nei confronti delle sorelle che offrivano preghiere nelle riunioni sacramentali ... fu quindi deciso che è consentito alle sorelle offrire preghiere in tutti gli incontri a cui partecipano". Ma fu solo il 6 aprile 2013 che Jean A. Stevens fu invitata dai “fratelli” a offrire la primissima preghiera femminile alla sessione di apertura della conferenza generale. […]
Molte donne mormoni hanno espresso frustrazione per la natura secondaria del loro ruolo all'interno del mormonismo. Prima delle modifiche apportate ai rituali del tempio nel 2019, le donne stringevano un'alleanza (un patto con Dio) solo attraverso il marito, mentre solo quest’ultimo poteva stringere un'alleanza direttamente con il Signore; gli uomini erano gli intermediari tra le donne e Dio. Nella cerimonia del matrimonio al tempio, solo le donne venivano “date” al marito, non succedeva cioè che uomini e donne si ricevessero l'un l'altro.
Le donne non possono ancora accedere al più alto livello del “cielo mormone” senza che un marito le riceva attraverso il velo (il velo che separa simbolicamente la terra dal cielo, ndr). “Puoi entrare nel regno celeste senza di lui? Qualcuno di voi è stato lì? Ricorderai che non sei mai entrato nel regno celeste [durante la cerimonia del tempio] senza l'aiuto di tuo marito. Se lo facevi, era perché tuo marito era via, e qualcuno doveva agire per lui. Nessuna donna entrerà nel regno celeste, tranne che suo marito la riceva, se è degna di avere un marito; e se no, qualcuno la riceverà come una serva. "[Journal of Discourses, LDS Apostle Erastus Snow, vol. 5, p. 291]
Il più alto grado di esaltazione di una donna dipende ancora dall'autorità del sacerdozio di suo marito. "Possa Dio aggiungere la sua benedizione sulla tua testa e condurti in tutti i sentieri della virtù, della pietà e della pace, affinché tu possa essere un ornamento per coloro a cui appartieni, alzati e incoronali con onori, ..." [Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book, 88]
L'apostolo Heber C. Kimball ha detto: “I fratelli missionari hanno preso l'abitudine di scegliere le donne più carine per loro prima che arrivassero qui, e di portare solo quelle brutte per noi. D'ora in poi dovete portarle tutte qui prima di prenderne una qualsiasi, e farci avere la scossa giusta. “E certamente si riferiva alle donne come proprietà quando ordinò:” Siete mandati come pastori a radunare le pecore; e ricorda che non sono le tue pecore: appartengono a Colui che ti manda. Quindi non fare scelta di nessuna di quelle pecore; non effettuare selezioni prima di averle portate a casa e messe in riga. Devi capirlo! Amen."
L'apostolo Orson Hyde elaborò la dottrina dell'accumulazione delle donne nell'eternità. Questo è l'Orson che Joseph Smith (il fondatore mormone, ndr) inviò in una missione lontana. Al suo ritorno scoprì che Joseph aveva preso sua moglie civilmente sposata, Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde, come sposa plurima in sua assenza. Questa è la stessa Marinda che Joseph aveva inseguito un decennio prima, guadagnandosi un bagno di catrame e di piume da parte dei membri della sua famiglia. "Nel mondo degli spiriti c'è un aumento di maschi e femmine, ce ne sono milioni, e se saremo fedeli tutto il tempo, e persevereremo proprio insieme al fratello Brigham (Young, altro profeta poligamo, ndr), andremo dal fratello Joseph [Smith] e diremo:" Siamo qui fratello Joseph '…. Ci dirà, .... 'Dove sono le tue mogli?' 'Sono tornate laggiù; non ci seguiranno. "" Non importa, "dice Joseph," qui ce ne sono migliaia, hai tutto quello che vuoi."
Il 17 marzo 1842 Joseph Smith organizzò la Società di Soccorso (la principale organizzazione femminile interna alla chiesa mormone, ndr), con Emma Smith (sua moglie) come presidentessa. Le sue consigliere erano Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Sarah Cleveland ed Eliza R. Snow.
Nel giugno 1842 Joseph sposò Sarah Cleveland, che all'epoca era già sposata con John Cleveland, il suo secondo marito di quindici anni. Il 29 giugno 1842 Joseph Smith sposò Eliza R Snow (Sarah Cleveland è testimone di questo suggellamento). Nel luglio 1842 Joseph sposò Sarah Ann Whitney, la figlia di Elizabeth, con il consenso di Elizabeth e Newell Whitney. Nei quattro mesi dopo la fondazione della Società di Soccorso, tutte le “colleghe” di Emma furono compromesse nella poligamia a sua insaputa. Quelle stesse donne stavano difendendo Joseph contro Emma, suggerendo che nessuno avrebbe dovuto parlare male del Profeta.
La Società di Soccorso fu convocata il 17 marzo 1842. […] c'erano 19 partecipanti a quel primo incontro, oltre a Emma stessa. 5 dei 19 erano diventate mogli plurime di Joseph (Desdemona Fulmer, Eliza R. Snow, Martha McBride Knight, Elvira Cowles e Sarah M. Cleveland). Joseph si propose ad altre 2 delle 19, ma lo respinsero (Nancy Rigdon e Sarah M. Kimball). Joseph si propose anche ad un’altra ma, una volta respinto, disse che era solo una prova di fede per suo marito (la moglie di John Taylor, Leonora). A proposito, John Taylor accettò la proposta di Joseph (di cedergli sua moglie, ndr).
Emma Smith iniziò quindi ad utilizzare la Società di Soccorso come piattaforma per contrastare la poligamia, di conseguenza gli incontri furono sospesi il 16 marzo 1844. Entro pochi mesi dall'assunzione della leadership, Brigham Young iniziò a sposare alcune delle mogli di Smith come proprie, e annunciò la sua decisione di sciogliere l'organizzazione. […]
Nel 1868, Brigham Young chiese a Eliza R. Snow, allora una delle sue mogli plurime, di riorganizzare la Società di Soccorso […] mantenendone i membri fedeli ai fondamenti della Chiesa, inclusa la poligamia […].
La Società di Soccorso è senza dubbio un’organizzazione ausiliaria del Sacerdozio, in quanto alle donne non è consentito ricoprire alcun incarico di presidenza. Ogni chiamata all'interno dell'organizzazione deve essere approvata da un uomo a livello di rione o palo, quindi la donna deve essere "messa a parte" (ordinata, ndr) esclusivamente da un gruppo di uomini, con le donne (come spettatrici, ndr) sedute ai lati.
La Società di Soccorso è un’organizzazione di donne […] tutti i leader di questo gruppo, dalla Presidentessa generale fino alla Presidentessa del ramo più remoto, sono selezionate in riunioni a porte chiuse alle quali nessuna donna è invitata. Gli uomini supervisionano anche i manuali di istruzioni dell'organizzazione femminile e tutte le attività devono essere approvate dagli uomini. Le donne non possono nemmeno svolgere un'attività in un edificio della Chiesa senza la supervisione di un uomo. […]
Fino a poco tempo fa, i rituali del tempio più sacri della religione mormone richiedevano che le donne velassero i loro volti e promettessero di accettare e vivere la Nuova ed Eterna Alleanza, che è sia il matrimonio eterno che il principio eterno della poligamia (anche se non è così facilmente identificato in tale nella cerimonia ). Fino al 1990, le donne dovevano giurare obbedienza ai loro mariti, anziché direttamente a Dio.
Il patriarcato mormone continua a collegare il valore di una donna alle sue abilità casalinghe. Ci sono pochi dubbi quando i profeti suggeriscono: “Voci seducenti nel mondo invocano stili di vita alternativi per le donne. Sostengono che alcune donne sono più adatte alle carriere che al matrimonio e alla maternità ... I semi del divorzio sono spesso gettati e i problemi dei bambini iniziano quando la madre lavora fuori casa. "Il presidente Kimball ha continuato a sostenere che "Essere moglie e madre e avere una famiglia è ... priorità ... più importante di una laurea, un lavoro, sviluppare talenti o qualsiasi altra cosa! "
Forse l'eredità dell’insegnamento di Brigham Young secondo cui "Una donna, se pur così intelligente, non saprà mai più di un uomo che detiene il sacerdozio" è il motivo per cui lo Utah (lo stato USA mormone) si posiziona costantemente molto vicino al fondo delle classifiche dell'uguaglianza di genere, della salute fisica e mentale delle donne, delle misure sociali di rafforzamento economico e politico delle stesse.
Le ragazze mormoni meritano le stesse opportunità di sviluppo ed economiche degli uomini, eppure lo Utah si è classificato al 50° posto nella parità di genere. Le pubblicazioni mormoni, come il manuale dello studente “Madri impiego fuori casa e Matrimonio Eterno”, chiariscono il ruolo di una donna. Il Washington Post ha recentemente rivelato i risultati di un sondaggio indicando che lo Utah è il secondo stato più sessista in America. WalletHub giudica lo Utah ultimo con un ampio margine in termini di uguaglianza femminile.
Nel 1973, Spencer Kimball, alla domanda "Ci sarà un cambiamento nell'atteggiamento nei confronti delle donne?", Rispose "Non troppo bruscamente. Crediamo che il posto ideale per una donna sia in casa." Anche verso la metà degli anni '70, solo le donne single lavoravano nel quartier generale della Chiesa. Se una donna era sposata, si presumeva che la sua carriera fosse finita, così da poter rimanere a casa. Esisteva una politica di impiego mormone stabilita secondo cui il licenziamento avrebbe avuto luogo alla nascita del primo figlio di una donna. La Chiesa ha chiesto il parere legale di tre studi legali diversi prima di ammettere che non poteva più licenziare le madri. L'emendamento sulla parità dei diritti del 1972, che formalizzava i diritti delle donne, passò in entrambe le camere del Congresso e attese semplicemente la ratifica dello stato. La chiesa si oppose vigorosamente e organizzò formalmente i membri contro di essa, svolgendo un ruolo decisivo nella sua ultima sconfitta. La chiesa ha scomunicato apertamente il difensore dell'ERA Sonia Johnson, suggerendo obiezioni "morali" mentre continuava a radunare le donne mormoni per sostenere le attività politiche.
Per approfondimenti in inglese, Women in Mormonism – Mormon Stories
submitted by MacCohen to Exmormoni [link] [comments]

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